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Ok sure I will tell Donna!

Can You make More Pfish Colors / Avatars/ Shop Keepers?
Sure. Maybe we could have a Pfish day, or maybe just rename Neopets to Pfishpets... *checks to see if domain is free*

can u make more freezing items?
Yeah as long as they are balanced, and they aren't going to make Battledome fights really long and boring I don't see why not. Maybe ones that freeze 1 in 10, or only freeze Kikos, or something... hmmmmm.

There are trophies for Nerkmids, how about trophies for NeoCola tokens?
Hmmm why not. I shall see if we can get that programmed this week. Remember drink too much NeoCola and you will become a minion of evil.

Umm can you please fix the 5 sec rule thing?When i try to get an item it takes like 1 min for me to get anothr one e.e;
Yeah, I know, thats just a glitchy thing with our servers at the moment. We just need to defragment them a bit, and maybe give them a good dusting. I am sure it will be fixed by Monday morning.

Whats your favorite bubble gum flavors?
Octopus and Strawberry.

Will you ever lower your NP level again?
Yes, I just did it. Ok... did you get the avatar? Good! I'll set it back to where it was now.

Can you make the Kadoatery stock more often? like maybe every 5-10 minutes instead of every 30 minutes?
I actually specifically wanted it to be longer but there was a mistake made when programming... well not mistake, more miscommunication. I think it is going to remain about 30 mins or so, sorry about that. Remember, Borovan is sad, he wants a Red Draik Egg :)

How about a Pirate and Maraquan Ixi?
I think that would look pretty cool. Evil fish with horns and hooves? We can do that :) Donna I hope you are reading this.

are you still there?

How about a default setting for the new (relatively) neomail part? Where you can make colored font your default?
Possibly. I can ask about it!

how do you get the asparagus avie?
All I can say is that it could involve 1,300 bottles of sand. Don't take my word for it though. I got it at around 1,560 personally but I have heard that the limit required can vary from account to account.

If you poke a BLUE candychan in the belly, will it giggle like the pilsbury dough boy?
No, it will bite you. Don't do it.

why can't you eat pickled olives..i mean.. they're food.. but you can't eat can't with them..YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO SOMETHING WITH THEM
Because the jar is closed and the lid is on so tight that it's impossible to remove.

Can you make another krawk avatar? there was no krawk avatar on krawk day
There wasn't??? Ok one will be added onto the todo list. It will probably be hard to get though knowing Krawks

Donna can't cook!!! You better order pizza!!!
She can cook actually, she does a very nice baked asparagus with parmesan and vinaigrette, a recipe we actually got from one of the Neopets players :)

Are you going to come out with darigan petpet paint brushes?
Yes, why not :)

How do you spell the Cooking Pot Faeries name? Is it Jhuidah or Jhudiah? It's spelt both ways many places and I'd like to know which it is.
Jhuidah. If it is spelled wrong somewhere then let us know and we can fix it.

retire sparkshooters and I'll be happy for life.
Are you sure? If I go retiring them now and you are unhappy at some point in the future then don't come crying to me! :)

When will the next war/Plot be released? The last one wasn't all that spiffy
Yes, yes, I am sorry about that. The problem was that our TCG release just co-incided with a time where a lot of our artists were dragged away screaming onto other projects, and we had to make the decision to drop the story and concentrate on making the next one (Hannah and the Ice Caves) really good. I do apologise for that, but I am sure you will happy when you see the outcome! There will be lots of frozen skeletons and thieves and snow monsters to beat up in the Battledome :)

Seriously, Im still trying to open the jar... it's just not working. I don't want to smash it as then there will be glass in the olives and i'll have to throw them away. Maybe they sell something on an infomercial that can open jars easily... *turns TV on*

Do you REALLY like Asparagus that much, or is it all hype? And if so, why? It's icky.
Yes, I love it. It is especially good wrapped in proscuttio (cold italian meat). I had cold asparagus soup once too, with cream, that was awesome. I didn't like it when I was a kid, but then again I didn't like tomatoes, onions or mushrooms either, and I told my mum that I would never, ever like them. She is the one laughing at me now!

Was Shaun Of the Dead Anygood?
Yes, we dressed up as zombies! We also saw the director who was very nice and signed a poster for us. Go Edgar! Then we met Beck which was completely random.

How about a Real Life Asparagus Chia Plushie?
I wish :(

Could you give us the option to make our fonts glow again? It's hard to be creative without those options... o.0
Yeah, I wanted that to be turn off and onable, but it didn't seem to happen. I am sure we could do it, if it was disabled by default. I shall ask our programmers! If only Microsoft would bring back the BLINK tag, then chat would be much more pleasing to the eye :)

could you give the maps numbers? That way we'll know if we're getting ripped off or not.
That's a really good idea, I shall see if we can do that this week.

And species healers for every pet, before neopets become a bunch of kacheeks.
K! We shall add them in on pet days from now on.

what happened to neoschool?
Ok that's it, sorry I don't have time to answer any more of your questions! Hope you had fun :)

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