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Hi Country Queen! *passes over a freshly baked apple pie* I know that Key Quest is currently being worked on, although not as a priority, and we do appreciate the effort that is being put forth by the team to improving site condition. In the meantime, could there possibly be a re-release of retired key quest tokens in the NC mall to help quell our dampening moods? A lot of us have missed out on several of the gold,silver and specific character tokens because of real life priorities but it would be really awesome if we could be given a fair chance at obtaining them as well. Something to keep us hopeful at least (: Please remove my username.
Ooooooh, pieeeee. *digs in* So, that's something we could definitely be open to doing when Keyquest comes back, but we're reluctant to release any new ones (or re-release retired ones) until then because for those who don't know it's down at the moment, we don't want them buying tokens they can't use. We've left the ones that are currently in the mall there, but we're not releasing any new ones just yet.

Hi! Firstly thank you for the many wonderful NP and NC customisation items. For NC items, I normally transfer over to my side accounts however am wondering what's the best way to obtain gift boxes on our side accounts to transfer the NC items back (I only want to purchase NC on my main account). For example are we allowed to spin Trudy on our sides and not on our main in order to obtain the boxes? (please remove my username thanks)
Sorry, no spinning Trudy's on side accounts, that's considered multiple account abuse. Spinning on your main account will give you boxes to send items over to your sides, which it sounds like is what you need. If you need boxes to send items from your side back to your main, or to a different side, you'll need to purchase a Gift Box Mystery Capsule from the NC Mall! You can buy them from your main, send them to your sides to be opened, and then use the boxes from it to send things!

Happy customizing!

My pets asked me an interesting question the other day. They said "Loufus, how did the Earth faeries get that title? What's an 'Earth'"? I was dumbfounded, because in thinking about it I realized I also had no idea what an "Earth" is. I left my neohome, went next neodoor, and asked my neoneighbor, and they didn't know either! So on behalf of my pets, myself, and my confused neoneighbor, I have to ask: What exactly is an "Earth"? ~ aim_loufus
Ah yes, I can see where you might be confused! Earth sounds like a thing of fantasy! Well let me clear this up for you. You see, Earth is an element, representing the planet and that which grows on it. But if we called them "Neopia" faeries, well you'd have no clue what we're talking about! So they made up a word, to represent the plants, dirt and more. Earth they decided to call it, and that's what it's here for.

It's Christmas! I love Christmas. It's so much fun. Also, will the Advent Calendar be until December 31? ~ kiwisworld4579
Happy holidays to you! Yes indeed, the Advent Calendar will continue through December 31, so make sure you keep stopping by to see the animations and get your items!

Neopian Explorer's Log, Day 4: The Premium Featured Game is the same as the featured game for the fourth day in a row. I'm convinced the random number generator is broken, as this is a paid feature that isn't being given to Premium members on a consistent basis. Why is this happening? What will TNT do to fix the non-random "random" generation for the Premium Featured Game? ~ sleedom
Hi! We're sorry that got a little off, but one of our programmers took a look yesterday and resolved the issue! The premium featured game should now return to being different from the regular featured game, but please let us know if it comes up again!

Best of luck in your journeys, explorer.

Hi CQ! I was wondering if you could clear something up for me!! I noticed on page 2326 of the Art Gallery that one of the entries has a beautifully drawn neopet, but their background is just a copy/pasted (not 100% opacity) Neopets background. Is using existing Neopets art as a background allowed in the Art Gallery or was this just accidentally overlooked? I am HORRIBLE at the background part of art and just wanted to know. ;) *passes around meepit mocha* ~ linnipooh
*Eyes meepit mocha warily* Hm, interesting. *Places mocha on desk* Anyways, according to our resident Beauty Contest expert, using a Neopets official image for background art is alright, butthe main part of the image needs to be your own work. Good luck!

*Happy Thoughts*

Wow! I have really enjoyed all the Advent Calendar animations this year! The storylines are fun, the animations are great, and I love how you're tying it with Neopian characters and lore. The connection to the Daily Puzzle questions has been fun to see as well! Thank you, TNT, for putting together a wonderful Advent Calendar this year! :) ~ bluelilacia

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