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Since the Site Spotlight has returned to the site, is there any chance that Neovision will return sometime in the near future? ~regretts
Eh, we don't want to absolutely say no because you never know what the future holds, but there are no plans for it, and we'd consider it highly doubtful.

Hi, TNT. I have a question regarding the Qasalan Expellibox. On its page, it states that it can only be played once a day; however, you are actually able to deposit a scarab once every eight hours. I would hate to get in trouble for playing multiple times a day if it is against the rules, so could you please clarify this for me? Thank you! ~shamroxrum
It looks like the text is wrong. You won't get in trouble, and we'll update the text to reflect the actual number of times you can play per day.

Hi, TNT! So, anyway... I'm aware that you can't play games or do dailies on side accounts that get you Neopoints and / or items. Does the Soup Kitchen count as a daily, though? I mean, is it allowed on side accounts? I ask because it doesn't give out items, but it feeds your Neopets. Please answer, since I've been doing it and I don't want to put my account at risk. I'd just like to be sure. (If the answer is no, I promise I won't do it again.) Thanks! (Please remove my username.) ~username removed
The Soup Kitchen doesn't award any items or Neopoints, and therefore it is fine to visit on side accounts. Go forth, and feed those hungry Neopets. :)

First of all, thank you for bringing back the Site Spotlight. It is one of my favorite things to look at each week! My question is: if someone won before, could you please make it so they can win again? I have worked hard on a completely different page on a completely different Neopet. I'd love to get it spotlighted! The submission form won't work for me, though. ~x_seabee_x
We're clearing the slate for anyone who'd won prior to bringing it back, so you can win again. If you've already won before, however, be aware that we do judge future entries more harshly, as we do give preference to players who have not won before.

Will we be getting more Battledome avatars (or another reward system, or a war...) any time soon? Battling is the most expensive thing to do on Neopets, but there isn't much payoff. ~sovietspace

I have a question. Is Krawley a hunchback or overweight? I thought he was a hunchback and my Mom (who knows about Neopets) came up behind me when I was reading the Tale of Woe comic and said, "That's one chubby Krawk." Ten minute argument later, here I am at the Editorial submission page. Also, will we be seeing more of this elusive Krawk? He's one of my favorite characters, and from a plot that happened before I began my three year time on Neopia. ~blackiebelle
The bizarre arguments people have over Neopet characters never cease to amaze us. To answer your question, he's not overweight; he just has a combination of very bad posture and a really heavy coat. And who knows when or if we'll see him again. He's a pretty sneaky fellow!

I have this wonderful potion you just have to try...

Hi, TNT! You're awesome. I wanted to compliment you on the Eventide Paint Brush -- I LOVE IT! Anyway, I'm very bad at CSS. Would it be allowed if I asked someone else to do it for me? I know you can't pay real money for Petpages and such, but what about Neopoints? ~catlovergriffindor
No, you can't pay someone with virtual items or currency either. The only thing you can exchange is your gratitude. Also, there are plenty of Petpages that have premade code for you to use (just check out this past week's Site Spotlight winner). :)

What happens if I log in on a computer, forget to log out, and then log in on another computer or browser? Will I get in trouble? D: ~stripes_chowder
Nooope. Just remember to always log out if you're using a public computer (or if your siblings or family members are prone to shenanigans).

Dear TNT,
I have this cute girl Kiko my sister gave me. She happens to have a Customization Spotlight trophy. Is there a way I can look at the outfit she wore to win the trophy?~mofuzzybear25

Hmm... unfortunately, no. The winners of the Custom Spotlight only display back a few weeks. There could be a Petpage out there that keeps track of the winners, but we're not aware of it. If there is, send us the link to the Editorial! We'd love to see it. :)

P.S.: If it's a first place trophy, the image would be saved in New Features.

Hello, TNT! *hands you island-themed cookies* I was wondering if you guys have ever thought about adding timestamps to the trades in the Trading Post? I think it would be extremely helpful to know when the user was last online, or how long a trade had been in there. Just the date and time created down in the bottom of the trade or something would be so nice! Even when you offer, a timestamp could be added or something. Just a suggestion! *crosses fingers* ~reconnection
We really like that idea and will look into it. :)

Why are they called Earth Faeries if they don't even live on Earth? ~tree531
Uhhh... we'll let Comastar answer this question!

Comastar: Uh... um... because they're "earth" faeries, not "Earth" faeries?

Thank you for that wonderfully clarifying answer!

I saw in last week's Editorial that you would be bringing the Site Spotlight back, and that's awesome! I was so dismayed when you guys took it down. Anyway, I want to start working on mine right now so that I can hopefully put something together for the first one. Could you please give us the rules? Also, are the Site Spotlights only for informative Petpages, or can they be for creative pages as well, such as a page dedicated to a Neopets character with a story and all that jazz? ~elegysanft
Anything goes! Game guides, pages dedicated to your Neopet, adoptables, it's all welcome! The more creative the better! :) We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Dearest TNT,
I beg of you: we need a coonskin (or, shall I say, Dandan-skin) cap wearable item for all of those adventurous Neopets out there. I can assure you that all of Neopia would benefit greatly from this addition. ~_couch_puncher_

Ohhh, hmmm... we'll put that on our idea list! (Just don't tell the PPL.)

Hello, TNT. *hands you Rainier cherries* I have a super important question: what kind of skin texture do Grundos have? Are they scaly? Furry? Slimy? Weird like hairless cats, or something completely different... like the squishy stickiness of marshmallows? Thanks. :D ~emissary_of_justice
They're pretty soft, but certainly not marshmallow soft. Their skin is slightly firmer than your own, but smooth as a newborn's bottom!

I demand that this Editorial end with the weirdest image you can find. ~jakynar
As always, we do our best to please.

Greetings. We have come to steal your cucumbers.


I've been on Neopets for so long. Well, not as long as the people who have been on since the very beginning. I've played since 3rd grade and I'm going to 8th grade for the 2012-2013 school year. Neo is pretty much the reason I love writing, drawing, and reading. x) I've been on so many sites since 3rd grade, but Neo is pretty much the only one I have stuck with and not quit. It seems like yesterday when my friend showed me Neo. Him and me are no longer friends, but yet, I still play. I just wanted to say thank you, TNT, for everything, and I hope that I'll continue playing no matter what. c: So, once more, thank you. I don't think I'll ever be able to say thank you enough. xD ~poopierpoop

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