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Hey, TNT! I'm really loving the Advent Calendar this year, as I do every year. I was just wondering: out of pure curiosity, how far in advance do you start preparing for the Advent Calendar as far as the wearable items that are issued? There are a lot of Neopian body types that these wearables need to accommodate, as you already know. :P Happy festive season. :) ~jax_beth
We actually start planning the Advent Calendar in the summer, as it takes a very long time to work everything out. We do, however, leave space for ideas from the latter half of the year so that we can make references to events that happen during that particular year. As far as the wearables, our artists generally start drawing Advent Calendar stuff around September, and they are often drawn alongside the corresponding animation.

Just a quick one, TNT. Hopefully you can clear this up: are people allowed to get the Wishing Well avatar on their sides, or is it to be classed as "multi-accounting," as technically you could win the item you wish for on multiple accounts, giving you an unfair advantage? If you could clear this up so people don't get iced, I'm sure they'd love you forever. ~bazzingah
We've considered it and decided that getting the Wishing Well avatar on multiple accounts is fine.

Could you pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please make some maractite shopkeepers? ~bittersweetmemry
Sure, sure, sure. :) We've already scheduled a lot of upcoming daily content, so it might take a couple of months, but you'll get them. :)

So, I heard that the Wishing Well avatar solution has been discovered! Are you guys going to miss getting a bazillion questions about it every week? *innocent smile* ~jellybeanpony
Apparently not, as we're still getting questions sent in asking for the solution!

So, I noticed on New Features that Bruce Day was late this year, falling on December 6th. Therefore, when December 6th came around, I went over to get my free Battledome training from Cap'n Threelegs... and he wanted me to pay! So, was the free Battledome training on December 5th, even though you announced that Bruce Day was on December 6th this year? I'm so confused, TNT. Please help!!! ~amysmother_8
For the purposes of free training, please always use the official calendar as a guide. Free training will always be on the date that is listed there. The news page date is only when we release new colours and items for any given Neopet's day.

This picture has nothing to do with the previous question.
It was just cute.

I know that you can't paint zapped Petpets, but let's say I bought a plain Krawk Petpet. Could I paint it with a Plushie Petpet Paint Brush and then take it to the Fungus Caves for a plushie Krawk Neopet? I'm just curious, and the boards didn't have a straight answer for me. Could you remove my username? ~usename removed
Yes, if you take a Krawk Petpet to the Fungus Caves to become a Krawk Neopet, then whatever colour the Petpet is painted is the colour that the Krawk Neopet will become.

If the Snowager is in hibernation, then what's stopping us from taking all of the treasure? ~ndfaerie
Aside from your sense of fair play, you mean? ;) Actually, a lot of his stuff is frozen into one nearly-solid mass. To take all of it would require quite a few ice picks and a lot more noise than most Neopians are willing to risk, even around a hibernating Snowager.

Hey TNT, I've seen a lot of Petpages where people put their artwork. My artwork is tattooing. I would love to put pictures of my work on a Petpage. Is this allowed as long as it's a picture of the tattoo only and is in an appropriate area? I asked around the boards and some said yes (as long as no faces were showing), while there were others who said no (because a tattoo is identifying). You'd make me really happy if you said this was allowed. Merry Christmas! ~xemeraldxxeyesx
As long as it's Neopets-friendly imagery, in an appropriate spot, and the face isn't visible, we think it's fine. Especially if it's Neopets-themed!

Hi, TNT! *throws gingerbread cookies* I was wondering if it was a-okay to enter the Gallery Spotlight on side accounts? Thanks! *hugs everyone* ~jakynar
We seem to recall saying that this was okay in the past just due to the nature of the spotlight, so it's fine. If you want your main account to be credited with the win, though, then please put a note in your Gallery description.

542 days. It took 542 days to figure out the Wishing Well avatar. That's 1 year, 5 months, and 42 days. Are you glad you don't have to read thousands of questions sent here on how to get it? Though, I suppose you're now probably getting asked why [you chose that number]... ~perduco
Indeed, we've gotten several questions regarding the significance of the Wishing Well NP amount. We asked Dragona what her inspiration was, and this was her response:

"Well, I came up with the idea for the avatar after thinking of various different ways to remove excess Neopoints from the economy. I figured players would either start at 1 or 99,999 and work their way up or down, therefore I decided to go for a middle range number. So, I carefully typed in the first digit... then repeatedly smashed my face against my numpad until I had four more. No, I'm not kidding."

We, uh... what? o.O Oookaaaay.


As good of an Editorial ending as we're gonna get, we suppose.


So, this will be my 10th Christmas with Neopets. I've moved four times since I started; introduced Neopets to my husband, two stepkids, and now I even help my three year old son play on his own account! (By the way, he wants you to know that Hasee Bounce is THE BEST game and it's the epitome of hilarity when the Hasees eat the piles of dung.) My daughter (two) is going to love it, too, I just know it. I've visited the Advent Calendar at least once each year, even when I wasn't playing much. I've participated in many plots, and they always capture my attention... and end up too smart for me, driving me toward the communities that have sprung up around you. You guys have given me some great friends, great memories, and a familiar place that I can return to even when life changes like crazy. This time of year seems like the right time to say thanks. So... thanks :) *heart* ~ethuilathelas

Hey, TNT. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a wonderful time on Neopets. This year, Christmas Eve will mark my nine year anniversary as a Neopian. I've been here throughout all of the changes -- the introduction of the NC Mall, the plots, the Neoboards, and the wonderful ideas on which you guys work so hard to make this site what it is today. I love Neopets, and now that I can consider myself an adult player, I still can't see myself leaving anytime soon. Seriously, you guys are awesome. Keep up the good work, and happy holidays. (: ~jeizun

The Rod of Supernova prank never gets old. Yes, I giggled, just like I do every year. Don't ever change, guys. ~hollycat

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