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Why do you have to KEEP the gothic usul as your shopkeeper? I really want to change my shopkeeper AND be able to look at my shop front without the avatar being taken away. do you only have to keep the shopkeeper there for a little while? or do you have to keep it there forever? I would really like to know because I want to change my shopkeeper, look at my shop front, and not have the avatar taken away from me!! - Katexi14
Some avatars require you to do different things in order to have them. If you really want the avatar that badly you will keep your shopkeeper as the gothic Usul. It is easy to change back to it if you change your mind and there is no limit to the amount of times you can change to and from the avatar.

Is there any plans for Mcdonalds to do the happy meals with neopets in the UK? - Kesson386
Not as yet, but we will have some more news regarding McDonalds in other countries very soon.

I want to give the Kadoatie to my pet, but it's too expensive. How can I get it? - Reika88888
It is possible to win a Kadoatie from the Kadoatery if you look after enough Kadoaties. Otherwise Kadoaties are sold in the Petpet shop for around 18,000 NP.

When I look at the map of Neopia, I see the names only when I roll my mouse each area, but a friend's map shows the names all the time, even when he uses my computer. What gives? - Dragztwo
It sounds as if you and your friend have different bandwidth settings for the map. Most maps give you the option of viewing a flash or static version. The flash version is larger in filesize, but does extra things such as roll overs and animations. The static version is faster to download and will always show place names, without any extra features. To switch between them, just click on the high or low bandwidth options under the map.

Would the Sakmet palace stay being the Usurper thing forever? It could maybe turn into some sort of market!! -5678310
We have some rather fun plans for Sahkmet (both the city and the palace). It will feature very heavily in one of our plots next year. When this happens you will see a lot of the older stuff replaced by more interesting things.

Hi :D Great new mystery island look...You guys rock! Anyways, I was wondering, there's this unclickable section on the top part, Lost city of Giraptu..Is it on purpose? Or did you forget to add a link for it? thanks - Mizz_Matherz
That is the Lost City of Geraptiku. It is a location in our Mystery Island TCG expansion. At the moment there is nothing there, but we may well add something in the future.

When I look up some pets sometimes it says "This pet is at Mystery Island waiting for it's owner to return." How do you put your pet on vacation at Mystery Island? - Erika77243
Hehe. That is just a nice way to say that pet's owner hasn't taken care of their Neopet for a very long time. If you do not use your account for a certain period your Neopet will appear to be on holiday when you do a pet look up. As soon as you log in again, it will return to normal.

Is the rumour that Neopets is thinking about making the game pay to play true? Because, if you did do that, I think it would make a lot of people quit. - Blackrose3593
We have no plans to make Neopets a pay to play site. Keeping the site free is something that is very important to us. We will offer other services that can give you access to extra Neopets features for a small cost, but these are by no means a neccessary part of playing Neopets, nor will they give you a distinct advantage over other players.

I love Mystery Island's new look! are you planning to update any of the other places? - Grey_faerie_chick
Yes, we will be updating all the maps so they are in this new style, although as you can imagine this is a big project and will take a while.

I love the new kougra look, but I also love the old kougra's tyrannian look. Is it possible to leave that look alone or are you going to change all of them.... please dont change it! - Fox_of_the_snow
The Tyrannian Kougra was recently drawn so doesn't really need to be changed at all. We will be leaving that as is for now.

Hi everyone. I love the cool new game The Kadoatery. It's sweet, but I noticed that the prices for some of the foods are extremeley high. I was wondering if you would ever have cheap food items out to buy for the Kaodoaties. - Princezz_meeh
The things the Kadaoties ask for are totally random. If you are lucky you may be asked for something simple like a ball of string, however, knowing Kadoaties they are bound to be more demanding than that :)

Everytime I play the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale, I always end up with the question mark icon and the information is the same. Why is that? And could you please fix it? Its a huge waste of NP. - Frostedblue
The different quotes and 'cheats' that the wheel tells you are updated frequently so you should never keep getting the same thing over and over again. I will double check that it is working correctly.

Since you have days of the year set aside for pets, could you have Petpet days? Like a Babaa Day? - H_k_h_w
Maybe, although we have so many Petpets every day would have to be a special day. We will most likely just stick to having Petpets as a theme that we sometimes use for the random Wednesday theme instead.

Can you fix it to when you win a free spin you dont have to pay to spin again. I think if you win a free spin ...it should be just that....a free spin!!!!! - Chy_baby_not
Oh dear! It should be a free spin, that was the whole point of it. I will get this fixed ASAP.

All i have to say is WOW! I love toast and I love the new toast day we had... but why werent there any toasters made? I know I for one would LOVE to see a toaster or 5 in my house! - Mona_kerrigan
Toasters for your Neohomes coming right up!

I think that after each Lenny Conundrum round is finished, instead of just writing the answer of last week's question, you should write how you go the answer,show your work. It would help neopians find where the went wrong. - She_who_flung_dung
I will suggest thing to Adam and the programmers concerned, although I can't guarantee they will want to reveal exactly how to solve each competition.

I went crazy drinking Tigerfruit Smoothies, I just had my 11th one and they are sooooo yummy! Are you going to make more flavours, and if so when? And would you ever let us request flavours...because I would request Meepit Juice :D - Qbureau
Hehe, glad you liked it. For the moment there are no plans to do other flavours, although who knows what the future may bring.

If I submit my gallery for spotlight and it doesn't get picked, How long till I can submit it again? How long do you keep them on file? Are they put in categories? - Nyliramllessur
Ok, really that is several questions at once :) Here goes...

1. You can submit a new entry every week, but bear in mind when you submit a new one it will replace the previous entry. You can only have one actual entry at a time.

2. We keep the galleries for weeks and weeks, sometimes months. It really depends on what the gallery is about, what things we know are coming up in the future etc.

3. We do seperate the various entries into categories and can search within each catergory to make it easier to find the perfect entry.

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