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Hi Scrappy! So, after nearly a month of advertising, I won September's Caption Contest! As happy as I am, I was a little let down when my month's work awarded me with a Quintilc, which sells for about 800np (womp womp). I totally understand the fun of having your prize random chosen from a pool, but maybe you guys could update that list a little bit to remove the items at least under 5k? It would make that month of work a lot more rewarding, literally!
Thanks for this reminder! I couldn't agree with you more! I will definitely update those by the time the next prizes roll around :)

Hello Scrappy *hands giant pizza* I was just wondering if there was a maximum amount of people that can collaborate on an article for The Neopian Times. Would four people writing together be okay? ~madiwoo
Wow. This is amazing my oh my this cheesy goodness!!!! Hm, so I hate to put an end to collaboration because team work makes the dream work butttt I think I have a limit of 3 collaborators! Also, if that was different than before, oh well! That's my rule and I'm Queen so what I say goes :)

Hi Scrappy! With the Caption Contest being reinstated not too long ago (yay!), has there been any talk to possibly bringing back the Random Contest too? It would be so much fun! ~voiceprint
There has been talks! I'll tell you what, I've definitely seen plenty of pages with lists, petitions, etc. SOOOOO if you guys can directly me to a list of at least 100 users that have virtually signed this petition for Random Contest then I will bring it back. Fair enough?

Hey everyone is arguing that the plot starts in November but you already have this kinda gearing up to a plot. Is this the plot? ~ hauntedwolfy
Only time will tell.....

Hi. *hands Weewoo-shaped cookies* Is it possible to be accepted into a Neopian Times special edition (ending in 50 or 00) more than once? Or is each user limited to one special NT publication ever, to give others a chance? I'm curious. ~_brainchild_
Hm, I think so. I mean...if not...that would mean I have to check through every. single. special issue. ever. That seems a bit aggressive. A user can have one per issue but numerous issues are allowed!


Dear Scrappy, thank you for being a voice between the staff and the players. It is refreshing to see the neopian times under a new caring editor and to get a bit of communication regarding site updates. ~cute_kitty_cat_4ever

Dear TNT (and the stunning Srappy), thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Gown of the Night. I have multiple copies now and love it dearly. Bless you all. Love, Fluff.

You mean we able to submit compliments here the whole time?! Long time user (15+ years! More than half my life!), and after quite a dead period on the site I'm so dang excited for all the things happening recently! Thank you so so much for bringing things back to life! I couldn't be happier q-q ~nikibugs

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