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Dear TNT, bring back the right colour on the neck fluff on Wocky when they are happy. It looks so wrong to have it be pink to every colour they are. Like leafy green on the strawberry, black on the desert and so on. It just looks off to have pink neck fluff. ~ chili19
But… I like all the pink! I don’t want to switch them back… Just kidding. Your Wocky’s are currently being returned to their natural coloured state!

Hi TNT! I was checking out the new staff members in the tournament, and I was very excited to see that a new member, Kikocat, had a poogle army like me! If it's at all possible, could you tell me what poogles she owns? Not at all trying to plan neopian domination. *hands out cookies to all the staff members* ~ ag1228l
According to KikoCat herself: I have 5 on Neopets but in real life I have at least 14 poogles, there could be more hiding from me. They have always been my favorite species so I collect on the site and off.

PS from the editor... thanks for the cookies!

Hi TNT! When a person uses the drop down menu on an item or Quick Stock to "discard" said item, where does the item actually go? Is it removed from existence? Does it go to some sort of trash dump? Is it added into an inventory of items that are given away as random events? In addition, if I were to start a movement or Guild suggesting that users discard any items that they feel there is an over-abundance of on the site in order to raise the value of the item(s) (example: If there were fewer Cheese Omelettes on the site, they would eventually be worth more), would that be against the rules? Please leave out my username if you all choose to answer this :) ~ username removed
Discarded items vanish, never to be seen again! However, discarding too many items (like Cheese Omelettes) will force the poor Neopets who make them to work overtime to keep up! They ask you not to do that.

Hi! *tosses paper planes* First of all, thank you for all the hard work on the Altador Cup! This event is one of my favourite things here on Neo. As for my question, I've been dying to see a Stealthy Hissi for a couple years now; could you please toss a paper plane to the Content Team as a request? Keep up the great work! :) ~ linkxzelda666tingle
You’re welcome; we’re excited to get to continue the tradition! I’ll float along the request! *Attempts to toss paper plane, hits member of content department in the head* Whoops… I’ll work on that.

Your TNTesty, will the customization spotlight be back anytime soon? The beauty (pun intended) of this particular spotlight is the weekly awarding process that eliminates any argument as to which pets are best dressed! I mean, just last week at the NC Mall GBCs started flying because one Aisha insisted her outfit was the trendiest in all of Neopia. Needless to say, all of the other painstakingly customized Neopets were a bit put off by this... ~ claire_ellen
GBC’s flying?! You could crush all the goodies inside, and what if the pretty wrapping paper gets torn?! *shudders* Luckily for you the customization spotlight came back yesterday! From now on you’ll be able to check in on Monday’s to see who is truly the trendiest that week.

TNT! I've submitted this question a number of times and I'm trying to be patient, but really, it's just such a pretty potion and I need it for my gallery. Can someone in the office please activate the Cloud Peophin Morphing Potion? :( You can't search for it on the SW/SSW and no one's seen one restock in magic please help. ~ sychologist
Hmm... According to our sources it's been live all along, but it is quite an elusive potion. Be sure to keep checking before it floats off the shelves again!

I just bought a new book History of the Altador Cup and I cannot read it to my pets. Why, you ask. Well there's no option to read the book in the drop down menu. Can you please fix this? Thank You ~ baddad56
I can indeed! Try again and enjoy the wonderful history that led up to this Altador Cup X!

TNT, I love jubjubs! In fact I have 14 jubbies! :) I was so excited for JubJub day because that meant there would be more colors! I saw that you released the Zombie Jubjub Morphing Potion! I was so excited! When I went to the Rainbow Pool to see what a Zombie Jubjub looks, it wasn't there :( Can you show me what a Zombie Jubjub looks like? ~ wrangler_05
Sorry about that, we got a little too excited and put out the potion, but forgot how long it takes the undead to make it all the way to the Rainbow Pool! It’s on its way, and we’ll be sure to let you know when they finally make it there.

In today's new features, you said that Fyora's favorite color is purple. According to the Faerie Crossword, her favorite color is pink. Which is correct? ~ spongebubbles86
Both of course! Fyora considers her life far too colourful to choose only one!


Howdy guys! Just wanted to say, I know you guys have received a lot of complaint type things, on your facebook and twitter etc. I want to start with how amazing a certain person was for answering my ticket so quickly and being so nice! But I also just wanted to say that I think you're ALL doing an amazing job! It's probably really hard to take over a site with such a strong/amazing/FABULOUS fanbase.. You guys are fab and I'm sure whatever you have in store for the site is going to be amazing! I've been on this site for abbout 10 years and I've never been bored or run out of things to do! Again, thank you guys for keeping everything interesting and amazing! Have some cookies! ~Pudchester

TNT, could we PLEASE end this editorial with mr. coconut? I hear he's getting lonely. ~ wildmage_of_galla


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