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How is the JubJub in JubJub Power Bounce a JubJub, unless you shaved it and took its feet off? D: Please remove my username; I need to keep anonymous. *shifty eyes* ~username removed
It's not actually a real JubJub. It's basically one of those bouncy balls you get from a bubble gum machine painted with JubJub eyes. So, you're not actually launching a shaved, legless JubJub and bouncing it off things, don't worry.

Hey TNT, I was just wondering... say you booked all four of your Neopets in the Neolodge for 28 days at the AstroVilla, including all of the extras. Exactly how much would this cost? Pssst... spoons are shinyyyyyy. ~smilie99
So are strawberries and spaceships! As to your question, though, the answer is 62,720 NP a month for lodging all four Neopets at the AstroVilla with all of the amenities.

The new 8-bit potion looks very snazzy, but it poses a serious question: is it 8-bitified, 8-bitulated, 8-bitted, 8-bitterisaioned, pixelated, or something else? ~codswobble
We took a look at the potion's description, and it says, "One use only: Turn your Neopet 8-Bit! WARNING: Not all species are available in 8-Bit." So, it looks like we dodged that question. We guess we'll let the Neopian community figure this one out. May the most popular one win!

Hey there, TNT. *throws high quality air at you* I've got a question for the Editor of this paper. When someone sends an article or Editorial question to you, do you check spelling and grammar before it gets published? If so, do you do that for the Poetry and / or Storytelling Contest? Please do not end this edition of the paper with Dr. Sloth, unless you want me to sic the Meepits on you. *shifty eyes* ~diamondsableye_8
Yes, we spell and grammar check just about any user submitted material before putting it up on the site. Because, really, who wants to read anything possibly riddled with spelling errors and text speak?

Dear TNT,
How should I go about grooming my moustache? ~ppatlin

Well, we suppose you should first stop by the Grooming Parlour. They have a wide variety of grooming utensils, as well as a comb in every shape and size imaginable. If you're there on a Saturday, ask to talk to Judy. She's quite knowledgeable in the area of grooming moustaches, and can point you in the right direction. Careful, though -- she's quite the sales Neopet, and you'll likely be heading home with moustache conditioner, tweezers, cologne, and several other bottles of fragrant liquids in addition to a comb for your fine moustache. Good luck, and we hope we've sufficiently answered your question!

Here in Neopia, we appreciate a fine moustache.

If someone gets a Draik Egg (lucky them!) and has a Lutari with a great name, can they put the Lutari in the Pound and create a Draik with the same name? ~boy_of_slytherin
No. The Lutari will run away, but it won't cease to exist. The name would not be available for the Draik. We recommend that the lucky hypothetical person go to the Trading Post and see if they could trade their Draik Egg for a Draik Morphing Potion to use on the Lutari.

Last week, there were TWO Lutari images in the Editorial. Which staff member got a Lutari? There are Lutari images popping up all over the place! Mainly starting with Day One of the Advent Calendar, then followed by the December premium card, the Dream Pet Giveaway, in the Winter Celebration map, and then the Autumn Trumpet wearable news picture... so, which staff member got a Lutari? I LOVE YOU, LUTARI-OBSESSED STAFF MEMBER! ~sball_blondie


Firstly, I just wanted to say thanks for the website. :) It's been part of my life for going on 12 years now! I'm serving in my country's military right now and I get teased because I still play, but I don't care. I've made some really awesome friends here, learned how to write well, and picked up on some math skills, too, from some of your earlier games. Thanks in large part to you all, I am who I am today! I was curious: do you intend to release more maractite Neopets this year? Also, if you are, might Lupes happen to be on that list of to-be-maractite Neopets by any chance? Gotta admit, my Lupe would look rather wicked in that colour. :D ~sick_psycho
*salutes* Thank you for your service and for your kind words. We always love to hear how Neopets has benefited our players. :) We've put in a special request with our Content Department for some maractite love come Lupe Day. :)

Hiya, TNT! When someone voluntarily freezes their account (for whatever reason), what happens to the Neopets on that account? (Please remove my username.) Thanks! ~username removed
The Neopets will remain in the account until the owner either decides that they'd like the account unfrozen or until the account is eventually purged. If you're concerned about your Neopets, but are planning on self-freezing, you can either place them in the Pound for adoption or send them to another player that would like to take care of them. :)

Hey, guys! Could you end this Editorial with a Zafara holding a heart? Love ya, y'all!!! :* ~genran47
Since Dragona is our resident Zafara fan, we asked her if she wouldn't mind providing the image. :)


A mistake we won't be making again, we assure you.

"Seriously, I think there's something wrong with her."

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