White Weewoos don't exist. *shifty eyes* Circulation: 194,845,150 Issue: 800 | 6th day of Collecting, Y19
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Hey Scrappy! *offers cookies, brownies and pizzas in 42 different flavors* Now that you feel satisfied and know the meaning of life, i was wondering if you'd consider bringing back the *Happy Thoughts* session to the Editorial? Thanks!
You know, I really love that idea because there can never be too much happiness in the world! It's a mini one this but everyone start sending in all your Happy Thoughts :)

Hi, Scrappy! *showers you with cookies* I've heard about the wonderful new feature of additional pet slots, and I couldn't be more excited!! I just have a few questions about it - is there a date set for when it'll happen (in a few weeks/months or further away like a year)? I know it will be an extra slot for both premium and non-premium users, but will side accounts get this perk too? I'd really love to be able to expand my Baby account which is on a side. Thank you so much! :) ~starress
Hm, I think it will happen sooner than you think....also this is for any and all accounts! However, I don't want to see any pet get neglected so only take on the responsibility if you feel you are absolutely prepared!

Hiya Scrappy and Jade! So I have seen a few discussions on the boards lately about whether selling Battledome Training items, such as dubloons and codestones, and weapons and such is allowed or not. So can you settle this for us? Are we allowed to make boards to sell stuff because of the battledome plot or should we stick with the buying/selling boards?
Absolutely!!! We encourage trading and no matter what goes on in Neopia, these items are always okay to trade!!!

Hi Scrappy. I'm really liking this wraithy site theme. In other events/plots/mysterious happenings the site theme is usually only awarded to keep on your main account, but I was hoping this might be available to keep on all accounts. What do you think? Will my side accounts lose it one day (assuming neopia isn't wraith-infested forever and plunges into the darkness of eternal torment)?
Don't you worry about a thing! If you have the site theme it's there to stay! Our gift to you :)

Hey there! Should we be expecting some new fancy items in the Dyeworks shop in time for Halloween? Could we also be seeing some past Dyeworks items make a return as well?!
You willll be seeing new Dyeworks in the shop! Sadly, not in time for Halloween :( We have LOTS of other fun stuff for you though! And I have been thinking about re-releasing some old Dyeworks so that's a strong possibilty (depends how I'm feeling about you guys at the time :)


Thanks Scrappy and TNT for the hard work you guys put in. I am really liking the efforts and its a welcome change. I am here to stay and thanks for making Neo fun again! ~rafaeia

Hello Scrappy. I just wanted to thank you for being so awesome and keeping your word about new Halloween items. The Halloween shop is off to a bang already and the new MME22 looks very promising. You are a breath of fresh air!

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