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When will the next war start .... You know after the maraquan war finishes which war will be next? - Vikkiethespies
Haha.. give us a chance :) I am not sure right now, it is too early to say when. It will be set in the Lost Desert though.

When will there be some new polls on the frontpage? I've been a member for a year now and for example the poll "what do you think of the new grey pets" has been there since I joined. They aren't really new anymore, are they? Maybe some updated polls would be nice :) - Hippigriffje
We have added quite a lot of new polls recently, we just haven't taken down the old ones. I will remove some of those today.

Not that I have the NP for this... or EVER will... but I noticed that the The National Neopian Bank account upgrades only go up to 5 million. Now, knowing that people need to have well over 10 million to get the Adam avie, shouldn't there be more account levels going up to say, 10 million with the daily interest increasing as well? Just a thought. - Tea_rose21
That is a good point, not that I will be needing those extra bank accounts heh :) I will get some new ones added shortly.

In the news on the 7th of June there was some new plushies on sale in the toy shop. I was wondering if you could please tell me the name of the faerie wocky plushie as I cannot find it in the shop wiz, trades or auctions. Has it been fully released? I cant wait to add it to my growing plushie/wocky collection!! :) - Lilmissstarlet
The name is Faerie Wocky Plushie. I have also lowered the rarity of those four plushies, so they should stock more frequently.

Will the Maractite Battle Duck be considered a Maraquan weapon for the avatar? - Thirteenlucky13
No. As it is a Hidden Tower item, it does not count.

272059500 or 268059500? What kind of an answer is that to Lenny Conundrum 119? How does that relate in any way to a picture of an invisible Kacheek!? How is that fair? (Just so you know, that was my answer. An invisible Kacheek) - Zapperonicool
Last week's Lenny Conundrum was a bit of a nod to the Hidden Tower (it was Fyora Day after all). If you viewed the source code it would tell you the question. The question had two answers though as we changed the price of the Supreme Deluxe Fyora Doll part way through the contest.

On the newbie packs you'll always get red, yellow, blue or green paintbrushes cant you add a different colour? - Mysterious_101_guild
The whole aim of the starter paint brushes was to give you a fee for paint brushes and how to use them. We may add some more colour options later on, but we don't want to devalue the super rare and hard to get hold of exotic paint brushes.

What does your pet's intelligence actually do for your pet/you? I know it makes your pet look good on your look up, but does it have an actual purpose? - Littlered231
At the moment it doesn't actually do anything. This seems a bit of a shame, so we will try to figure out some way for this to be used.

In issue 'Issue: 192 | 26th day of Hunting, Y7' This question was asked: "Could you please eliminate blue draik eggs from the Kadoatery list? - Beccanae_liz" This was the answer: "After a little persuasion, Blue Draik Eggs should no longer be on the Kadoatie wish list. This will not affect Kadoaties who are currently asking for eggs though." The Kadoties are 'still' asking for Blue Draik Eggs. Will you or will you not be taking Blue Draik Egg of the Kadoatie wish list? - victoriarose1968
I just checked the Kadoaties in the Kadoatery and they are not asking for Blue Draik Eggs currently. We also double checked the code and they can't ask for those. We will keep an eye on it over the next few days just to make sure.

I made a pretty high score on Swarm-Bugs Strike Back and I wanted to see if my score made it to the high score list, but there wasn't a link for it! - Babasbean
Oops! It should be there now :)

I've recently learned that it's against the rules to roleplay pets in the Roleplay chat boards. I understand that other users don't want so many pet roleplays clogging the board, but there are a lot of us who want our pets to meet friends and have fun. Can you give us poor pet roleplayers a place to roleplay our pets? - raiiegki_leviathan
Actually it is totally 100% within the rules to roleplay as your pet on the roleplay boards. Whoever told you that is incorrect. The roleplay boards are there for you to do exactly that. To be completely honest it is the anime/high school/Harry Potter roleplays that have no place on the Neopets roleplay boards. To clarify this we may add a notice on the boards specifying that they are there for Neopets roleplay, as opposed to any other variety.

What is a butty? - Nanhiki
A butty is a buttered bread roll. Its quite delicious when filled with hot chips and tomato sauce!

All the other Maraquan colours have been bright and beautiful, and I like them all. But the lupe is bland, colourless, and looks evil. Can you please make it a little more colourful? (For those who don't like seals/evil things/colourless things) - Neoisiox
Not everybody likes the super bright and colourful paint brush options. We try to give a little variety so you should be able to find something that you are really happy with. Lupes have 36 different colours to choose from, so Lupe owners have a lot of alternatives.

If Maraqua gets saved will Maraquan pets like the Koi not be limited edition any more? - Sunlounger
No. Kois will remain limited edition, but there will be more of them.

Will we be able to build a Neohome in Maraqua any time soon? I haven't built a Neohome yet 'cause I really want one there. - Animatographer
Now that everything is peaceful in Maraqua, I don't see why not :D

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