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Is it possible to win a birthday Petpet from the Wishing Well? I want to make sure I'm not wishing in vain. :) (My gallery needs those delicio--err, cute Petpets!) ~antzie
No. The Wishing Well isn't capable of awarding such rare Petpets. You can get them either from the Petpet Lab Ray or the Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag that restocks in the toy store. It will restock there for at least a year, so don't panic. We still haven't decided if we will retire it or not, as they became far more popular than we ever could have guessed!

P.S.: The Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag that can possibly contain the birthday Petpets is something the Wishing Well can grant, though! ;) In fact, it seems it's currently the #1 wish!

Hi, I was delighted to see the new strawberry Chia color. I've been thinking for years, "Other 'pets can be painted a fruity color, but why not the Chia, which is known for fruit and vegetable colors?" I like the strawberry Chia's vibrant colors. I was thinking: if someone used a Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush on his or her Chia, would it work, or is the Magical Strawberry Chia Pop needed? Of course, there's the Lab Ray / Fountain Faerie, because magical Chia pops are EXPENSIVE. Anyway, great work! ~_brainchild_
The strawberry Chia can be painted by either feeding it a Magical Strawberry Chia Pop OR painting it with the Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush. Hooray! We felt it odd that a fruit Chia wouldn't have a pop, so we made one, but we also felt it'd be silly to have a strawberry Chia that couldn't be painted with the strawberry paint brush, so you guys got both. :)

*throws Meepit* Hey, TNT. Don't you think it should be a rule that everyone lists their accounts on all of their User Lookups? Please remove my username. ~username removed
Nope! As long as players aren't using their side accounts for nefarious reasons, then they are more than welcome to their privacy on side accounts.

I thought it was hilarious that you included a lot of Happy Thoughts and the end of the Editorial after someone mentioned that they hated them. You know what I hate, though? The Jazan and Hanso Editorials. Yeah, those are just the worst. ~redlux
Hahaha, nice try! ;) There were more than usual because of our birthday week, not because of spite! We usually get a lot of Happy Thoughts around this time of year, rather like birthday cards! Though equal numbers of you cheered / chastised our response, we would like to clarify that Happy Thoughts in no way replaces Editorial content. It's just comments that we gather as we're reading through your questions and then tack on to the end once the Editorial is complete. It really is just an optional thing for players to read or skip if they'd like.

What happens when a Petpet is in Grave Danger and the Neopet gets transferred before it returns? ~ummagine3284
A Neopet whose Petpet is braving the dangerous catacombs would be far too nervous to venture away from their beloved Petpet. If you're planning on relocating your Neopet, you'll need to avoid putting their Petpet in Grave Danger, or wait until the Petpet returns before your Neopet can leave.

Beware all ye Neopet traders who enter here.

If you have a Krawk Petpet, paint it, then have it turn into a Krawk Neopet, would it keep the painted color, or would it change into a basic color? Also, that last Editorial made me curious as to what the Desert Abominable Snowball looked like, even though I could guess. I'm sorry to say that I laughed... really hard. ~whistlewind_wolf
We can't help but crack a smile every time we see it, too. ;) As for the Krawk Petpet, it will retain its colour when it changes into a Neopet Krawk, so take advantage of the (usually) cheaper paint brushes before taking it to the Fungus Cave!

Hey, TNT. I was wondering if you've ever considered adding a messenger feature to the web site. While I do enjoy Neomailing my friends, it can get tedious with the back and forth. ~chatterboxchic
We do consider it from time to time, but it's not something widely requested, and monitoring it quickly enough to make sure players aren't receiving inappropriate messages or being scammed would be quite difficult, in addition to other issues.

As you probably know, there are a small number of Neopets that have negative stats and 0 height and 0 weight, which came from a glitch in the old Neopet creation system. In a previous Editorial you mentioned that glitch 'pets were okay to trade as long as the receiver is aware the Neopet may be fixed (that was in reference to the unknown Grundos). I would like to know what your official stance is on negative-statted Neopets; they've been around for years, but they offer no advantage to anything (you can't go into the Battledome with them), so they are essentially harmless. Will you be keeping these unique 'pets as they are for the foreseeable future? I really love my negative-statted Neopet. Please remove my username. ~username removed
As they are glitched Neopets, they could be fixed at any point from five minutes from now to 10 years. We recommend not valuing Neopets for such bugged stats, especially among players who choose to trade Neopets.

