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Oh no! I've run out of custom slots for dailies in my Premium Toolbar. Can you please add icons and links for the newer dailies, such as Grave Danger, The Coincidence, and now Kiko Pop? Thank you! ;) ~bluelilacia
Yes, yes we can. *waves hands* Ta-da!

If you enter your 'pet in the Customization Spotlight, but then zap it a different colour / species, does your entry stay the same or does it change to reflect your Neopet's new look? I guess this goes the same for changing any customization post-entering, as well. Thanks! Please remove my username. ~username removed
When you enter, it posts the image of your Neopet the way it is currently dressed. Any other alterations that you make to your Neopet after that point will not alter it in the Customization Spotlight.

Can you settle the debate? Were Ixi designed to be closer to deer or goats? Thanks. ~ryac
We contacted the original artist, and she had deer in mind when creating the Ixi. :)

I was just curious: did the font size or font type change around the site? It just looks... different... and I can't figure out why. ~smilie99
We believe it's most likely due to a Chrome update, and not something that we can fix on our end. (Chrome 37 now uses your computer's DPI settings.) However, if you're experiencing this and not using Chrome, please send us information such as what browser and version number you are using.

Hey, TNT and Editorial team! This week I'm hitting you with another amazing question! *pats herself on the back* Is the Unsettling Fan Made Artwork of Lyvon Cibaire really fan art, or is this something one of the folks from the art team pulled out from MS paint? ~peterzezima
That was the work of one of our skilled artists attempting to not be skilled.

Hey, TNT. Are we allowed to play games and earn Neopoints and items on side accounts as long as they are played separately and nothing is transferred over? ~kayc_9384
Nope. You would still be bringing additional Neopoints and items into the economy. Please limit yourself to games and dailies on a single account.

Hello, TNT. *tosses biscuits* I just wanted to say that I find it hilarious that Mika and Carassa have been in the process of "moving out" for years. Not that I'm complaining, as a garage sale frequenter. ~illydryl
They weren't kidding when they said they had a lot of stuff to sell.

Okay, so this is something that's bugged me for a while. In [Chapter Two] of The Faeries' Ruin, there's a couple of weird Petpets I don't recognize. One appears to be a Faerie Wibreth with odd colors and the other might be a Floobix? Are they real Petpets or just made-up critters? ~microfilariae
They're all real! :)

From left to right, top to bottom, they are:
Faerie Wibreth, Faerie Whoot, and Faellie.

There are no truly good Hissi characters. Many are not sure, as Layton Vickles has never interacted with another Neopet in a good way, plus Kastraliss (the Deserted Tomb monster) and Echo are essentially evil. Just because they look like snakes doesn't mean you can't have good Hissi characters. So, please make something like an adorable baby Hissi character or a Hissi Defender of Neopia. Do something that brings some positive points to the Hissi! We'd be very pleasssed by it. By the way, you ORANGE HISSI! *magically turns all of you into orange Hissi since you get turned into rocks when people say you rock* ~alli_draggy
Oh, don't be ridiculous. Of course there's Hissi that aren't evil / evil-looking. Why, just look at... uh... ahem. *clears throat* Right. Noted.

Hi, TNT. I was just wondering why the option "give to ... pet" is not available when I try to equip my Checkered Symol to my Lupe? It's not that he WON'T take it, it's just that the option is literally not there. The Checkered Symol has the same actions as an Old Rotten Boot. Please help! :( ~s8r_chick911
Well, that's no good! We've fixed it now. Go ahead and try again.

Dear TNT,
I've been trying off and on for a while to get a Petpetpet to attach to one of my Petpets with no luck. I know you said in a previous Editorial that the name of a Neopet or Petpet shouldn't have any effect on whether a Petpetpet is willing to attach, but could the Petpet's species have an effect? I ask because I'm trying to attach a Draphly to a Pawkeet, both of which have seven letters. Also, would you consider making an NC item to force a P3 to attach to your active Neopet's Petpet? I feel like that would go under the time saver NC item banner. ~pikakeet

It just sounds like you've been having incredibly bad luck. There's nothing that would stop a Petpetpet from (eventually) jumping onto a Petpet. (This may be too obvious, but make sure it's not listed in Auctions or anything.) The NC idea is interesting, but we're not sure there would be enough interest. We'll pass your idea on to our NC Department, though.

Before Fruit Machine was updated, there used to be a Blumaroo. Now there is a Lupe. What happened to the Blumaroo? ~brynchilla
He quit. Standing in the hot sun with a card as a tourist attraction just wasn't worth the Neopoints anymore.

Hi! I've been receiving the Random Event, "Ohhh, how cute. It seems one of your Petpets has got a Petpetpet in its mouth. Wait a minute, that's just a leg!" frequently, about 10 times in the past month or so. Is it glitched, or do we not get Petpetpets from Random Events anymore? :( ~musicpops
Nope, it's just a more frequent RE than the one that gives an actual P3 and not just... a leg of one. Ewww.

Hi, TNT. I was wondering: are Rufus and the Rock Pool Shopkeeper the same Neopet? If not, then what is the Rock Pool Shopkeeper's name? ~kaioti
Yep, that's Rufus. :) He's quite the Aquatic Petpet enthusiast.

If you ever want to have an incredibly long and boring discussion
about the sleeping habits of Ghoti, then Rufus is your Kougra!


Thanks! We'll take your word for it about the sparkles and use our imagination! :D

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