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Where is The Gallery Of Heroes? I took a Neopets poll thing and it said which is better The Gallery Of Evil or The Gallery Of Heroes and I didn't know which is better because I didn't know what the Gallery Of Heroes was! Thanx For Answering! (plz show) (Gallery Of Evil Rox!) - Musa_gurl_
The Gallery of Heroes was linked to on the World page, but as we have been shuffling links around it seems to have been forgotten. Until we decide where it should go, you can get to it here.

Could you PLEASE increase the number of characters we can use in a post on the Neoboards? 400 characters is not enough - especially when RPing! - Philodox
I will pass this on to the Neoboard programmers and see what they can do.

When you have created some Themed Sidebars, will they be for everyone or will they be put as prizes for contests like this one contest in October and gave away the halloween sidebar?? - Squirrelgirl78333
Some will be prizes, others will only be on certain days, and others will have a requirement that needs to be met in order to unlock them. For example scoring a certain amount in a game, beating a certain challenger in the Battledome, etc.

I just noticed this the other day, since I don't usually got to the 'Market Place' map, but don't you think you need to update it? It's still in the old format, and all the other maps you updated look really awesome! - Noraneko
Yes, I know. To tell the truth I have been sort of avoiding it and pretending it doesn't really exist. It is truly hideous and I will make sure we tackle it soon.

Are there going to be any prizes for the HatIC War if there are when will you finally release them - Datruf89
Yes, we are still finalising what the prizes will be, but they should be given out towards the end of this week.

Will there ever be a Brightvale book award? Like there is a Kreludan. - Sirius_black_rox17
That is a good idea, it sounds like the sort of thing a city who think highly of learning should do.

Did you guys just totally forget about the whole Guildmasters' Dinner Logic Puzzle? I love those kind of puzzles and I have been waiting forever for the clues. Please hurry! - Ajoya
No, we did not forget. I won't go into details, but basically Adam and I have had the most horrendous few weeks and just have not been in a situation where we could make this work. This still has not been totally resolved and is on hold until further notice. We are terribly sorry about this, its just one of those things unfortunately.

Can you make it so you can view the past trades you made because sometimes you can click the accept button by accident and not see who you traded with? It be much easier :) - william_888
Hmm... sounds like a good idea in theory. I will pass this on to the programmers and see if it is possible.

Wait.. where did the Random Contest go? Is their something I missed on the news ending/starting a new random contest? - Child_of_god_4ver
The random contest AND the user lookup of the week contest will be back this week. Check new features as we will make an announcement there when they go live.

Will you EVER do retired petpets in the PPL?!?! *hint hint* *snowbunny* *hint hint* - ghettohawk1193
Yes, ANY Petpet has the same chance to be chosen, regardless of whether it is retired, painted, common etc.

My Symol has called the ASPU (Associated Symol Protection Union) because I keep sending him down that hole in Meridell. I assure him there is a purpose but he says no way. Would you please write a note on my behalf to vouch for my good intent? - chikmage
Hehe, sure! You can tell your Symol that the hole is a very magical place and occasionally they may find unusual treasures, the likes of which have not been seen in Neopia before.

Could you please fix Sahkmet Solitare so that you know how many remaining draws you have left before your game is over? Thank you so much ^_^ - mo0narae
I am not sure if that will make it too easy, but I will definitely pass this on.

Do you think that sometime in the near or far future that we will be able to get to see our pets moving around and doing things in our neohome, and be able to see how they like it and what there opinon is? - Entantraie
In all honesty, no. To even have a static image of every colour of Neopet that exists would be a logistical nightmare. To make them animated and look good in your Neohome would be such a gigantic project that we really wouldnt be able to work on anything else.

I think you should have a Kadoatie Feeding high score list, then we can always see who fed the most! Can you consider this? - 14hermionegranger
Consider it considered!

On the advent calendar I noticed that it was saying stuff like rebuild Maraqua. Are you really going to rebuild Maraqua? - stinx
Oh yes, and there is going to be a big plot with pirates and stuff too!

I was trying to send a REALLY long neomail and when I pressed send it said 'NO! you have sent your password in your neomail, blahblah blah!" What if your password is Aisha (mine isn't) and you want to talk about aisha's you will lose your neomail and cant talk about your favorite neopet! Could you fix it so you dont lose ur neomail or something! - illusen719
This is there for your own protection. You shouldnt make your password an obvious word, try using numbers and letters and NEVER EVER EVER tell it to anyone. I am sorry you had to re-type your Neomail, but this is not something we will be changing.

I, as a sock-loving sock collector, am utterly disappointed that this whole website has only two items that deal with socks(Magic Smelly Socks; Wing Sock)! Please, please add more items, as I need to fill my sock gallery with socks! =) Please? - dragonwolf_spirit
Socks! Sure, why not?

It is very unfair that the neopets magazine and three quarters of the mechandise is not available in the u.k. All we have done is be loyal to the game site and we cant even sponsor you to prove it by purchasing your merchandise. Please hook us up with the good stuff. - _ghetto_blitz
Believe me we are working on this. It takes a lot of time to be able to get contracts with companies who are willing to ship/stock our merchandise around the world, but we really are trying our best to get this done.

I really think Coconut Shy should be more cheaper to play. A lot of my friends think so too. We said that 50 to 60 Neopoints is fair. - sims2_263
It is a Coconut Shy though, they aren't fair. If you have ever played one in real life you will know that those coconuts seem to be nailed or glued onto the stands :)

Some of the older Neohome Robo items no longer work. For instance, my Robo Acara and Robo Chia don't move around in the room after it's been saved. I have tried removing them and putting them back in (making sure to turn the action on) but they still don't work. Could you look into this? Thanks! :) - evilbob111
That is very strange. If this has happened to you, please submit a bug report here so we can find out as much information as possible and fix this problem.

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