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Hi TNT! Was just wondering if you could explain what happened to the furry face of the Tyrannian Kacheek? My neopet is not nearly as cute now that he's bald!! Thank you. ~ laurenmcgarryx
It is summer, and all that hair had to be pretty hot... But if you really want it back, I guess I can make that happen. Don't blame me when he needs extra slushies and icey treats this summer!

Hi Country Queen! :) First, I'd like to thank you for being on my Staff Tourney Team- you got me lots of points! And, secondly, the Storytelling Competition stopped in the middle of the story... It was supposed to end March 6th, and it was never completed. I would like to try my hand at writing again, so could you please tell me what happened? Did something asplode? Thanks! ~ cordie_horse_lover3
What can I say, it's like I was born to sling slushies. Go Faerieland! As for the Storytelling Competition, we actually wrapped up that story today! A new one will begin on Monday, so it's time to get those creative juices flowing once again!

Anything she can do I can better

G'day. While I know you've been switching ewallet providers and that NC Card redemption has been suspended because of that, you have stated multiple times that NC could still be purchased through the site. So imagine my surprise when I went to top up my NC with my credit card through the Buy NC button in the mall, only to be told that "We're sorry. Payments from AU are not currently being supported. Please check back again later." for days. So is this temporary issue that is connected to the ewallet swap? Or am I now to give up my support of this website, as I can no longer obtain NC through the site unless I am forced to deal with offsite groups, which is too risky for me. Also, once cards are redeemable again are they going to be more readily available, as NC cards have been extinct in my country since Jumpstart took over. ~ minnie298a
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! It is a temporary issue related to the e-wallet switch, but definitely unintended! I've got the Meepit engineers working on resolving it already, so you should be all clear soon. As for the cards, if you're having trouble finding them from your local stores, many of the carriers sell them online as well for when they are redeemable again (which is really close! We had some fixes to make in testing but the end is in sight).

I can't feed the item Leaf Biscuit to my pets. I sent in a ticket and Rico said he was going to fix it, but he never did and so I sent in another ticket. :K When are you going to fix this item? ~ joisle
Today! Those perfectly baked biscuits can now be fed to any pets who want to seem like they're eating healthy greens, but really are enjoying a delicious biscuit.

Hi TNT! You may have noticed that some people on the art chat have been advocating a "riot week". Can you please clarify the advertising rules for BC entries? Is it acceptable to put your entry in your siggie and post on boards outside of the art chat so long as you are actually contributing to the conversation rather than spamming? (please remove my username) ~ username removed
Hi! Previously, it has been allowed to include your BC link in your Neosig, as long as you are actively participating in the conversation. However, this has been abused lately, so we are updating the rules to no longer allow this. From now on, BC links are only allowed to be in your Neosig on the Art, Spotlight or Premium boards. Keeping your BC entry in your Neosig outside of these boards is now against the rules, and we will be updating the FAQ to reflect this.

Hey TNT so I have a dilemma whenever my Pastel Moehog is sad he loses his tusks and nose and I'm sure this is quite uncomfortable for him. Could you fix this please? ~ kurochic
Voila! The Pastel Moehog will now keep his tusks, even when sad. I'd say you can go check, but why would you want your Neopet to be sad? :(

Have the Meepits been sabotaging the warehouse shipments destined for the Music Shop? The Polka Dot Trumpet and Polka Dot Clarinet from April and the more recent Flutominium and Harpists Delight don't seem to be available. Can someone distract those Meepits long enough for some stock to reach its destination? Your efforts are always appreciated. Thanks. ~ sarekofvulcan150
Those darn Meepits! They just get into everything don’t they? I was able to distract them long enough to let those shipments get by… Wow, are those things are fast. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to rest… Possibly forever.

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