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Hey TNT! *throws pocky* So the AC is still on, YAY!!! But there's something I'm confused about. I've seen some people who understood it as: 'it's coming next month' where as I understood it as: 'there will be more information next month' so which is it? I'm sure you're aware that it's usually in June, but that doesn't mean that can't be changed. Also, when you say your changing the rules, what does that mean? I won't ask for details because I know you can't give them, but are you changing the format, or are we still stuck with the evil brackets? please clarify both of these things. Thanks in advance. Please remove my username. ~ username removed
Glad you're excited! So first of all, the timeline hasn't changed! We'll be giving you more information next month as the lead up to the event starts, as usual with the press days in mid-May, leading up to sign-ups and warm-ups in late May, before the Cup itself starts in June. Now, we're keeping the brackets (I swear, the intent behind them is good!), but the Altador Cup Committee is seriously evaluating player feedback, as well as the data from previous years, and we will be trying to address some of the issues with them. There's more details to come, but that's all I can tell you for now! Patience, young grasshoppers.

Thanks so much for communicating with us through the Team Message Board about the NC Card redemption issue and thanks for getting it cleared up before the sale started this weekend. We all really appreciate your hard work in getting this resolved promptly. You have made a lot of Neopians very happy today myself included *roses* ~ shaggyeren
*Smells the roses* As most of you have probably noticed by now, the issue has been worked out :) Sorry it took a couple of days, but you should be clear to enjoy the GBMC Sale this weekend now!

Does matching AAA's score still qualify you for a gold trophy? Awesome job with Daily Dare this year, by the way! (Please remove my username, and thanks!) ~ username removed
Yes! You earn a gold trophy by matching AAA's score on each day. Beating a mix of AAA and Abigail will get you Silver and beating all of Abigails will get you bronze. Not completing all of the challenges will end up with a participation medal. Good luck and happy playing!

Hi! First of all, thanks for keeping Neo awesome. I've had so much fun here over the past eight years. I just have one question. Will you ever add a gender option other than male or female for people who are non-binary? ~ katniss_66
Hi! Yes we will. We actually have made some progress on being able to display "Other" instead of male or female, but because this touches a lot of parts of the site, as it's part of your main user data, there are still some tasks to be done here. We hear the user requests for this though, and it's being done!

Heya CQ! So recently, some major glitches all over the site have been showing up (closet/inventory items disappearing, including pb clothes, neomail not working, not being able to post beauty contest previews saying it's spam, etc,) so I was wondering, are these glitches from you guys trying to fix things around the site, or are there just some major glitches happening? ~ annnoel
Hi there! So these aren't really glitches, they're loading issues, generally caused by lag. This lag right now has been mostly coming from certain users trying to use programs to open/refresh pages way beyond a normal level, which puts a big strain on our servers. We're working to resolve these issues though, just hang tight!

*Happy Thoughts*

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all of the great wearable NP & NC items from the Daily Dare this year! It's been pretty fun and I've really enjoyed participating in this event. I also LOVE the new Chocolate Krawk colour!! I've been waiting for years and I plan on morphing one of my pets into one. -no tags here-3 Keep up the great work! ~ the_darkest_sage

Thank you so much for the Daily Dare this year! I am really enjoying the games, and I LOVE the bonus prizes! So fun!! ~ princesspurplebear

Thank you all for the years of creative fun we continue to enjoy! The transition worried some of us; how exciting it is to see all of the classic events resuming in full force. Appreciation goes to the dedicated staff that have been generating content and an awesome array of new wearables at an amazing rate. It's great introducing the younger generation of my family & friends to this clever site. They now love it, too. We look forward to Here's to many more decades of the timeless Neopets *Clink!* ~ yodanicky

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