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Welcome back to the editorial, come in take off your coat, sit back and relax! Hope you guys enjoyed our comedic responses to last issue's april fools questions. Did you get our jist or did we fool ya? ;) Either way we are back with your regularly scheduled programming...

Why bother with an Editorial when you're not going to answer questions? This one (861 dated March 29th) is pathetic. Either answer serious questions seriously or retire it. And whatever happened to the HTT boards? You don't want our opinions any longer? Lastly, you might consider actually releasing the Pretty Net Dress. e/r
Editorial #861 was written in the spirit of the April Fool's edition of the Neopian Times. We have answered the same questions this week with real answers. As for hardtotame, she says she took a break from interacting with the players when she felt she was unable to answer much of the questions people were asking her, and when the suggestions and requests started piling up without sufficient time to address them. You may have noticed that several things that were brought up during these sessions have gradually been addressed since. Others that you aren't seeing are being worked on behind the scenes. Apparently, she was planning to restart the sessions once a good number of issues were resolved, but if players just want to interact with the staff either way, she'll be back on the boards next week! As for the net dress it was released it's just a rare item from the clothing shop, best of luck :)

Hi. I'm really excited about the new Charity Corner perks which were recently announced for 2019! :) I was wondering: Can each perk be chosen more than once, as long as I have enough points? I hope so. Lots of people had leftover points last year because each perk could only be used once.~~
In order to keep the perk shop balanced, we will be restricting the maximum number of times certain perks can be applied. We will also provide a preview of the perk shop during the event to discourage players from earning more points than they're interested in spending this year.

Hey there guys! I just have a quick question...why are some plushies categorised as toys and others as plushies? For example the Scourgies Covered Ixi Plushie says it's called a plushie, but is labelled a toy. Thank you for all your hard work as always :)~~cassiethepirate
All plushies labelled toys are either Neocash wearables, or items given out through events. This is because on the backend, we use 'Type' to specify the shop in which items must restock, and when they don't need to restock in any shop, a staff member may simply use a parent category instead of the specific sub-type.

Hey Jade! throws pizza on roof Lately there have been a lot of rumors going around about an upcoming Charity Corner event. Can we get a couple hints about which perks we might see or when the event might happen? We're all eager to find out whatever information we can. Thanks!~~1337_masta
Some of the perks we're hoping to make happen are Food Club powerups, increasing the BD prize drop limit, reducing training time for a short period, increasing the likelihood of getting a rare avatar, and increasing the trading post limit. We're also looking at using some of the existing Obelisk War perks, and we will be doing a lot of last year's perks again. One perk that we were hoping to bring to you is UC pets, but after a detailed discussion we deemed that there were too many complications to attempt it. TL;DR - UC is not happening. P.S. We're also adding a very very very teeny tiny miniscule chance that you will get a high-rarity item drop when you redeem your points, just for the fun of it.

I would love to see some NC & NP wearable items using Orchids. We have a lot of other items with flowers but, not many if any with orchids. I think you could come up with a lot of beautiful items using them. Foregrounds, Garlands, BGs and maybe even a wig with an lavender orchid accent/clip. Just thinking about it I am getting excited. Also.. If you guys when making a crown of some sort, if you can make it static so it can go ontop of a wig of choice. And not make our babies bald. Thank you guys for all you do. I'm not sure how often you are told. But you guys are amazing & appreciated..~~sugrrnspiice
Orchids ARE beautiful - we’ll see what we can come up with! As for crowns, I’ve shared this suggestion with the art department, and they see no reason why this can’t be done.

