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Hi, TNT. I was wondering if you could reverse Random Events? I am asking as I had a Darigan Ixi. It took me at least a year to save the 1.5 million Neopoints, but a month later I got a Random Event and she was turned invisible. This has really upset me, and I was wondering if you could reverse the Random Event? Please remove my username. ~username removed
D'oooh! While terribly unfortunate, Random Events are part of the game, for both good and bad. We're very sorry, but we're unable to undo Random Events.

Hi! Sometimes when I look at the comics section of The Neopian Times, I find stuff that I've seen in "real world" comics (if you'll forgive the term). I'm just wondering if this is allowed or not. By the way, I love Faerieland's makeover! ~astridkiyomi
We do not tolerate plagiarism in our creative competitions and always greatly appreciate when players report any plagiarism they may find so that we can take appropriate action.

Let's say you're on a quest or something else that has a time limit. What if Neopets closes down for a while and you can't do anything but play games without sending the score (I got an unbelievable one for Meerca Chase!)? ~lopti925
The timer doesn't stop, as some Neopians who've done Jhudora quests or other similar things have discovered the hard way. D:

Hi, TNT! When and where can you buy Draik eggs? I've been searching all over the place (and some websites, too), but I still can't find a reliable source for when and where they are sold. At least I know they are in Neopia somewhere. Thanks! ~siriusblack16176
Where they are sold is easy enough to answer. Just stop by your friendly neighbourhood Merifoods store next time you are in Meridell. As for when... well, they restock like any other item, so there's no telling when they will appear.

Which Neopian land is the Floobix Petpet associated with? I was lucky enough to zap TeriLynnda's Petpet into a Floobix. Hurray! ~terilynnda
Now there was a lucky zap! The Floobix is a lovely Petpet associated with Lutari Island. As best as we can tell, it's not actually released, so consider yourself very fortunate. :)

I'm a rare tweet for Neopian Petpet watchers!

Hi, all! *passes around roasted beets* I'm sending a happy-but-perplexing question: my cherished Neopet Gizmo's cherished Petpet Doodad just won the PPL. Hooray! The only problem is that my cherished Neopet Gizmo (and her cherished Petpet Doodad) live, at the moment, on my side account. As a result, I have inadvertently earned 12K on said side account. So, my question is: may I transfer the funds to my main? May I keep them on my side account (to fund extravagant parties in the NeoLodge)? Must I donate them to the Money Tree as ill-gotten (though well-deserved) gains? Looking forward to an answer (and another plot step)! Thanks! ~gavismom
Much like Random Events, you have no control over income from the PPL, so you are more than welcome to send it to your main account or leave it on your side account to continue making sure your cherished Neopets are well fed there. :)

Hi there, TNT. I've been playing on Neopets for a little over a month now and I was just wondering why in the world all the quests give rewards that aren't worth the items they ask for? Is this problem the result of a bad economy or a forgotten (but highly needed) tweak with the quests themselves? Thanks! ~hashupa
The quests and their rewards are a part of some aging content on the site, and are definitely in need of an overhaul. We're a bit overwhelmed at the moment with plots and holidays, but once that settles down we'd love to go back and improve some of our older content like that and rebalance some things for the current economy.

Hi, TNT! I was wondering: can other users see my Neofriends? Thanks! ~camj23
No, other players cannot see who you have as your Neofriends.

Is there a pattern to when Sid shows up in the Battledome, or is it random? Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
It's totally random, generally occurring when someone in the office says, "Hey, it's been a while since Sid was in the Battledome. Should we toss him up this afternoon?" Someone then shrugs and says, "Sure." That's how the magic of Neopets happens! The end.

Why does everyone want to beat me up?

Hi, TNT. I'm making a Negg gallery and I was just wondering: how many different types of items with the word "Negg" (not including NC Mall items) in their names are there? ~nativity1213
Let's see... not including NC Mall items, there's about 300 Negg items that have been released.

Will there ever be a board subject about the Lab Map, so that zappers can talk to each other? ~kilvio
As fun as talking about zapping is, we can't really make a board for every subject. Have no fear, though -- players have been making recurring discussion posts on the most appropriate board for years and years now. We think some LDP (Lost Desert Plot) boards still exist to this day x_X;

Edit: Yep, there you are! We see you! OLDPD:// is now on board #4741. Impressive!

Is there a reason why there is no shop with the number 6? ~annaluvstessa

I was just wondering: in Edna's Spooky Surprise, why is the prize for completing the 3 quests (Edna's Tower, Esophagor, and Brain Tree) worth so little? The prize my friend got was worth about 7,000 NP. The quests for the Esophagor alone are usually typically unbuyable. Even if the first one does come out cheap, the odds that the second one will as well are VERY slim. Is there any way that the prize can at least be made worth the effort? The quests are not cheap for something so worthless. ~black_sky17
The prize for completing the quest is a unique item only available through this event. The Neopian economy has decided how much the item was worth, so while we are very sympathetic to how expensive those Esophagor quests can be (trust us, plenty of us here did it too and spent a small fortune), we can't control the value of the unique reward. If you're not pleased with the value of the item, remember that it is Rarity 101, and therefore will likely only increase in value over the years. :) Also, as we stated earlier, we're looking at tweaking the quests a bit to offer a better balance of cost and reward.

Hello, TNT. Just for kicks, does Neopets have a theme song? :D (please remove my username) Thanks! ~username removed
Uhh... sure.

"Yaaay Neopets! We're so awesome!
Yaaay Neopets we have... Flotsams!
We're so very spiffy and nifty!

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