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Hello, CQ!!! We know two things, from the last editorial: a new event will happen and charity corner will not happen. Can you tell us if this new event will be something that we already now, or its completely new? ~ caraesperto
Hi! I have two things to say to that - 1. I did not say charity corner won't happen, I said there are no plans right now. The nice thing about a changing event like the Charity Corner is that it's not locked to one specific time frame, so we can do one whenever we feel like there is a gap that needs to be filled. 2. I don't want to give away too much, so all I'll say is while I can't promise it's not related to the past, it is new, not an old event brought back.

Howdy Neopets Team! Since we now have Usukicon Y18 Goodie Bags, should the Y17 bags be retired? They usually are every year and just curious if they changed this year or if it was forgotten about. Thank you =) ~ _mariokart_
It has been officially retired! We hope y'all got your goodies! From now on, get all your Usuki goods from the Y18 Goodie Bag!

Can we submit an NT article or story/series accompanied with Neopets-related images that we drew in the body of the article/story? ~ ummagine3284
You can indeed! Just include the link to the image in the spot where you want it, and I'll take care of the rest!

Hey CQ! So I did a livestream awhile back of 2-player battledome fights and it was really run and people had a good time - I posted that I was going to another one day, and I got a 48-hr silence. It's been said before that livestreaming oneself on the site is okay as long as we do not lead people offsite. I've done my best to ensure that I hold true to this principle by not giving instructions on where to view my stream - all I was doing was letting people know that I was going to do one. So where is the line drawn there? Thank you. ~ drazu
Mentioning you will be doing one can still be considered leading people offsite, it's up to the discretion of our monitors. Doing one isn't an issue, telling users on-site about things going on off-site is. Sorry for the confusion!

Hi there, firstly I'd like to say congrats (I dislike shortnd words but my daughter says it's the dne thing?) on keeping Neopets fun, interesting and putting out new content. Ok, now that the flattery is done :), I want to ask about Neocash and customisation, it's been quite a few years now since wearables and the NC Mall came into effect and I (like many others) have accumulated thousands of NC wearable items. I find it very time consuming (as well as tedious) to have to swap items between my closet and SDB every time I want to customise my pets with various themes, is there any way you could increase the amount of items we can keep in our closet? There is also an issue with paint brush items, I don't zap any more but I do still have about 100 paint brush items that just sit there in my closet taking up space. It would be so great if all of my wearables could just stay in my closet. ~ medusa1231
Hi! So, the limit on the closet is because too many items slow down the closet as a whole. Eventually, we'll be redoing the customization module to HTML5 so it works on all devices and ideally we'll be able to speed it up a bit! As for paint brush clothing items, there are some specifics about those items because of how they move with painted pets. We have looked into what it would take to make them removable, but I'll see if we can give that issue a nudge up the list of things to tackle!

*Happy Thoughts*

Ohhh my gosh that chocolate vandagyre is simply adorable! ~ serebii251

Just wanted to give the artists props for all of the new fall items & the new Premium Collectible, I love them all! Can't wait to see what else you guys have in store for us in the coming months! ~ bently_and_mira

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