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Heya TNT, just dropping in to say I'm really loving how all the site themes have been turning out so far! They all look great! ~~yoshisislandbandit
Our artists work really hard on these so they really appreciate these comments :)

The April Fool's Day joke was so good that I had to show my cousin who isn't on Neo. She loves it and wants to come back! ~~xsaber1989
Glad you liked it, we enjoyed putting it together :)

Are you we getting to paint our Kougras stealthy this year? Does this design give any ideas to what we can have?
Actually as a matter of fact I can confirm a new Stealthy Kougra is coming! Your design looks awesome, sadly we started this art for it about a month ago so we didn't get to see your design in time, but yours is really cool! Keep on drawing :) Not like you need me to tell you that!

Hello TNT! I went to the mall to buy some Wonderclaw widgets and Corridor of Chance keys today, only to find that they have been removed :( Can you possibly look into this and perhaps put them back in the mall if it was unintended? I love playing Wonderclaw/Corridor of Chance and it's really sad to see them becoming out of reach so suddenly!~~boren16
So yes sadly wonderclaw relied on flash so that is currently not available, but Corridor doesn't so I will totally get those keys back into the mall for you.

Hi TNT! Can we please get a Siyana wig in the future?~~greyfever
Ohh great idea, we want to make more faerie items going forward so I will add this to my list!

The recent random contests giving users the chance to create site content have been really good, but is there any chance of future random contests expanding this idea to more areas besides wearables? Like avatars, other types of wearables, and maybe even pet colours? And maybe even contests for those who aren't artistically gifted like writing new Neopedia entries?~~herdygerdy
Totally, we want to do these too, random contests take a lot of time and effort hence why they aren't done as often as we wish they could, but internally we have been talking about an avatar as well so that could definitely be fun for the next contest!

Hi! There's been some confusion over Random Events. Many of us seem to only see them when we're on the site's classic pages. Can you help shed some light on why random events don't seem to appear on beta pages? Thanks & please remove my username.
Yes, sadly they do not currently function on beta pages, we badly want to bring these back as well it is in our plans, not exactly sure when but we want them back too!

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