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Uh, where is everyone?
It seems they've left on holiday.
Great, and I guess they just expect us to cover their slack?
That does seem to be the case.
They'll likely regret it when they read this on Monday.
Oh, I have no doubts about that.

Let's get on with it.

TNT, did you know it's been more than two years since a new Petpetpet has been discovered? I think you should send an artist at headquarters on a quest to find some more! ~silly_mistake

So... they actually want more pests?

Apparently having mites is all the rage these days.

Let's see... vampyrechic wrote:

Are all mediums welcome in the Art Gallery? Obviously drawings and digital art are the norm, but what about things like perler art, papercraft, and cross stitching?

From my understanding, all forms of visual art are welcome to be submitted to the Art Gallery.

Though, for the sake of retaining our lunches, please limit your submissions of toenail clipping art.
Is that actually a thing?
It is now.
*sigh* Next.

Sometimes I think TNT is intentionally trolling its users. In last week's Editorial, you guys were sent a question about the grammar in the auctions Neomails, and in the response you gave there was a grammar error. Well played, TNT. Well played. ~monkeyshine4616

I heard about that. Apparently the typo was so hysterical in the context of the question that the editor left it in.
I thought I heard a disturbing amount of giggling last Friday.
Any amount of giggling is disturbing to you.
Hence my unease.

Next question.

Wait, if there's a university, then will we be able to send our Neopets there? I'd love to have my Neopets major in various degrees. ~pixpark23

There is a university. Unfortunately, your Neopet has to complete Neoschool in order to obtain admittance.

That was just a low blow.
That's what they get for making us do another Editorial.

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