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Hello! I brought you a cookie :) I have been wondering when the next GBC sale will be. I know last year there was one around Easter where we could buy GBC for reduced prices. I've been saving my NC for a while now and I can't wait to be able to trade for things again. ~ blacksapphire27
*munches on cookie* Hope you're free this weekend! Just sayin'...

Even though editorials aren't searchable and may not be searchable directly from your own databases, is it possible to include a link or written direction to Jelly Neo's editorial database so that people can access editorial answers more easily? Jelly neo is a recommended and linkable fan site. and Welcome to the NT. (please leave my username out!) ~ username removed
Since Jellyneo is a recommended fansite, you're welcome to share the link with users all you want!

Hey Scrappy :) First I wanted to say congratulations on your new position as Editor of the Neopian Times! Recently, players have been frozen for doing split trades. I almost did one myself, and I'm glad that I didn't now that I realize that players are being frozen. Sometimes, players have a lot of smaller items they want to trade towards one big one; or they want to buy an item with a mixture of pure Neopoints and items. Sometimes, they just want to buy an item that plain isn't possible with the Trading Post and Auction House limits. Neopian Inflation has exceeded the means of being able to utilize the AH/TP properly. If we can't do split trades anymore, how will we be able to purchase items otherwise too large to purchase for 2 million Neopoints+10 items; Or AH limits? If you added maybe an extra five hundred million Neopoints to the TP/AH limit, or maybe added an additional amount of items (past ten) you can trade towards one or a group of items, this would be fixed. Thanks! ~ triarthrus_eatoni
*takes a bow* thanks! Our stance on this hasn't changed - we discourage you from doing them and can't do much to help you if you choose to participate. But, simply doing a split trade is not a freezable offense (although scamming someone through one is). I've double checked with support and moderators, and they're looking into this to figure out exactly where it came from, but our rules haven't changed.

Hi there! :) I just entered the Beauty Contest for the first ever time, and in my excitement I even made a font with my voting link in to use on the Art board. I have Neoboard pens, so I had multiple signatures, and accidentally used the wrong one while advertising my guild on the GC - it was really obvious that the link was part of my signature, and the post was on topic. But I got a warning for off topic posts, and ALL my pens got cleared! Shouldn't people be able to decide for themselves whether they want to click on the link or not? I don't see what difference it makes to use a font with an innocent link in it; I could put a link to my guild webpage on my signature and no one would bat an eye. So why the hard line when it comes to something as innocent - and fun! - as the Beauty Contest? I think this rule deserves to be debated again and possible removed. ~ antipopulace
So, while you're right that this particular case seems innocent, it was complicated for monitors to have to judge every post with a voting link to tell whether it was innocent or spam, and became subjective and inconsistent. It was easier for them and for you guys to just have a set rule. We're glad you're excited! Just keep it on the approved boards. Thanks!

Can we expect to see the Altador Cup return this year? Also, a massive (and very late!) well done for last year's cup! While I wasn't a fan of the lowered maxes and rank requirements, the fact you took everyone's feedback into account and tackled cheaters as well as changed the format a little was absolutely great, and improved the event massively! :) ~ joeythesmurfy
You can indeed! We've already started looking ahead to what will be on the docket for this year, so hopefully more good things are ahead!

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