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Are there any items the Wishing Well cannot give out, like retired items or Smuggler's Cove items, or is it possible to get absolutely anything? ~conferred
Yes, there are limits. It is just a well, after all!

Hey TNT! I made you a cookie, but I eated it. ): Anyway... can you really get frozen for mentioning instant messengers in a Neomail conversation? x.x; ~raverduck
According to site rules, please avoid discussing and offering private information such as your email address or instant messenger usernames while on Neopets. Asking you to leave Neopets to contact them in a different way outside the confines of the site is a trick that scammers often use. We do have rules in place for a reason. Please stick to Neomail and stay safe while playing. :)

I'm losing my mind, methinks. Every now and again I'll go into my inventory and an item or two will be there that I don't remember getting. In the past I have chalked this up to my own forgetfulness or sheer level of craziness, but recently I stumbled upon a user who had experienced the exact same thing. I appreciate the gifts, I do, but frankly they're eating at my sanity. Please help keep me sane, TNT, and explain where they're coming from. @.@ ~naemi33
They're most likely from Random Events that you refresh over or don't see. If Meepits suddenly start appearing, though, it's best to be on guard.

Hey, TNT! I have a little request. Is it possible that you could make a link that goes directly to our inventories? I find it really annoying going to the shops section to find inventory. Thank you! *hugs* ~ohhxkatie
You're right! Going to the shop section sounds really annoying. That's why we have your Neopoints in the upper right hand corner of almost every page linking directly to your inventory ._.; guess it's better to find out now than never, right? *hugs*

Where did Dr. Sloth get his PhD from? c: ~producers
We're not at liberty to divulge such information regarding Dr. Sloth's mysterious past (lest we be reduced to space sludge), but we will say that he got his PhD in horribleness, and that's all that really matters.

Oh dear, it seems you need your tonsils removed. Let me go find my fork...

First, let me say thanks so much for all you guys do! I really enjoy my time on Neopets and all the fantastic things you offer your users. :) Now, question time... teehee. I recently saw a message about a user requesting to trade NC Mall items with another user via the Gift Boxes. I think this is a fantastic idea (I'd really love the Sparkling Rainbow x_x), but I wasn't sure about the "okay-ness" of it. I got some mixed answers on the Help Chat, with most users saying that, as long as it was only for other NC Mall items (not NP, items, or Neopets, of course) it was okay. I wanted to check with you guys first, though; I'd hate to risk my account... even over something as sparkly as the rainbow. Thanks again for all your time, and double thanks if you happen to answer my question! ~itsmekestral
We've been keeping an eye on things since we introduced gift boxes and we're happy to say that we're really impressed with the way you guys are handling yourselves! From what we've seen there's been very few problems so far, and as long as you guys keep it that way, you are welcome to trade NC Mall items for other NC Mall items. We'll hash it out very clearly here, but from what we've seen you guys are making us proud by following the spirit of the site rules in dealing with trading NC items.

These things are okay:
Trading an NC item for an NC item.
Trading multiple NC items for an NC item.
Gifting an NC item as long as you don't accept a "thank you" gift in return that is not an NC item.

These things aren't okay:
Trading an NC item for an NP item / Neopet / some other service.
Agreeing to trade items and then running off with an item without completing the trade.

I was just browsing around when I found a page on the site called Neopets Jr. Why do you have that page if it's basically not different at all from the normal Neopets site? ~kanda_bear
Neopets Jr. is a simplified version of Neopets for our youngest players, to help them navigate the site in a more visual manner.

Okay so let's pretend that, being the totally non-Meepit-obsessed person I am, I go out and buy most of the Meepits on the Trading Post to paint and put in my gallery. There are then only a couple of Meepits left. If people start raising the prices because there are only a couple, am I in any way to blame for the inflation? I don't see why I should be, but I am curious. Please replace my username with the word "Meepit." Thanks! ~[Meepit]
Well, in a roundabout way we suppose, but there's nothing wrong with that. The whole supply vs. demand thing, you know. Normally we only have an issue with inflation when someone buys something up for a low price and then suddenly decides that the item's worth, say, 10,000,000 NP and begins more or less scamming people. What you did was fine. :)

If there's so few in the Trading Post, then where ARE they hiding? O_O

Hey TNT! I accidentally pressed the Backspace button and somehow made my computer go back a few pages on Neopets. I heard I can get frozen for pressing the button. Is this true, or is it possible that I won't get frozen? ~hanabi290
o_O Okay, we've gotten some weird rumours sent to us before, but this one certainly takes the cake. There's absolutely nothing wrong with hitting your Backspace button while on Neopets. Backspace away!

Hey TNT, soon I will have been on Neopets for 100 months! Wow, it's just flown by. *leaves really old cookies* Anyway, quick question TNT: I seem to remember that you had an old game called Chia Bingo when I was a young whippersnapper on here. Is there any chance of a Neolift and bringing it back? Thank you TNT, you made my childhood very memorable. *hugs* ~ellie130
We're very happy you've enjoyed our site for many years. *hugs* As far as Chia Bingo, we will look into the possibilities of bringing it back. No promises, though.

I need your help. I was trying to find the plural word for Hissi, so I went to the Learn to Speak Neopian page... only to find that you don't have Hissi listed. Could you please tell me what the plural word is? ~joycethegreat
The plural of Hissi is "Hissi." :)

On the Trading Post, I see a bunch of wishlists with something that says, "Neomail offers." I don't know what that means! Can you help me? ~nelliecat
It means that they would like you to send them a Neomail with what you would like to offer for the item (rather than you bidding directly on the lot or asking them what their price is). It may be because they have no firm price in mind, are not certain of the price, or they are just a shrewd bargainer. ;D

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