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Say someone reported a user for cheating in the Random Contest after they had already been awarded their, uh, awards? What then? Please remove my username. ~username removed
If the player was, indeed, cheating, then they would be stripped of their trophy and prizes and be issued a warning.

In last week's Editorial (Issue 563), one person had two questions / comments published in the Editorial section. I thought you had made it clear that you could only be published once a week, not twice? Was this a mistake, or have the rules changed? ~kdogmdog
We don't recall ever making that distinction for the Editorial. The Ed is separate from The Neopian Times, which does have that restriction. There's no reward for getting into the Editorial, so there's really no reason to limit it.

Does the button in the Hall of Heroes even DO anything? I ask because I have a hunch that it does. That's how all buttons are, anyway. ~tacgnol83
Hmm... perhaps you should visit Finneus in the Altadorian Archives. Maybe he can shed some light on why the button doesn't work...

Hey Neostaff, I was wondering about this new Dimensional Paint Brush, as well as Dimensional Neopets. What exactly does this paint brush mean by "dimensional"? How is that Skeith "dimensional," for whatever definition "dimensional" has? ~kaljinyu
Such a strange colour could only come from another dimension!

I've really loved the idea of the Fan Site Showcase, but have been curious as to why there haven't been any new sites added beyond the original three! Are there just no good submissions yet, or has it fallen through the cracks? ~dan4884
Nope, not at all! We definitely haven't forgotten. :) We have the first batch of new sites currently going through the approval process and it should be added to the Community Hub early next week. (That process is pretty rigorous, so it takes a while!) Also, there are currently some great sites in the queue that we've already started looking at for the second batch. So, fan site owners, keep submitting!

*throws some chocolate and marshmallow covered Lupe treats* I'm a little upset. I was wondering if you could help me. My poor little Neopet wants a different Petpet (he isn't happy with the current one). However, I have recently discovered that my current Petpet will lose his Mootix. :( Is there a way to transfer the Mootix to the next Petpet? ~roadyboy2
Sorry, once your Petpet gets a Petpetpet, it's impossible to remove or retrieve it from the Petpet. Perhaps you can try your luck with the Petpet Lab Ray to see if your Neopet will be appeased?

So, I think I remember it being stated earlier that grey faeries lost their powers because they lost their wings, and that a faerie's powers are mainly in their wings. Water faeries don't have wings, though, so is it possible for them to become grey faeries? Also, what gives them their powers? ~flapdragoning
It's in their tail flippers. They're like... wings for water.

So magical!

Please keep this anonymous... *teary eyes* anyhow, are you allowed to report someone because you don't like them? ~username removed
Absolutely not. You may only report someone for breaking site rules, not out of spite or because you dislike them. Reporting someone falsely can get you a warning yourself.

Hi, TNT! A number of users recently got their Habitariums mysteriously wiped. I know you guys are working on it, but I was wondering, would it be okay to just... keep playing and rebuild, or do I need to wait for a solution? ~breakingchains
If you'd like to keep playing, please do. The way that Habitarium was built by the vendor prevents us from rolling back the small number of people that were affected by the glitch without also affecting everyone else, so majority rules in this case. (It's lame but true.) Unfortunately, rebuilding is the only option. We have separate NC records, though, so if you lost any ink bottles due to buildings being removed, please write in to Support to get them back! (All of your other permanent NC items should be intact.)

Last week you said we could have a Site Spotlight submission that is spread across multiple Petpages. Is that the same for Gallery Spotlight submissions, too? I ask because parts of my Gallery are on my side rather than everything being in one place. ~ummagine3284
It would really depend on how it was all set up. If it works well for the Gallery, then we'd consider the submission.

Whose Poogle did you end the last Editorial with? ;D Just curious. P.S.: I'm an HP fan, too! ;3; ~gorubeza
Nobody's. We have an admin tool that we can use to dress up any colour / species of Neopet. That's how we create the images for New Features and test wearables. :)

Hey TNT, I was looking through a lot of images and items based on King Skarl, and I noticed that he doesn't have any wings. I found this kinda weird since Hagan has his wings very visible in every image of himself. Does he hide them underneath his robes or did... something happen to them? Anyway, here's a Skarl Fruit for your troubles. ~positiveopinions
He has wings, they're just often tucked behind his back. If they're completely missing, it's likely just an art error. He does have them. :) Of course, they're pretty useless...

He prefers to describe them as "decorative."

Please be aware that we are receiving increasing reports of items being stolen while lending. It's our current policy not to return items that have been lost in this fashion (though the scammer will, of course, be frozen). Please keep this in mind while lending. If you decide to lend, protect yourself with full collateral, and use your best judgement. Lending is done at your own risk.


Hi, TNT! ^-^ I just have to say that I love Neopets. :) I've been on Neo since 2007, and I love everything you all have done since then! I love all of your ideas, and I just have to say that Neo is probably the most fun site in the world. :) Thank you for making this site. I've met such nice friends over the years, and I love each one of my friends a lot (and you too, TNT). :) I'll continue to play Neo for many more years, so keep up the great work. ^-^ I can't wait to see what you guys think of next! *gives you all and my Neofriends a big hug* c: Thank you, TNT, and my Neofriends for making me feel special! ~rebeccansb

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