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Very cool sponsor offer, but why did you change the yellow bar? :( It's like changing a cherrished institution. Is it permanent? - Ladraco
Hey, yeah it took a lot of thought to change the yellow bar, its been the same for so long. Don't worry it is not permanent and the yellow bar will be back to normal in a little bit.

Is Hannah and The Ice Caves going to be a game on the site, or just a TCG pack? - Faerie_dust2233
It will be the TCG set, it will be the name of a big plot that we will start running on the site towards the end of October and it will be a game too!

I've always wondered, what happens if you get 2 avatars on the same page at the same time. for example, the Bilge dice avatar and the lucky streak avatar. Every time a random event happens, I've noticed there's only one at a time. - Osiel_6
You couldn't actually get Bilge Dice and Lucky Streak on the same page, but if you did happen to unlock two avatars at the same time, they would both appear and be given to you.

Why do all of the URLs of pets have the word 'baby' in them? Like at the end it's 'uni_blue_baby'. What's with the 'baby'? - Ahvah
When we originally started the site we were thinking with the idea of having pets get older the longer you kept them. That is why we added baby to the end so we would have the option of adding new staged easily. Later on we decided against the idea but the naming convention stuck.

I heard there is going to be a new neopet and if so when will it come out and is it limited edition? - Iluvhorses216
The new Neopet will be the Bori. It will be released to all players around the middle of October. At the moment I highly doubt it would be limited edition.

I downloaded the toolbar and I got it. I was wondering how do I get the chance to adopt the Bori? It's so cute! And how does getting the frozen paintbrush work? - Skylark252
Everyone who has downloaded the toolbar will get the chance to create their own Bori in a week's time. The frozen Bori will be one of the colour choices you can create. For example you can choose to have red, green, blue, yellow or ice. There will be no paint brush. Note - you wont have anything in your account as yet.

Was the old Mellish pet based on anybody you guys know? - Whiterice
Hehe yes! It was based on a very good friend of Adam and I who always wore checkered shirts and have masses of bright orange hair. He thought it was quite funny, but it didn't really make sense having a human as a Neopet so we changed it.

When you made over my Kougra it changed colors! I had it painted with a white paintbrush but now it's blue. Please tell me you will fix it because I don't want to have wasted that paintbrush! Thanks. - Raynay1887
The White Kougra has not been updated as yet. Your Kougra should not have changed. What may have happened is your Kougra was affected by the blue random event. If your Neopet isn't happy it can be turned blue.

Today (by the time u get this it will be the other day) I clicked on a mystery pic for that week underneath the big pic of it and I got reported for it!!! why?? I didnt do any thing wrong, I clicked the wrong thing! - Kitkat10299
Heh:) That is just a joke, you haven't really been reported.

I think the Neopian Music Shop is a great idea! But, I was wondering... you released other musicial instruments as toys, are you going to change them from being sold in the Toy Shop to the Music Shop? - O_apollo_o
They should have all been changed over and should stock in the Music Shop from now on.

The Destruct-O-Match link in Tyrannia still links to the old, retired version. Is the link going to be updated to link to Destruct-O-Match II any time soon? It would sure make my life easier - Paybobette
Yes, it should be updated very early next week.

Can you please have a Bruce Day? I love Bruces so much, and there is hardly anything that honors Bruces. Can you please change that? - Popandjay
Check the Neopian Calendar every Neopet has their own special day.

When is neopets gonna come to the UK again? (specifically NOTTINGHAM!!!) It started here so it only seems fair that you should bring it home for a visit! :) - Shygirl79uk
Well that is a little hard now we mostly live in the US. Adam and I do pop back to the UK from time to time and I am sure we will be visiting Nottingham a lot next year when Adam's little sister starts university there :) By the way did you know the idea for Neopets actually came up when we were in Nottingham!

Which pets' personality is most like Adam's? - Dream_angel25
I would have to say a Skeith heh :)

I was wondering, if we downloaded the toolbar, we get an ice Bori, but what if we already have 4 pets? Would we need to abandon one of the pets we already have for the ice Bori? Or... could we PLEASE be allowed to have 5 pets? Hopefully? Please? Pretty Please? 0=) - Swtaznhunnie
I am afraid you will need to have just three Neopets if you want to create an Ice Bori, or in fact create any other Neopet. We couldn't let you have five Neopets, that just wouldn't be fair to anyone else. On the bright side if you really cant bear to part with any of your existing Neopets there will be Bori Morphing Potions released later on. You just won't be able to get an Ice Bori.

Will you be doing anything special when you publish the 200th Neopian Times? This is one of the best parts of Neopets! - Shebakitty87
I am sure we will :) It is a while off yet though so I am not going to let anything slip.

Could you make some neopets items real items? Like the keychains and the faerie dolls? I know I would LOVE to own a real Queen Faerie Doll! - Dogs_rule45217
We are working on it! Even though the site has been going for years, we are still very new to making real world stuff which takes a lot of time. Hopefully you will see Faerie Dolls next year though!

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