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In the last editorial you said that you came up with a new system for war that'll mAKe things more fair for the weaker pets. I don't think this is fair though to the people who spend time and np to get their pets up to where they are and then have some person who doesn't even know how to battle get close to as many points as them. - pyrowave13
It is ok. Just wait and see :D The people with the stronger pets will be able to challenge different opponents, and earn more points from that as a result. It just means that if you have a weaker pet there will still be something for you to fight and hopefully plenty of things all all levels of battling to please everyone.

I was just wondering who comes up with the names for the Kadoaties (like, it and help!!!) LOl :D - Mooniewitch
Hehe. Its not just one person, its more of a team effort across the office. We have all come up with a whole loads of different names, some of which are the names of our real-life pets, some are the names of our Petpets and some are just plain wierd.

There have been rumors that avatars are released at Noon NST even if the news is released earlier. Can you please clarify whether or not an avatar is available when the news for the day is released? - mayfina
It really depends on how you unlock the avatar. Most times the avatar does not go live until the whole site is updated, but there are a few rare exceptions.

Are there going to be Maraqua avatars released once Maraqua gets rebuilt? I would love to see some! - 1birdie12803
Oh Yes. There will be backgrounds, blogs, screensavers and buddy icons too!

Is the Darkest Faerie game still for PS2? Are you going to have some new screenshots available soon. I would like to see it. Thanks! mepika (pronouced ME-PEA-KA)
I think I answered this in an earlier editorial, but I am sure people are dying to know more. It is still for PS2 and it is looking really good even if I do say so myself. We are not allowed to post any screen shots or any more details until Sony have made their official press release about it, but with E3 coming up, that is bound to be soon!

Do you usually have only painted pets on PPL? - surinamejoshua234
No, we try to vary it so some weeks it is a very rare Petpet and other weeks it is a very common one. You have no greater or lesser chance to win if your Petpet is painted a special colour.

Will there be anything special for Illusen day? I'm a big fan of her and this is my first Illusen day on neopets, so I'd like to see something special! - cosmiczodiacqueen
For those of you who don't know, Illusen Day is next week. There will be all kinds of new Illusen themed things, but if I told you all now it would spoil the surprise.

When are you going to update the referral system? For at least a year it has said "More items coming soon. We have had to redo our entire program because some people were signing up with fake accounts. Sorry about this!" Are you going to fix this soon? - thenymph
Funny you should ask that actually. We are in the process of revamping it now with more prizes (and better prizes than before) as well as all kinds of little improvements. Hopefully this should be good to go live in the near future, but it has not been forgotten about.

I was just curious, with the number of robot pets you have been releasing lately, is there any chance you will be releasing a robot paint brush or morphing potion? Or will the random desire of the lab ray still be the only way to get robot pets? - xprivate_eyex
If we release a Robot Paint Brush it would devalue the rarity of owning a Robot Neopet. I think this is one look that we are just going to keep super rare, there are just more species that have the chance of being zapped into a Robot now.

When you used to log into neopets, after you enter your username, on the next page it would come up asking you to enter your password and a security code. The security code is no longer there. Why? Is their something else that you are doing (or going to be doing) to stop those people that try to take other people's account. - neo321456987pets
Your accounts are still secure. We just are doing the security checking a different way. We removed the code to make it easier for you to log in as we didnt really need it anymore.

Where can I find the lab ray? - Miss_universe_101
The secret laboratory is very hard to find. First you need to collect all nine pieces of the lab ray map. Then you need to put them all together and you will be able to visit the lab ray. There is no direct link to it.

Would it be possible to add to the neofriends so it would show when their b-day was. I mean what kind of friends are we if we forget ones birthday. - immortal_methos
Hmm.. This is an interesting idea and we will see if we can. The only problem I can see is if people try to scam others into revealing their date of birth by using this. Date of birth is one of the things you can use to verify that you are the owner of an account so it could be a very bad idea if we enabled a way for you to find this out.

How come usually Neopets can only look Maraquan? I am a total fan of Petpets, yet they never seem to be included in important Neopia themes! - pokemon_master_girl1
There are a few Petpets that can be painted Maraquan already. Lots more are planned in the next few weeks to co-incide with the plot. Here are some sneak previews of two of the new Petpet colours that are planned.

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