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Hi TNT, we know you guys are busy but it's been a long time since the last Beta update Please could you let us know when we can next expect a beta update? ~~stargirl089
Stay tuned for the v0.4.8 update next week! And fingers crossed we name our releases better going forward because these are a MOUTHFUL. :slight_smile: ~~Gutterfoot

Is there any ETA on when more games will be added to the site? It is really difficult to make nps if you are a newer player. ~~cococola12345
Faerie Bubbles, Destruct-O-Match III, and Ultimate Bullseye II are coming in the v0.4.8 update next week! Faerie Bubbles does have a known issue in that it’s very, very, very, very, very difficult right now but we will be patching that fix soon! ~~Gutterfoot

Hi. When will the pet slots and the UC pets arrive in the NC Mall? Will it be possible to unconvert existing pets, or will the pet have to be entirely new? Also, will the pet slots be available on side accounts as well as main accounts? I hope so, since I have lots of ideas. ~~_brainchild_
Pet Slots will be arriving this Holiday Season! We don’t feel ready to announce an exact date yet, but our goal is to get them out for everyone to enjoy before the holiday break. Because the team is focused on Pet Slots, UC Pets are still very early on in development and yes, you will be able to unconvert existing pets so no need to make brand new ones! Pet Slots will be available for purchase on side accounts as well. ~~Gutterfoot

Hello TNT! Thanks for working hard on the site, e.g. with pet slots which we are all very excited about. I am wondering when a fix for customisation of UC pets will come about? Currently, we have to opt for flash-enabled browsers to be able to customise our UC pets because the current customisation option just doesn't work... As someone who spends a lot for NC, it's kind of sad that we are unable to dress up our UC pets, even as new releases are put out. Wondering if there is a timeline or any update for this fix? Thanks! ~~starishblue
Hi there! We are aiming to have a fix to UC Pet customisation done either before the UC Pet revival or alongside it. We’re definitely going to make sure that once we revive the UC Pets, that everyone will be able to customise them as well. ~~Gutterfoot

Hi, TNT! So it's been over 4 years since you last said it was "safe to say we can expect another purge to come up" and that we'd get "a more detailed update soon". So err, any word on that update? I think with the new pet slots coming up, a purge to go along with that would be amazing, if possible! ~~xantaquana
Right now we’re focused on Pet Slots, UC Pets, and converting more pages to mobile, but a purge is still in our future plans. Certain dev tasks are more complicated than others and we have to balance content and events with backend updates like purges. ~~Gutterfoot

Is Neopets planning on becoming pay to play??? When will this happen? How much will everything cost? Will it cost money to just adopt, feed or put clothing on my pet? I love this site, I can't believe you're doing this to us :( ~~draco_malfoy018
1. No. 2. Never. 3. Nothing. 4. Zero (outside of usual NC items). 5. We love this site too and would never do this to you. ~~Gutterfoot

Hello! Since the NC Mall Usukicon capsules introduced cellphones and cars for pets this year, does that mean you'll be adjusting your guidelines about such technology in Neopian Times submissions? ~~kittyinthewater
That is an EXCELLENT point. Neopets is ready for a technological revolution. I’m here for it. Get Nigel a real car! We’ll make sure we adjust the Neopian Times submission rules, but going forward from this editorial, technology is allowed in submissions. ~~Gutterfoot

After the Charity Corner exploit and TNT's decision not to punish anyone who took advantage of it (despite the rules being clear about taking advantage of glitches) a lot of us are unclear as to what counts as cheating nowadays. Can we get clarification? What if something similar happens again in the future because this decision has set precedent. ~~maxzolon
Cheating is a much more active, intentional act of either breaking the game or playing it in a way not intended to be played, whereas exploits are usually the result of a development team oversight which in this case, it was. Because this case was an exploit rather than active cheating, we didn’t think it was fair to punish anyone, especially as we couldn’t tell between who was taking advantage of this maliciously and who just happened to stumble upon the page. We take cheating very seriously and it’s not allowed per the rules. ~~Petrichor

Hey Neo, I came back to the site a few weeks ago but I remember Neopian Times would be updated every Friday, is there a reason why you moved to bi-weekly updates? Cheers! ~~ivoryrosefrost
Yes, we made this change in order to best utilize our resources. With the Neopian Times now being released every other week, it has given me more time to help out in other corners of Neopia! Since this change also impacts how often Anniversary editions occur, we also decided to make every 25th, 50th, 75th, and 100th issue of the Neopian Times an Anniversary Issue. This way writers and artists submitting to the Neopian Times won't have to wait too long for a chance at earning the Neopian Times Writer avatar! ~~Aesop

Dear TNT, When will we know who won the My Neopets Story contest? ~~jaylahcat
Hi there! We actually announced the 5 winners of the My Neopets Story Contest last month. Here is the post: ~~Petrichor

It's been a while since Legends & Letters was taken down, and many of us are left with duplicate untradeable items. Can you please make these items tradeable? I know many collectors who can never get that stamp, and battledomers who will never get that tablet. It would be great it everyone could complete their collections! ~~cloudypoogle
I don’t know what you’re talking about… Last I checked, they were tradeable? Hmmmmmm……. ~~Scrappy

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