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Hi Scrappy, a few weeks ago you mentioned that the goldban for the BC would be reduced and that it would likely be the day of it being announced, but I haven't heard that its happened yet. Do you have an ETA on when that will happen? Thanks! ~kt_roo2
Hi! Yeah there were a couple of speed bumps butttt I believe it has been officially reduced!! The ban is now 30 days instead of 4 months so get drawing my friends :)

Hello! In Editorial of issue 793 someone asked about new pet slots and you didn't say no! Does that mean that non-premium users will be able to have a fifth pet? PLEASE SAY YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!! (Offers a plate of your favorite cookies!) :)
Well, it doesn't mean that they won'tttt! Only time will tell! (not too much time don't worry)

So I was talking on the boards about using Control F to sniff out 5k and 10k items in large shops, and I was wondering if that is allowed or not.
I would steer clear, especially holding down any button to continually refresh looks highly suspicious to support! So, to keep everything fair and safe, I would say you guys are obviously welcome to refresh but try not to hold down any keys or do anything that results in 5 or more refreshes per second (that's sketchy)!

Could you give Xarthab a message from me? Tell him that I appreciate him and even though Fyora is more popular, he still lives on in my heart. ~trigaxic
What a darling you are! I think he needs this, he was awfully crabby after last week! I will be sure to pass the message, through a messenger obviously. Not personally. He still might be a tad sensitive!

Ahoy TNT! A month or so ago I posted on the suggestion board suggesting that unreleased/unactivated items be released, since there are quite a few cool ones, and gave the elusive Toy_Asassin_Plushie as a sad example of this :( A month later I open the news and see that after about a decade of wishing on my part, the Assassin Plushie has finally been released! Hey, maybe it's a coincidence and the release of this item has nothing to do with the board I made, but I don't think that's the case and would just like to really give a big thank you to whoever it was who saw my board and not only took the suggestion of released these old items, but for releasing the Assassin Plushie as well T_T Thanksss
Hi!! Yes, I'm glad that you're excited! We have been reading all your guys posts and boards about releasing unreleased items so we tracked those pesky things down and decided to release 'em for ya :) I would definitely say your board made a contribution to that so you're very welcome!!!

Hello my dear, dear friends! So exciting (but maybe disappointing for you) news! Scrappy's going on a voyage!!! I'm sailing through the seas of Neopia to broaden my horizons! Anddd while I am SO EXCITEDDDD to see our little paradise in all its glory, this also means I will be unable to do my daily duties! So sadly, many of our fun weekly activities will be pushed off until Monday, September 4th! Also, this unfortunately means Neopian Times will not be published next week! I'm deeply sorry friends but I will come back with a fresh mind and soul!!!

I love you all, my friends! See ya when I arrive back from my travels :)

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