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Hi!(: Are there any new Key Quest updates? Will the game ever be back at this point? ~ snow_rosette
Hi! Unfortunately there’s not much to say, except that our plan has always been to bring Keyquest back and that hasn’t changed. We know how much you guys miss it and we really do want to bring it back for you. However before that happens, we’ve needed to focus on things like defeating that pesky lag once and for all and some other updates the site needs. It’s on our radar though, so please just keep being patient and bear with us!

Okay so for years you guys have been denying the existence of a land made of jelly. Yet on June 22 in the News Features you said there was a new sandwich out made of melted jelly in the jelly shop. The link you provided magically transported me to a wondrous shop made of jelly selling jelly. When I stepped out the door after buying some jelly sushi I found myself in Jelly Land. EVERYTHING WAS MADE OF JELLY! ~ taurusgraphicarts
A world made of jelly? References in New Features to a place that doesn’t exist? Most frightening of all… Jelly sushi?! Sounds like you’re seeing things that CLEARLY AREN’T THERE. Maybe you should take a trip to the Healing Springs and see if Marina can help you with that…


Hello TNT. I've asked A few questions without getting a reply, and I'm really sad about that *throws crayons* Anyways, I have one pertaining to accounts. If you deactivate an account, but want it back, how long does it generally take to get it back up and running? Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! ~furubafangurl
Hi there, we get lots of questions to the editorial and can’t fit all of them in unfortunately, but to cheer you up *tosses paper airplane of drawing I made with the crayons* there’s no set time frame but it does take some time to sort through account issues, so it can be a little while. Make sure you’re really sure before deactivating your account and just be patient with the process!

Could you please give us a place to put the Ghoul Catcher Amulets in our albums, as well as the new Shells? Also, could you please activate the three new stamps you announced in the news last month? We've been patient :( ~ kimchica
Oh no! I’ve got our best meep—I mean people, on it!

Hi. *brings Meepit army this time* We just wanna approach you niiiiicely, we come in peace. Can you make a Water and Stealthy Kiko? Pleeeeeeeeezzzzzze with lots of zzzzz's? ~ mousegirl1
Whoa there… Let’s not do anything crazy here *slowly backs away from Meepit army* I’ll send a paper airplane over to the content team. I promise! *runs away*

Hey TNT! I keep trying to read the Baby Basket Books from this year's Festival of Neggs to my Aisha but she never seems to be interested, and only ever succeeded with the Xweetok copy. I even tried the French and Chinese versions, but my little bookworm still couldn't bring herself to try them! Could you ask the publishers to revise the latest editions? ~ piratepaintrox5
There are so revised, my own little Aisha bookworm loved the new editions, perhaps you should give yours another try?

I saw that you're a fan of country, so I figured I'd phrase my question in a country song! I was walking my way down a dusty Mystery Island trail, when along came a Faerie with a high-lipped cooking pot, she said "If you need a bunwich, with me you must try!" So I tried, tried and tried! She asked me if I had any more combinations in my brain and I said "Listen, I've tried every combination in this here laaand.." (Please. Give me a hint on the Bunwich recipe for the cooking pot. I've been trying forever. Like. Years. It's been released for over 10 years and none exist to my knowledge. Pleeeeease??) ~ vinetos
I do appreciate a good country song, so I guess I could help move things along. If uncovering this secret recipe is what you seek, you’ll need something meat and something sweet!

I am so so glad the NT will still be running! Country Girl, you are doing a great job with the editorial and I hope you write many more to come. It was really cool meeting some of the staff, too. Hopefully you guys will keep on interacting with the community and letting us get to know you! Thank you, everyone! ~ beatriz_barros_

Well thank you! Also, to keep the spirit going, one veteran staffer felt a little left out last week and wanted to share a bit! So, I present:

DJ Skellington:

Favorite Neopet: Moehog. DUH. Like that will ever change!

Favorite Petpet: Schnelly. Always. <3

Job: Still secret ;)

What I like? Goth & Industrial music, cats, egg creams (look 'em up! They're delicious!), The New Jersey Devils, and anything spooky - especially the Haunted Mansion.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to all for the warm welcome and nice messages through the editorial, submission comments and on the boards! I’ve been busy working on my paper airplane skills to send all these requests over to our content team, so if I can’t get back to you, I just wanted to say thanks to all! - CQ

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