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Hey, TNT. Before I ask my question, I want to thank you guys for the Daily Dare. It's just great! Anyway, I heard a scary rumour that just really irks me. One of the trophies is for beating AAA's score on the release day of every game (which I have done so far). The rumour is that, if you play one of these games at a later date and submit a higher score, the score gets recorded on your AAA chart and resets when your score was submitted, thus eliminating you from contention for the "beat AAA on release day" trophy. As an example, my Meerca Chase II score was submitted on the 6th day of Daily Dare, but I play that game on a daily basis and submit my scores. I did submit a higher score than I had sent for AAA's challenge that day, so does this mean that I am no longer eligible for the trophy that is given out to those who beat AAA's scores at all the games on release day? I know it sounds repetitive, but I am trying to explain the best way possible. Please remove my username, since I feel like a dork already for repeating myself so much in this inquiry. ~[username removed]
The higher scores are recorded, but they won't discount your initial score that was posted for beating AAA on the challenge's release day, in this instance.

I used to have a Lab Ray Neopet called Cybunnie_2_2, and I placed her in the Pound a few years ago. Recently, when I searched to see how she was doing, I saw that she'd been adopted by a user named Pound (pound_release). The strange thing, though, is that when I went to his Pet Lookup, it said that "this user doesn't have any Neopets." Was that an error, or has my Neopet been stuck in the Pound? ~shadow_cat_2003
The account pound_release is an account that we have, which was used to slowly release Neopets that were placed in the Neopian Pound when it was down, so that we didn't suddenly flood Neopia with a year's worth of abandoned Neopets. There's still a staggering number of Neopets to be released, so it's going slow. Hopefully your old Neopet's lucky day will come soon, though, and she can find a great new home. :)

Hi, I have a question. Many guilds have full-page layouts that hide the default guild sidebar and navigation. They do, however, re-type all of the "needed" navigation, such as the "join" link, the link to the message board, and so on. I was almost completely certain that this was against the rules, but I don't want to be wrong on this one and I think publishing a question in the Editorial would have more of an impact. So... are full-page guild layouts against the rules? If so, some people would like to know why, so if that is indeed the case, then why? Also, please change my name to "Sidebars are spiffy!" Thanks. ~Sidebars are spiffy
Much like User Lookups, all of the information and links need to be available. Full page layouts in guilds are fine as long as ALL of the links are present plus easy to see and access, especially those that allow you to leave the guild. If people are unsure of how to leave a guild or navigate away then it's breaking the rules. We don't want to hamper your creativity, but form needs to follow function.

Go go basic design principles! :D

Super Hasee Bounce refuses to load beyond the game's own loading screen (ie. not the preloader). With it being a Daily Dare game and all, are you going to do anything about this before the end of the month? If not, I'm not surprised, but please do something... it's highly unfair to some of us users since it does not seem to be a problem on our end but yours! Also, it'd be very disappointing if we miss out on the trophy just because the very first game never loaded. ~silverstone33
That's odd. We tested the game with both Internet Explorer and Firefox and couldn't replicate the error. If this problem is still occurring, please send a bug report with information such as what browser you're using, its version number, and what version of Flash you are using. Hopefully this will give our programmers enough information to figure out what's causing it not to load for you.

Hi, TNT! I was just wondering, can you get frozen for false reporting? I've had two warnings now and I know that I did nothing wrong. I go on the Neoboards a lot and some people report me for helping other Neopians. One time, someone was asking for a complete book list so I suggested someone's Petpage. After the person said thanks, a rather rude person came on to the board and said "REPORTED FOR USING OFF-SITE LINKS." I was just wondering if you could maybe change the system a little, just so innocent people wouldn't get frozen? =D Thanks! ~[username removed]
We looked through your prior warnings, and woah boy... yes, you deserved every one of them. x_X; Either contrary to what you told us in your above question, or with regard to a different occurrence, you did link off-site on the Neoboards (which is a no-no, even if you were trying to be helpful). If you think you've done nothing wrong for the other warnings, we suggest you take more time to read the Terms and Conditions of the site. In response to your question, reporting someone only brings the monitor's attention to your account. So, unless you really did do something wrong, or the monitor finds something else while they are looking into your account that may be unrelated to the report, then no, you can't get frozen for being falsely reported.

