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When will you rebuild Maraqua? Will there be the old Maraqua and the new Maraqua? I checked out Maraqua and it is not yet rebuilt. Thanks, from red_green_red_green
There will be at least two maps or Maraqua, possibly three. One will be a redrawn version of the ruins. One will be a new map of the new city.

Can you please put to rest the rumors that Slugawoo is not going to be the next petpet-turned-into-a-pet a la krawk? - Mrthang178
Sure. Slugawoos are not going to be the next Petpet to turn into a Neopet.

When Maraqua is re-released and the new pets are introduced, will the Koi and/or Jetsam be made readily available or will they still be limited? - Faerywolfe
This is something we are still thinking about. The reason they are retired in the first place is because their home was destroyed. With things starting to look more promising in Maraqua it makes sense that more Kois and Jetsams would be around, but we also don't want to devalue owning a Koi or Jetsam for the people that have one already. We will most likely just release a lot more throughout the course of the plot.

Will the Maraquan items come out of retirement when Maraqua returns? - Pink_lemonade_1
No, we will not be taking items out of retirement. Instead we will be building whole new shops with new items.

Will I need to get a pet that can go underwater eg; a jetsam to explore all of Maraqua or will there be alternative routes for landlubbers? - Kittysitty100
You do not need to have a water breathing Neopet to visit Maraqua. There will be other ways.

Who are going to be the main characters in the Maraquan plot? - pollywag93
There are a lot of main characters but here is a brief summary without giving too much away.

  • Garin - Usul pirate (good guy)
  • Jaques - Kyrii pirate, Garin's best friend
  • Isca - Maraquan Aisha
  • Caylis - Maraquan Aisha
  • King Kelpbeard - Koi ruler of Maraqua
  • Captain Scarblade - Lupe Pirate (bad guy)
  • Benny - Bruce pirate henchman
  • Swordsmaster Talek - Maraquan Draik

Will you be releasing anymore Maraquan coloured pets? Just wondering, thanks. - tj_ss_rule
Yes, we will be adding a few more, and we may also tweak a few existing ones such as the Gelert.

For your upcoming plot will we be introduced to a new neopet like for Hannah and the Ice Caves? - hpmsgurl310
No. There is no new species involved with this plot. This is totally focused on Maraqua and the events surrounding it.

Will there be more Maraquan petpets released when Maraqua returns? - xenolope
Yes. You will be able to paint more Petets Maraquan and there will be new species of Maraquan Petpets for you to own.

When are the new Maraqua TCG expansion packs coming out? - zelda2222
They should start to be on sale in shops this weekend.

Will you be making any Maraquan games when Maraqua is rebuilt? if so, what kind of games? - 12hc12
Yes, we have several games planned for Maraqua in fact. One will be a rather fun swashbuckling game (everyone loves \ pirates right!) but I am not allowed to say anything about the others.

There's a Maraquan Krawk but why not a Draik? Most Importantly Why another Usul hero?????I was hoping to see a Krawk or Draik. But yet another Usul!? Come on NPT give some recognision to the Krawk and Draik! - hirodragonstar2
There are no Krawks as main characters, but there is a Bruce, Koi and Maraquan Draik that will feature rather heavily in the story. If you like Draiks, you should see Swordsmaster Talek. He is awesome!

In the Maraqua plot, will their be a Water Faerie who gets a name and a nice big story about herself? Like Jhudora and Illusen? ;) - reina_punk
I think we have done the whole 'oh look a faerie comes and saves the day' thing a bit too often so we wont be focusing on a faerie hero. That doesn't mean there aren't any faeries in the story though...

Has the mysterious statue in the ruins of maraqua anything to do with the plot?? PLEASE, I wanna know what it is!! - superflagelman
I am afraid you will have to wait a little longer to find out about the statue. That is just one of many relics lying about the floor of old Maraqua.

Maractite weapons are 5 cards featured in the curse of maraqua tcg. Will there be available to all of neopians (via shop or hidden tower), or they're only available from tcg codes ? - idapranum
There will be a shop in New Maraqua that sells weapons and armour made from this fantastic material. Maractite is quite amazing you know. It is the only metal around that can travel through water as if it were air.

Is the upcoming plot going to FINALLY continue the Maraqua Pirates Plot? Because people get angry if they KILL plots and don't revive it - Mokedude
Yes and no. It does continue the plot we started a long time ago but you may have noticed we have altered two of the main characters. The new pirate captain is the terrible Captain Scarblade and the Koi King has been updated to become King Kelpbeard.

I was wondering are you going to make a Maraqua sidebar? - solidsnake73
Oh yes! We are working on it right now and it looks quite spiffy!

What will happen to raiders of Maraqua? I mean if it's going to rise again then there won't be any ruins to explore any more. - chaos_exodus
Raiders of Maraqua will remain on the map of the ruins. Don't worry it is not on its way to the Games Graveyard yet :D

I would like to know if you are going to randomly give out maraquan paint brushes when maraqua returns. Giving out the brushes may make them cheaper to buy, and people who don't have a millon-something neopoints lying around (like me)could aford the maraquan look, or they may just be one of the people who find them. If you were, however planning to give them out anyway then thanks a bunch! ^_^ - babydee56
At the moment we are figuring out how to release more paint brushes in the game without driving people crazy. A special paint brush look should be rare, but it shouldnt be unobtainable. I am not 100% sure how we are going to do this, but there will be more ways to get all paint brushes, not just Maraquan ones.

How did Maraqua get to be destroyed? Please give us details! - greenlupelover
This will be explained in more detail at the beginning of the plot for everyone who was not playing the site when Maraqua was destroyed, but here is a very brief summary.

A long time ago Maraqua was a thriving city inhabited mainly by Koi. Everything was pleasant there and the Maraquans welcomed visitors with open arms.

Then the prosperous city attracted the attention of a nefarious pirate captain. He cursed Maraqua sending a gigantic whirlpool that lasted for weeks down onto the inhabitants.

The city was devastated, many Maraquans lost their homes and loved ones. With no choice the few survivors left the ruins of their home many sought refuge in other parts of Neopia such as Mystery Island.

Well, its near the end of February, and we still haven't seen anything about Maraqua being rebuilt or a plot. When exactly will all of this happen? - pojoe79
You can expect to see the first installment of the plot in two weeks time. After that things will begin to move quite swiftly.

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