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Hi Country Queen, I would love to buy some expensive items such as the MSPP TCG to lend to people. I finally have enough nps and I am so excited, but sadly people have warned me that it may not be safe to buy rare items and that I could be risking my account if I buy one - can you please let us know if we can buy these high end items without fear of being frozen. ~ username removed
Hi there! So, this one is a little hard to give a blanket answer to, because unfortunately not everyone is as nice and honest as you! For the most part though, you should be okay. If you're a rule-abiding player not partaking in any suspicious activity and buy a high-end item for a fair price, then we shouldn't have any reason to suspect you of any wrongdoing! Even if the item you purchased was wrongfully obtained by the person you bought it from, if you're clear, you won't be frozen, but the trade might be reversed.

... Are you sure you want this, though? He doesn't look like a very cuddly plushie...

Hi there, hope you are well Years ago the 50 items in the inventory was imposed because servers in the early 2000's were not up to par. Can we have someone look at increasing the inventory? The trading post is taking up all my space :( ~ sidthesnail
Hi! So the 50 items limit is mostly a suggestion, as more items than that will make your inventory slow to load and use, but you can place over 50 items in it, in the course of doing dailies, taking items out of your safety deposit box, etc. Hope this helps!

Question about Neopets contests: is there such a thing as an entry being "too speculative"? For instance, I was thinking of making a Site Spotlight entry all about the food Chias we're looking forward to, like Cherry, Banana, and Bean Chias, complete with drawings of each one. I've been informed by other players, however, that the idea is "too speculative" and not grounded in the Neopets universe, thereby making it unlikely to win the Site Spotlight. Is this true? If so, I'll try to brainstorm a new idea, one that is more relevant to the Neopets universe we all know and love. Thanks for publishing this question! ~ indulgences
Hmm, interesting question. Being "too speculative" isn't against any contest rules, but be prepared to write a good description of why you think you should win! Best of luck.

Hello!! So a while ago my main account was frozen for my protection, and while that account was gone, I played on my side account and made some neopoints. Then I got my account unfrozen and stopped playing on my side (except to feed my pets of course.) But now I have neopoints on the side account. Can I transfer them to my main? Can I spend them? I don't want intentions to get confused and to get frozen again. :/ ~ rocknrollpup95
Hi! As long as you don't do anything that is against the rules on side accounts, our monitors will understand the situation and you should be okay. But, here are some suggestions on what to do with those pesky side account Neopoints! You could transfer them to your main, donate them to the Money Tree, or spend them on side account approved purchases (like the Neolodge, not shops and such!).

Hiya! *hands you a mug of borovan with extra asparagus* I was wondering, can we submit stories that are set in an alternate universe? Like one where all Meepits are mutant aliens, or all coffee is alive, or like they have cars, or cake eats people or something? Or is that against the rules? ~ pikky126
Hi! So there is some fantasy allowed in a Neopian Times story, but it still has to be grounded in Neopian lore, even if it's not strictly canon. My recommendation is always to submit anyway! The worst that happens, if your story can't be published as is, is that I give you feedback on what needs to change for it to be published. If you want specific feedback, you can always send a neomail to NT_Editor as well! Good luck and happy writing!

I'm not convinced they are mutant aliens already.

*Happy Thoughts*

Country Queen! :D *passes out cookies to everyone* We did it! Our own themed issue of the Neopian Times! Speaking for all the writers who contributed, we hope you had as much fun making this happen as we did. :) ~ chasing_stars44

Thanks for fixing the broken BC Winners page! We acknowledge and appreciate your efforts regarding fixing the site! :) ~ fjant

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