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You just released 50 new species !! how are you going to give them all a day of there own like kiko day? and how are you going to make them be able to be painted with paintbrushes? - Nikki24772005
Hehe :) That was our little April Fool's Day joke. We always do something silly at this time of year. Those species aren't really released, and they won't have their own pet days. You are not by any means the only person who fell for it. (You can stop sending the angry *how dare you release 50 or why are they so ugly* messages now heh ). I mean did you see the Hughhman or the scary Gorilla/Turtle ?!?! :D

Is there even the remotest, tiniest chance that some of the April fool's pets might be released in the future? The "Sharkaw" and "Polaflint" look pretty cool, and the Neopets menagerie doesn't have any bobcat or lemur-like critters yet. - Gizmonic
Well a lot of those pets were designs that didn't quite make it in the past. If one or two seem popular we could possibly end up tweaking the things we didn't like so much about them and adding a more refined version. We have no plans to do that at present though.

How many questions roughly are sent to you for the editorial? - summergirl1052
It varies from week to week depending on what has happened on the site, but somewhere in the region of 3-5,000 suggestions/questions.

Donna! Many, including me, entered neggs in the Random Contest. But we didn't not see anything to do with the contest yesterday nor today. PLEASE GET IT RELEASED FOR US TO SEE! - Moonie_lover
We were still going through the entries last night, the new contest should be live now and the winners should be there for all to see.

Is the girl that runs the cork game stand the court dancer because she sure looks almost just like her? - tylertheterror
Ooh, I hadn't noticed that before. No it is not the Court Dancer, but I can see the similarities now you mention it.

I was just listening to the Grand Theft Ummagine song. It was so fun to listen to! Could you please tell whoever does the music that he/she is doing a great Job! - Diricle
That would be ThePhantomOrangeShirtGuy. Glad you like his work, not only does he make great games, but he does all the music himself too and has his own band :)

How do we upgrade the level of an ability? - krnwizkid
I am not 100% sure as it has been a while since I looked at the Abilities page, but I think the only way to upgrade is through being blessed by a Faerie or a random event. Abilities are one of the things we are planning to revamp in the future.

What are buddy icons? I don't know what are buddy icons and what are their uses. Could you please help me understand it? thanks!!! - silverrose29
If you use some chat programs (such as AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger) you can have a small picture that everyone sees when they talk to you. This picture is called a buddy icon.

I keep seeing this '); } } // --> at the top and bottom of some pages where ads should be. do you know what it is or is my computer just being weird? - Waitz13
Ooh that's not right. That the end of someone's code by the looks of it, I will get that checked over. Its not your computer, it is something on our end.

Exactly what kind of pet is the shop owner of the ice cream shop? - Thelightof_earendil
You will find out more about that little guy and maybe even get to adopt something very similar to him soon. Sorry I am not allowed to say anymore about it...

Now that you have released Maraqua,are you going to put on the Explore page (where it says a description of the specific place)the new world? - Goldenwarrior1234
Yup, we were waiting until there was a little more to do on Maraqua, but it will be there rather than the whirlpool.

Will you be re-releasing the April Fool's avvie from last year? - jjkboo
After playing such a cruel trick on your earlier today it is only fair we release the avvie :)

Will you do a new plot for Hannah again? - Lovely_fish
Not for a while, I think people need a little break from her and her singing :)

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