I asked on the boards, but nobody seemed to know... if you enter the Customisation Spotlight and change your Neopet's looks while the voting is still going, will the displayed picture change for the people voting or not? ~chibi_romeo
No. Once you submit your Neopet to the Customisation Spotlight the image people are voting on will not change, even if you alter your Neopet.

Are we allowed to use [a macro program] to complete dailies that require no thought or skill (such as Tombola)? What this does is it records your actions, and you can then play it again to perform the same action(s). I would say that anything automated gives those who use it an unfair advantage (even if the activity is random), but going down a list of dailies and having to remember which ones can be done and when they can be done, etc. is tedious and troublesome. ~archee66
You may not use any automated programs to play Neopets for you. Remember, Neopets is a GAME. If you find certain activities tedious or boring, don't play them unless the gain is truly worth it to you. Most dailies take a single click or two. You can link to the pages by bookmarking them on your browser, or linking to them through a Petpage, but really, it's not so much effort that you need to make a program do it for you. Play to have fun, guys. :)

I just found a Ships Barometer in my inventory. I don't know how it got there! I don't remember any Random Events concerning it... what happened? Help! ~butter_bar12
The Ships Barometer is the prize that was given to everyone who entered games to help test Key Quest on March 3rd.

Thanks for helping out!

Is doing the NC Mall Challenge on side accounts allowed? I know that playing games on sides is against the rules, but since you are paying real money for a ticket is it okay? ~harrypotterfanatic33
While we do appreciate your support, just because you are paying real money does not give you permission to break site rules. Playing games on your side accounts is not allowed.

In your last Editorial you said: "Actually, you need to submit your Daily Dare score BEFORE you use up all three of your daily score sends." However, after submitting three scores for a Daily Dare game I was told: "You've sent your score for Neopoints the maximum number of times today. You may, however, keep submitting scores to try to beat AAA or Abigail, although you won't receive Neopoints for doing so." Which is correct? ~catmegami
It seems we were incorrect last week. Sorry! You can send scores for the Daily Dare after you have done your three daily score sends. Our bad. D:

Um, hi! Don't worry, you don't need to get on the box... just a small question. Since Orange Chias are fruit Chias, do Chias have to be zapped orange, or can they be painted with an Orange Paint Brush? Thanks! ~coolstuf
Good question! We tried it ourselves and, if you attempt to paint a Chia with an Orange Paint Brush, you'll get the following error: "Sorry, to paint a Chia Orange you need an Orange Chia Pop!" So no, you can't use an Orange Paint Brush to make an Orange Chia.

Okay, well... one of my friends found this website called [well-known Neopets help site] and my friend and I went to a link there that says "avatars," and for some of them you just click the link and you get that avatar. I was wondering if this is considered, in a way, as cheating. Please put me in TNT, I just need to know. P.S.: Please don't show my username. ~[username removed]
We're assuming that you simply mean a link that sends you to a Neopets page where just the act of visiting it gives you an avatar? :) Help pages like that are fine to use, as long as it isn't something like a program that automatically sends you to all the pages to get the avatars at once.

Hey TNT, I love Neohoming and was wondering whether the location of a Neohome has an effect on Random Events? I'm referring to the classic Neohomes, but of course I love both of them. I'm asking this because, when I lived in the Haunted Woods, I noticed that I used to get lots of Random Events about passing zombies handing me maps, being robbed by ghosts constantly, or Sloth coming up to me and giving me potions. But then, when I moved to Mystery Island I got lots of Random Events with mysterious dragons flying by, mentions of hearing a mysterious chanting from far away, or a Lupe who says Neopets that go to Mystery Island never return... there was also the one about the mad cackling of an insane captain. So, I guess what I'm really curious about is... *crosses fingers* if I move to Faerieland, will I finally get a Fountain Faerie Quest after years of waiting? :) ~astrogothiqa
Ha ha ha! Interesting idea, but no. Your Neohome's location does not have an effect on what Random Events you get. :)

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