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Can you please create greetings in different languages? I want to send a greeting to a penpal in another country, but the greetings are ONLY in english. - Gamegirladvance13
Ooh that is very strange. I am sure that we have translated some if not all of our greetings into other languages. I will try to find out what is wrong as they are just showing up in english for me also.

Whats up with that "totem" stuff? The descriptions say that it gets you into Mystery Island, Faerieland, etc. Could you please tell me? :) - Starlightses
They are very old items, I think they may be retired. Basically when we first launched Mystery Island and Faerieland you couldn't just wander in off the streets to get there. You had to earn your access by getting a totem. We later made them open access to everyone, but that is why the totems exist.

Do you think the Meepits are going to take over neopia? - Dragon_master_711
Definitely, unless the Feepits save us that is!

I accidently banished my one coin to something like a coin album or something! Where is this located and is there any way that I can get my precious coin back? - maura10347
Your coin album is a page in your stamp album, you can look at that here. (Go to the Shops page and click on Post Office). Just like stamps, when you put a coin, or an evil coconut into your collection, you cannot take them out again.

I've Heard Of The New "Ice Bruce". Just Wondering, How Do You Get It? - Milk_man713
It is very rare, but you can turn your Bruce Ice at the Lab Ray.

When are you going to do a Harris day... because I remember a long time ago you said that you would do one. Most of us harris addicts are wating ever so patiently for a Harris day avatar - Ragol359
Funny you should ask actually. Harris Day will be the theme for this coming Wednesday so your wait is almost over!

Can you please make the pet page description longer? I have so much stuff I wish I could put on my pet's page, but there's a 1.000 character limit. Please make the description longer. - Z2ferndigi
This request has been noted and I will try to get out programmers to do it this week. 1,000 characters doesn't seem an awful lot.

Will you be doing anything special when you publish the 200th Neopian Times? This is one of the best parts of Neopets! - Shebakitty87
Glad you like it. Yes, there will be something special, but we can't really tell you or it would ruin the surprise :D

Just because the Faerie Paint Brush is retired, does that mean that it can't be used anymore? - Alyssarenaeelmy
Not at all, it just means it is very hard to get hold of.

If you have a Draik Egg or a Krawk, and you already have 4 neopets, will you get 5 neopets if you go to the fungus cave with the krawk? Or Draik's Nest with the Egg? - Goddess_of_dragons16
No, you will not get a fifth Neopet. Instead you will see an error message.

Can you update Yurble's homepage, because it says on it that he or she doesn't have a Petpet when he or she does! - Shrekanddonkey28
That is just the basic template that all Yurbles have. You can personalise your petpage by editing it yourself. Here you can type in all kinds of details including your Yurble's interests, favourite foods, name of its Petpet etc. To edit your pet's page, go to Pet Central and then click on 'Pet's Page'.

I have lost lots of Neopoints buying items to go into my neohome -- but when I try to put them in - I cannot. Is there any way to know in advance which items for sale are for the neohome. - Lockapaige
Yes, only certain types of items will go in your Neohome. As a general rule only furniture, Petpet Supplies and Windows will work in your home.

Would you guys consider making a GTU map maker? - Spectralupemaster
Actually yes, that is one of many things we are working on, as well as a level editor for Hannah and the Ice Caves.

In the news today it said you can get the avatar from Meerca Chase II but I didn't. Did you raise the score or something? My score was 864 and in Meerca Chase 1 it just had to be 750. - Stephanie9795
Since you can get higher scores in Meerca Chase II, we decided to raise the avatar score to 1250 or more.

Is neoquest2 going to stop giving out prizes?I really want to beat insane before they stop giving out prizes. If it will stop giving out prizes when will it stop? - 572572572
There is no rush. The prizes will always be given out, so you have lots of time :D

I'm getting bored of the same old stocks, same old things... Add some new stocks!!! - kikik312
Wow, it has been a long while since we added anything to the Stock Market. New companies should be expected to go on sale shortly.

I'm thinking about organizing my deck so that all the cards are in order, but I need a little help. What order do the different themes (first edition, battle for meridell, dr. sloth, ect.) go in? and where do the promo cards fit in? - Break_through
A lot of them are numbers, but the promo cards are not. This is the order the sets come in :

  • First Edition
  • Battle For Meridell
  • Return of Dr Sloth
  • Mystery Island
  • Promo Cards
  • Hannah and the Ice Caves
  • The Curse of Maraqua
  • Asparagus Land

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