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Hello TNT, is there any certain reason why we have to have four side accounts if we want to have up to 20 Neopets? I thought it might be easier if we could use our main account as the only account we have and use, but have all of our Neopets there instead. I've already often read the, "Oh, I hadn't noticed that I was on my side account," stuff on the boards and thought it would actually help some users. To be honest, it would also just be neat if we could have our family all together. :D (If possible, could you leave out my username? Thank you!) ~username removed
We think that we like the system we have now with regard to Neopet population per account. We think having twenty Neopets on a single account would be pretty overwhelming. You know, all of them clamouring at once to be fed, groomed, or given something to play with? Oh, and twenty of them demanding fancy new clothes and paint brush colours. It's enough to drive anyone a little insane. So yes, we think we'll keep things the way they are for now.

Many times I see boards like: "Buy a treasure map [all 9 'Piece of a Treasure Map' pieces] and have a chance to win a Draik egg!" I never seem to EVER see somebody win any Draik eggs, though. Is it even possible to win one? Thanks. :) ~neoneoawesome
Possible, yes. Probable? Not so much. Completing the original treasure map does give you a one-time reward of roughly 10,000 NP and several items over rarity 60, which can include Draik eggs. It is an extreme gamble, however, and you're probably better off just directly saving up for a Draik, as taking your chances with a treasure map can leave you poor quickly.

Hi, TNT! *offers Beetroots* Why do normal Beetroots and Organic Beetroots look the same? Do they have any differences at all? ~elppas
The organic ones don't have pesticides on them and, therefore, cost twice as much! :D

Hello. I was wondering about certain websites that you can go to and buy Neopoints using real money. [Discusses the process more in-depth]. Is this against the rules? I would like to know because I might buy some and if my account gets frozen I'd be really, really upset. ~ferinthia
We cannot even begin to express how much against the rules this is. Anyone found to be buying or selling Neopoints for real money will have all their accounts frozen. We can assure you it is a spectacular waste of money as it will all be lost when your account is frozen. Also, keep in mind that this is more than likely "dirty money." The Neopoints you buy are the ones that have been stolen from your friends and other people trying to enjoy the game. Buying Neopoints hurts everyone, so please, just play fair.

Hi, TNT. Don't you think it's time that the prize structure for some of the old games to get a bit of a revamp? I'm sure the prizes for games like Dice-A-Roo used to be something awesome, but these days it's hardly worth playing for, due to the economy. Is there any chance of making the old games more rewarding to stop them from being left in the shadows? Thanks. ^.^ ~frichikinisha
We are still planning on doing this, as we mentioned around the new year. We just need to shift some projects around to free up some poor sap to do this. :D

Congratulations, you just won 2 Neopoints!
(Yeah, it's a little outdated.)

Hello, TNT! *tosses cookies* I know that you can't charge for services like coding and images on Neopets, but what if someone was REALLY into their User Lookup theme and hired a professional graphic designer to design / code their User Lookups? Could they get in trouble for this? ~ isa245260
Hmm... we're no Lawyerbot, but anything Neopets-themed would probably be a no-no, as the person you would hire would be making money off of our intellectual property. So yeah, that's a no. :( Sorry!

*waves* So I did a quest for Illusen Day, and she asked for Basic Purple Floor Tiles. I looked them up on the Shop Wizard and nothing came up. I also checked in the Trading Post. Finally, I just plain entered the item name into the search bar and it came up, but it didn't have any links to the Shop Wizard or the shop where it's sold. Is this a bug, or does Illusen just not like me? D: ~ ivywind
Oops. You're not the only person Illusen tripped up on her day by asking for floor tiles. These particular items can be purchased directly at the Neohome Superstore in the Neopia Central Bazaar.

Hey, TNT. I brought cookies, but I ate them while I was waiting. D: I've noticed that the game displayed as the Featured Game is actually a day behind. Today, it says the Featured Game is Petpetsitter, but it's actually Math's Nightmare; yesterday was Petpetsitter. Can you please fix this? Thanks! ~_introit
*stares at empty plate* Q_Q We've gotten a lot of reports regarding this, and will get some hapless programmer to do something about it. Hopefully that something is fixing it. Sometimes, though, they have caffeine jitters and you never know what in the world is gonna happen when those typing fingers start flying.

Can The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity give you a million Neopoints? :O ~chaire
We don't think a poor abandoned plushie has access to such funds. It's a nice thought, though...

He'd be living on a waaay nicer cloud if he did.

Dear TNT, *throws springtime flowers to you* the item Thicket of Flowers shows that it was released in September of 2009, but I have not been able to find any in Galleries, shops, auctions, or on the Trading Post. Is this an item that just wasn't ever released? It's a beautiful item that I would love to have. Thank you for any help you can give. ~ ladymouse04
We checked and it has, indeed, been released. It's just an item of fairly high rarity in a shop that has a wide variety of items restocking in it. It's likely that the ones that do exist are equipped onto Neopets, hence none showing up in trades or Galleries. We wish you the best of luck in locating that elusive item. :)

So I know we're not allowed to post off-site links, yet I was wondering if you would ever think about doing something where, if somebody made a site (say like [fan site] or [fan site], for example), could we mail you so that you could check the link and, if you thought it was fine, we would then be able to post it? I want to know because I want to make a site slightly like [fan site], except it would be for all the people who hang out in the Pound chat (maybe an extension to my adoption agency?). Would you ever consider this in the future? Please remove my username. Thanks! *gives jelly cookies* ~ username removed
Sorry, we can't allow outside links on the boards. Even if we did have time to okay specific links, it would cause confusion as to why some people could post links while others got warned or frozen for it. There are many fan sites that are quality sites that we know are fine for players, but we need to try to remain consistent about links posted on the boards.

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