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(Announcement from Scrappidoodle Dandy)

Hey guys! Super quick but exciting update here! We have opened up our new Neoboard section for anything and everything having to do with our new Neopets mobile game, Legends & Letters! It is still in Beta so it is only available in one location right now (more coming soon) but we’d love to hear all the feedback as it does rollout. We know there are some issues right now, which is definitely why we are taking time in beta to continue improving it for you guys! Members of the development team will be on the boards when they can, especially over the next few weeks, to answer questions and hear all your experiences so far! We will work on scheduling times for Q&A but for now, please take all conversations on our new game over to the Legends & Letters board. Thanks!!

thanks for answering my asparagus question, and you guys are really awesome! but i need to ask you a question. how long does it take you to go through ALL these questions. i REALLY feel bad for you all, so here's a little something as thanks! *hands a basket of muffins* i really appreciate all the hard work you guys do.~Coldblanket
ha hah ha (laughs nervously)...Well it's just me (Jade) actually XD. And it basically takes up my entire Friday XD But I'm glad I can help in these small ways to keep you all informed.

Hi there, what is the status on pet customization coming to html5? I know it's a big undertaking on top of everything else, but is customization one of the things to come soon?~~sky_side1
Of course there will be customisation silly!

I noticed that the background and foreground items from the Fang Super Pack no longer work with each other. The background Fang-Tastic Background is zoned as a lower-foreground item/Background but the Fang-Tastic Tombstones are zoned as a lower-foreground item as well. I feel like the BG got rezoned wrong? I'm pretty sure they would work together again if the BG was just zoned as a foreground/Background item.~~aunalisaams
Sigh...yes as I thought I was fixing this for UCs turns out it actually made it worse for everyone else. So I will change that to become a foreground!

Hello TNT! As an avid shopper and lover of fashion I've been shopping at Uni's Clothing Shop for a long time. I was wondering if the shopkeeper there had a name? I think it's time me and the Uni shopkeeper were on a first name basis! Thank you for answering my question :)~~_clows_cool_pets
This is an awesome question! The reason not all shopkeepers have names persay is that some like the Tiki Tack man for example prefer their simple life of privacy, so we respect that and give them simple names people can still identify them with. We spoke to the Uni at Unis, and after clothing you all for so many years she feels comfortable telling you...her name is Ellia! She has a passion for fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. Her favourite slushie is the Sunset Gummy Slushie & she resides in Faerieland. She welcomes you all to come swing by for all your fits and fashions! So yeah there you go her secret is out!

How does Queen Amira even put her antenna ears decorations/jewelry things on her every morning? Along with removing them each night before heading to bed? Not that I want to I want to intrude to her private life or anything, I just have been wondering about this for a while.~~fire_knight_dragon
Hmm I mean I haven't peered into her daily that'd be kind of creepy. Especially being royalty there is no way anyone could get close enough to her to really know. But If I had to guess I'd say she puts them on carefully one ear at a time like everyone else. Might take her longer than most pets but for people like her impressions are important. It's like people who put on and take off decorative pillows everyday & night, some agree it is worth the trouble.

*Instead of cookies or cake, hands you an interesting book on Neopia's historical monuments* Hi TNT! We don't have a lot to choose from in the ways of beards and goatees, especially NP items. Any chance we might get a King Hagan beard wearable, or other blond or black goatee/beards? My Stealthy Gelert would also love to show off his white goatee as well. :3 P.S. Last year's Mutant Day only got us a toy... no wearables, petpet/Vanda mutant forms... just a toy. My Mutant Lupe nearly ate me when I told him. :(~~thebananasaurus
~~(Twirls imaginary beard) Wow great minds think alike. I was just thinking there just isn't enough facial hair so I will definitely integrate some more hairs just for you :)

Hello TNT!! Everyone did a great job on the Advent Calendar this year and I'm really loving the newest plot. Is there any chance we could get more Shenkuu-themed customization items at some point? Especially ones that aren't Neopets-specific? It's one of my favorite areas in Neopia! Thanks!!~~ mushroom_king1870
Sure! Why not! I love Shenkuu themed stuff!

Can we please fix the grammar on the Vial of Pure Water. This is how it reads and it is driving me more bonkers than I am already. This is how it now reads: This vial is perfect for those hot days on the beach or a the hikes around the island.~~plces
Oh wow...that's embarrassing.. Yes Donny had a chat with the Tiki Tack Man and the item has been fixed...this isn't the first time he's slipped up on grammar...something about his mask getting in the way..But anywho If you find any others please let us know.

Hi there! *gives tons of cookies with chocolate chips* Thank you for bringing back the NC mall half price sale! All 3 of the LE BGs are great. :) But eh... Aren't we suppose to have all BGs (except the ones in Elite Boutique) half priced during this weekend sale of BGs? How about some BGs like Grand Hall of Winter? It's not half priced! :( Is that a mistake? Can we have the left out BGs half priced too? Also, cloths and accessories are going to be half priced soon right? Please include those newer items too, pretty please? ~~lucy_haha
So there has been some confusion here so this is the perfect time to clarify. So these sales are specific to their sections within the mall. So last weekend only the backgrounds within the backgrounds section are on sale, same goes with clothing this weekend and accessories/trinkets next week. Only those within that specific section are on sale not all of them in the entire mall. Hope that clears things up.

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