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For those of us who aren’t artsy (like, at all) will there be more opportunities to submit Bad Art for the Art Gallery? ~~Anonymous
Kikocat here!! Yes, I think we will start doing this day a lot more often since everyone seems to really love it. Watch for it being listed on my schedules each month.

Hi TNT! Clarification—does all purchasing for side accounts have to take place on the main account, or can we transfer NPs to the side account and purchase items directly from there? I know all the NPs have to come from the main, but I don't know where those NPs are allowed to live! :) ~~i_love_latin
Hello!! Yes, all purchasing must be made from your main account and then sent to your side account. You can transfer points over to a side for the NeoLodge however any items must come from your main account. So it's best to keep all points on your main and then if you need points for the Lodge, you can send those over or use points you got from random events on the side account.

Hi tnt I'm currently offering a service where I draw up new custom designs for people's pet when requested. But I have a question if I draw the pet a reference and the new owner decides to draw that design and enter it in the BC would this be against the rules? I personally am totally fine with people redrawing my designs for the BC but I don't know your stand on it. It'd be nice if you could clear this up! - midnadragon
Hi, this is a sensitive issue. Obviously they cannot use your design or trace your image and then enter any creative contest on the site. However, them using your image for inspiration would be fine as long as they are not simply copying it.

When do captions get chosen for the Caption Contest? There is only 1 week left in March. Thank you for looking. (please remove my name if posted anywhere, thank you!) ~~Anonymous
Captions are selected for voting one week before the start of the month (and therefore the next contest), so captions were set up for voting yesterday! This schedule allows users a full week to submit their votes before the Caption Contest is judged and a new one begins at the start of the next month.

Hi TNT! A while back I asked for some favorite memories from TNT's longest-running teammates. Now I'm curious to hear from some of the newest members of the team! Things like: What are some of your favorite things about working at Neopets? Did anyone play Neopets before joining TNT? What do you hope to accomplish/see on the site going forward? Thanks for playing! ~~sugarpill38
Aesop here! Although I've been working with TNT for over a year, I am still one of the newer members of the team. One of my favourite things about working at Neopets has been having the opportunity to be creative and come up with some fun and absurd items! I also treasure my time as editor of the Neopian Times, as I have continued to grow as both a reader and a writer the more I was exposed to the many different writing styles and unique voices I come across sifting through submissions.

I did play Neopets before joining TNT, but it was mostly during my childhood (I can still remember how excited I was to get a blue shoryu in my happy meal!). When I joined TNT, it was very overwhelming to see how much had changed in the world of Neopia since I had last visited! However, it was also very exciting seeing all of the entirely new places, characters, plots and even pets that had been added since I was last in Neopia.

In terms of moving forward, I would personally love to focus on more plots! As I mentioned earlier I love both writing and reading, so I would be ecstatic help come up with some new Neopian storylines. I am also very excited about the conversion to mobile! It certainly is a huge undertaking, but there is a whole team of incredibly passionate people working hard to make it happen.


THANK YOU FOR FINALLY FEATURING A CATAMARA IN THIS WEEK'S PPL! I'm the crying emoticon over it; finally their time is here!!! ~~sasaki_kyomi

Hi TNT, Thank you for all of your hard work on the beta! I know transferring everything over to a new format can't be easy and I don't think you guys get enough credit! If this is chosen please remove my username I'm shy :) ~~Anonymous

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