Hi TNT. hands out baby carrots and hummus, because you guys get enough cookies as is Neopets don't usually have hair, unless they put on wigs. Does that mean historical Neopian figures with hair (e.g. Isca, Nabile, etc.) are also wearing wigs? If yes, what about the Faeries? Are they secretly... gasp BALD? What's Queen Fyora hiding under her crown? Please, TNT, I need to know.~~dragons_den
That’s right, historical Neopian figures with hair are wearing wigs. Faeries, unlike Neopets, have natural hair, and it has been suggested that they were the inspiration for early Neopian wigs. Fyora may be hiding things under her crown, but a bald head is not one of them.

shows up with a plate of brownies Hi Jade! I was wondering if you could ask Donny to look into fixing AAA's Revenge. The avie has been broken for a super long time. If Donny would just give it a mean glare, I am sure it would stop acting up!!~~linnipooh
Donny claims that this issue is a lot more complicated than it appears. He has determined that we need to redesign a few features before we can fix this, and his workers are making progress there.

Heya TNT. I was really happy to read about the HTML5 updates, but do you also have anything planned in regards to site security, like implementing HTTPS? Thanks!~~frederick_lindo
Site security such as implementing HTTPS is a high priority for us, and you can expect to see these changes gradually alongside other feature updates we release. We are already in the process of doing this, but the flash content on many pages is preventing us from doing a site-wide update.​

I read the latest editorial and am a bit confuse. Is the site going to go just mobile in the future? If so could you please let us know now. I do not play games on my phone due to my eyesite so would like to start closing sides and main and sending everything to kids and neofriends if it is. Thanks.~~ladymouse04
The site will continue to exist online - we are working on creating a site that is as simple and convenient to navigate on mobiles as it is on web browsers. (Actually, I think we all agree the site isn’t very convenient to navigate on web browsers either - we’re working on that too)

After a brief chat on a Lutari Appreciation Board the idea for a new Lutari Avatar was mentioned - not my idea, I don't want to take credit (nor do I want to mention the user as I haven't asked their permission to name them). We are aware of the default one that everyone has access to, but with so many other species having so-called clickable avatars, or avatars you get from owning a certain species (ie Fire Blumaroo or Halloween Ruki) wouldn't it be nice to have one for the Lutari? Imagine having to own a Lutari for 100 days to get a new avatar? Or a Lutari of a certain colour. Lutari MPs would start to sell more frequently... just saying Please may I request a mossy covered Woodland Lutari for next month while I'm here - thank you! leaves Lutari tail shaped cookies~~sparkydelic
I do agree it's time for more species-based avatars, and Lutaris do deserve an avatar of their own, just as all the other species without avatars. Let me see what I can do about this. As for Woodland Lutaris, you're in luck! We're releasing a Woodland Lutari this time, but I can tell you in advance it's not mossy.

Hi there team! I have been wondering for a long time now why the birthday goodie bags from the past few years have not been retired when the current years have been released? Will they ever retire like they used to? Thank you!~~jade__r
Yes, they will! In fact, we retired a few of the older ones, and we will retire the newer ones in time.

Hi, a while ago, Donny finally fixed an issue with making Star Shaped Sand at Mystery Island's cooking pot, but he also claimed to have fixed Flower Shaped Sand at the same time. But while I've seen lots of Star Shaped Sand about, I've never seen any Flower Shaped Sand around. Can you confirm if Flower Shaped Sand was indeed made available at the cooking pot, and if so, can you give us a hint as to how to create it please?~~oxbridge_united
Flower Shaped Sand is indeed available at the Cooking Pot - it’s just that oftentimes, people never see what goes into making objects of beauty.

Hi Jade! hands cookies I've been on this site many years now, and it's basically my second home. Every year I wake up full of excitement when Lupe day rolls around, anticipating what new colours will be released for my favourite species! However every year, I've always wished for one colour and it's never come true: Stealthy! I was wondering (as are many other neopians) that if we put this plea out here, this year we may have a chance? I know it would make my whole year! Keep up the amazing work!~~hillary890357
I will put in a word for you, and we’ll see where that goes.

Donny's Corner:

Donny's fixed Pet transfers for Premium Users! Besides that he has been very busy behind the scenes helping largely with mobile so you'll have to excuse him if he doesn't appear every week. Just know he's hard at work not hardly workin.

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