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Howdy!! [offers you some camping food packets] So I was talking to a few of my pals about comics in the NT, particularly how we miss serial ones and the concern that a comic with occasionally more serious/less jokey moments might be rejected. My question is this: is there a bias towards more comedy centric comics? Would a comic get rejected if it's serialized and doesn't have a joke in every episode/issue? Thanks! ~zentoreaco
Hi there! Of course not, I love a good series as much as the next Neopian!! It doesn't always need a joke, comics can tell a story, as well. As long as the content is appropriate and within the rules then there is no bias towards it!

Hey there Scrappy! ^.^ A couple months back when CQ was still the NT editor, I had asked a question to her about how long in advance one should submit a comic for the 800th issue, which is coming up this September, by the way! Well, since CQ is no longer the editor and you are now, I would like to ask you the same question! How long in advance should one submit a comic for the 800th issue? In my previous question to CQ, I had asked her if 1 to 2 months in advance would be ok and her answer was just 2 weeks in advance! So, I would love to know what your answer is as well since you are the new editor!
Well, of course I agree with CQ! Two weeks will be plenty of time for your comic to be entered into the 800th issue. However, if you have already submitted it or one gets submitted earlier I will hold it over until then.

So lets say I paint a friends pet and then find out that I can't transfer the pet back without breaking the rules. Is there anyway to give the pet back without breaking rules? We've considered sending an item in return but we want to make sure first.
Well, it is definitelyyyy against the rules to trade customs for items. While you are allowed to trade a paintbrush, using a rainbow pool dip for a fellow Neopian is not allowed.

Should we be expecting any massive changes with the format of the Altador Cup this year or are we going to be put in the same system again?
Hm, well I can't reveal too many of our secrets...however, the are talks. I'm not sure exactly whats going on, but there are rumblings from the Altador Cup crew. I guess we're all just gonna have to wait and see....

Hey Scrappy! *cookies begin to fall from the sky* ...Wow, that's convenient! Anyway, can you please clarify whether or not advertising a Beauty Contest entry off-site is allowed or not, or is advertising strictly limited to /only/ the boards listed in the FAQ? Thanks.
*running around trying to catch the falling cookies* Sorry buddy, no outside promoting! Whether it be on another website or on a billboard out in Times Square (although that would be cool). Any advertising for your lovely pets need to be kept within Neopet boards!

Hiya Scrappy. *hands cookies* So I was surprised to see I got the quote of the week for the Neopian Times last week. Yay.~ Anyway, I'm wondering how the quote of the week is chosen. Is it random? Or is it chosen for a reason? ~chasing_stars44
Congrats, my friend! You earned that spotlight (and I earned these yummy cookies). *downs 3 cookies* Anywaysss, usually they are quotes that stand out to me. One that I thought was inspirational, important or funny! I try to switch it up but the quote will be always be one that all Neopians should pay attention to!

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