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On Fyora Day the news said this :"Faerie Paintbrushes and Faerie Petpet Paint Brushes should be more available today." What does that mean? - Gumstick3d4
We increased the frequency of random events that give out those two paint brushes for one day only.

Can you still get the faerie queen avatar with the Supreme deleuxe doll, or do you still have to use the old doll? - nancydrew12394
The supreme deluxe doll will not award you the avatar, that would make things too easy :)

Why does the deluxe FQD cost less (one mill np) than the original? Shouldn't it cost more since it's deluxe? - tra1031
We kept the price low on Fyora Day so that more people might be able to afford one. For the rest of the year they will be at least 5 million NP. Just so you know, both correct answers will be accepted for the Lenny Conundrum.

For the caption contest I was just wondering, what is the average number of entries and how do you pick the best ones? - Prpa
We receive between 15,000 and 30,000 entries per contest, depending on how many days the contest is running for. We have had as many as 100,000 entries for a single contest though, it really varies greatly. If the contest is on the front page, there will be far more entries. A small team of staff spend 2 to 4 hours a day going over the submitted entries and choose the most original, amusing or just strange captions to be voted on.

Are you planning of making more avies about the war? It would really be cool to have avies about which sides you join. So are you plannnig on making more war avies?? - Rahmanking202
Oh yes! More avvies will be released next week :)

Can the Paint Devil take items out of your gallery? - tyhana
No, your gallery works in exactly the same way as your shop does. Anything in there is safe from his theiving hands.

Why did you rig the war? It's so much more fun if the tension about who will win gets up high. Or didn't you rig it at all? - Gazilida
Nope, there has been no rigging of the war. The scores are exactly what people have chosen to do.

It's been a while since there's been anything new for gardens made, do you think you could make some out door things for play? Something like volleyball nets, or croquet sets, swings and slides, etc.? - xxaya
Yes. We are planning lots of new summer related things including new garden furniture and activities that will be released very soon.

How come there isn't a new round of the random contest yet? - 7atkinson
There is, you can get to it here. This week we are asking you to make up your own Petpet sound... how... random!

I've noticed that the zafara bomber (wave 3 rank 1) looks a whole lot like the double agent zafara, is there by any chance any significance of that? - dragongirl11110
Nope, they just both happen to be really cool looking female Zafaras.

Since the war started right when I could go on Neopets, I can't do one player fights in the Battledome. Could you put them back for people who didn't enter the war.- Star_cry_dragon621
I am afraid it is either one or the other because of the way the Battledome was created. The good news is that the plot (and the war) will finish with the launch of the 21st part of the story and we are currently on part 19 so it is not long now :)

In Neopets the prices have gone really up, you used to be able to get an icy snowflake for 100,000. Now it has price has doubled! Is there anything to do to get it back lowering? Or is the prices will forever go higher and higher? - Lorielle
There is currently a war going on. Whenever there is a large battle going on, the prices of battle and defence items always sky rockets. Once the war is over the prices should start to return to more normal values.

Does the medicine from the "lost desert medicine" stall actually work? I tried healing gauze pads from that shop, and the description suggests it heals watery eyes, but my pet said it wasn't the right medicine? Why? - Padfoot_neo
Hmm.. they should work. We are checking this now and if anything needs to be fixed, it will be :)

Why is Caylis a villain when she is helping the good guys? - Marc600079
Caylis isn't neccessarily evil or a villain, she is more complicated than that.

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