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Is is possible that you tell us the prizes we will be fighting for? I know for a fact that many people were unhappy with the previous prize for the HATIC plot. People got the same prize even if their score was "a fantastic score of 0" or "a fantastic score of 300". - frozenblade19207
Yes. We will give you a preview of the various prizes and the options that are available to you BEFORE the war starts. Note you do not HAVE to fight in order to participate this time - o.0

Carma the chamelion-looking petpet is awesome, yet they're only available in one color! I find that pretty ironic! Could you pleeease make more colors for them? - xwhitelotusx
More colours coming up :D

On March 14th we saw two Neopets users with Green Newbie Paint Brushes for sale. Is this a new paint brush? - Princesslex111
Yes. Basically when you create an account you now get two free Starter Paint Brushes. These are not tradable (the first few were but that was a mistake and has been fixed now). They allow you to paint your Neopets two of the basic four colours so you can have a bit of variety without having to make millions of Neopoints.

I was wondering why on the Lost Desert Calculator there is no division. Is it possible to put division on there? - _evil_kitteh_
The division button is there, it is the / symbol. That doesn't really make sense though so we are changing it to a proper division symbol.

In Terror Mountain there very few shops that have the button 'go back to Ice Cave'. Can you make those? I love surfing the shops, but its annoying to always have to go to Explore again to get back there. - Ulladragon
All the shops should now have that button and we checked all the games too.

In Multiplayer games, why must there be an "I give up" button. My natural reaction is to click it once I've moved because in games like Go! Go! Go! and Cheat! you have to confirm your move. Can you at least add a popup asking for futher confirmation for conceding the game. Aarrgghh its so annoying!! - bellsmegma
Ouch. Yeah I can see how that would be irritating after a while. I will let the programmers know and keep nudging them until they make it so.

Having to type a mandatory subject line is very annoying, especially when you've not cached your large page. Can you do it like the old way, where if you don't type it, it automatically put the first 50 or so characters as a subject. Thanks - Mconnarty
Ooh, I didn't realise that had changed. I will try to find out what happened there.

Is there ever going to be an Avatar for the wheel of misfortune? All the other wheel's have one even the newest one! - Layure
Yes, an avatar should be released very shortly.

I looked on the boards, and noticed the 'Neopian Writers' Board. And after a few minutes of gazing, my brain finally sputtered and idea out. If theres a Neopian Writers, why isnt there an Neopian Artist's Board? I would Love to share my art work and ask for tips on drawing, as Im sure other would, please consider making one? ^-^' - Wolf_pixie
That is a good idea, I will see what we can do. I am sure there are plenty of budding artists that would love a place to chat.

I really would love to have a Chomby so I can paint it Pirate, thanks to the Fountain Faerie. I cant find any in the pound. How hard will it be to get a Chomby on Chomby Day? - Topdeck88
There will be 30,000 Chombies released on Chomby Day. They should be staggered across the day. You just need to keep checking the 'Create a Pet' page until some appear.

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