Is this a mistake or glitch? I read on the boards that the Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag is No Trade. It is not NC. It is available in the Toy Shop. It is a regular item. Why is it No Trade? ~nashie363comesback
It looks like it accidentally got flagged as No Trade during the item creation process. We've lifted the flag so it is now tradable. Thanks for letting us know!

Please rush to the Trading Post
in a calm and orderly mann--AUGH!

I don't think we give enough credit to neopets.com/joke. Let's just give it a shout out. So, we've all heard it before, but it still makes me laugh. You guys are always looking for new ways to keep us entertained. You rock! *throws balloons* Also, happy birthday! ~butterfly7672
Wow, that joke's really old. We can't believe it's sti--MOOOOO!!!

Last week you said that using apostrophes in item descriptions would make the site go all breaky. Why not use proper English and write "can not" instead of "cant" (can't)? ~neoknight_xvi
We occasionally do, though sometimes it seems a bit too formal if the rest of the description is more colloquial in tone.

Can you make a guide for how to return Petpets to their original colors? I know you've stated in the past that painting them with their base color (white, blue, etc.) would return them to their original states, but that instruction is kind of iffy. Plenty of Petpets are equal parts both pink and blue, or yellow and orange. Help? Can you make an actual guide that addresses this issue? Thanks!!! ~indulgences
As we have close to 500 separate species of Petpets, that'd be quite the undertaking, and not something we'd be willing to take time away from new content to provide. Most Petpets are pretty obvious, but we do know that some aren't so much. Even we've had trouble selecting what the base colour should be for a few. Tell you what, though -- if you send to the Editorial a reasonably-sized list (say, no more than 20) of the most questionably coloured standard (unpainted) Petpets, then we'll list what paint brush colour they are in the next Editorial. :) Sound fair?

Another Neopets 7th Birthday Goodie Bag fell into my lap the other day, TNT. Why are there so many of these things? Could you please make it rain Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bags instead? I want a Birthday Kadoatie. *whines incessantly like a Kadoatie* ~9blue_frogs
That would certainly be a more appropriate thing to rain down from the sky, wouldn't it? We've put in a ticket to our programmers to ask them to look into it.

You have time to review questions for the Editorial every week, but take months to even years to answer tickets? What's the deal? ~feeyaface
Support also gets waaaaay more tickets than the Editorial gets questions each week. The department that reads through, organises, and produces the Editorial each week is not trained to deal with Support Tickets or how to use the system, and also have their own duties to perform. There are many different teams working here, and we can't perform tasks from other departments. For example, artists can't help the programmers program, the Content Department isn't capable of providing [serious] legal counsel, and programmers don't have the training or time to help monitor the site.



Being a longtime Neopian, I just wanted to say that I LOVE the new Neopet shields! Just a few more months and I get the Weewoo shield! P.S.: Thanks for all you do! I've been on Neopets since I was 13. I'm 26 now, and I couldn't imagine the high school, college, and now working stage of my life without it! ~lulusoccer

Hi, TNT! While I have played Neopets for many years and have always appreciated the site content, fun wearables, and events to take part in, I never felt compelled to write in until now. My account was recently frozen. It would seem that some evildoers had gained access to my account, and your monitors froze it before any damage could be done. I don't know how you do it, but what I do know is that the fast action of your team kept all of my Neopets and lovely things on my account where they belong! Thank you, TNT, for everything you do! Please remove my username.
~username removed

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEOPETS! I can't believe you're finally 14. You're growing up so FAST! *sniff* ;) I can't even remember when I first got into Neopets, but it was a long time ago, and I've basically grown up around Neopets! Everybody at TNT is awesome, and I hope you stay that way, because if not, then I have a brick that needs to be thrown. So, here's to another EPIC year! ~tacgnol83

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