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Hey there, hi there, ho there! *tosses frozen cookie* I was just curious about whether there is a limit to how many items can be kept in your Safety Deposit Box. I routinely toss everything from my inventory into my SDB to keep that stupid Pant Devil at bay, but I'm wondering: will ever overflow? Thanks! (Please remove username.) ~[username removed]
Go ahead and toss everything you'd like in there. Neopian SDBs aren't known for overflowing.

Why was the abbreviation for "the Viacom team" filtered into "my socks"? TVT is offensive? ~inmate27909
Oh, is it? How ODD! TEE HEE HEE. There is no TVT. Only Zu-- uh, TNT. /waves

I received a Neomail from another user saying it's against your rules to have a full-page guild layout. *is unsure* Is that correct, or is it just a stupid Neomail? ~sophii_louiise_x
We took a look at your guild layout and that is, indeed, against the rules. Players must have access to all options, including the link to leave a guild, which you seem to be lacking.

I am going to try this again. I have been buying a lot of extra plushies when they are on sale (a lot) and offering them on the Key Quest board FREE (yes, FREE) to players from other countries that cannot purchase these plushies for the codes. There are no scams involved, no payment of any kind. I just feel sorry that they cannot get nice tokens to play with. Most everyone who chats is quite happy about this, but every now and then there are one or two (from countries where you can buy them) that feel I am doing something so terribly wrong by spending my own money to give these plushie codes away. They think I am breaking a rule. Do these token codes fall under the category of "no giveaways" when they are something I have purchased with my own cash and am sharing with people who have probably no chance of getting a "nicer, more interesting token"? Please address this a.s.a.p., as I would like to know if I can continue this practice or if is it against the rules. Please don't use my name if you print. ~[username removed]
That's very kind of you! And yes, you are allowed to give away the codes, as long as you are not being "paid" or given something in exchange for them.

Okay TNT, I know that the time for this has passed, but my question is with regard to the two avatars you can get from the Advent Calendar. Are you allowed to get them on sides, or is that cheating because you're going to the Advent Calendar twice? Could you just collect the gift for that day on a side and send it to your main? ~pecansrcool
When it's available, please only visit the Advent Calendar on your main account, regardless of reasons that entice you to do otherwise.

If you abuse multiple accounts you'll be lucky if you only get a stocking full of coal!

Okay, so could you guys maybe add an option to not show your shop in the marketplace (a "hide" feature, if you will)? In addition to that, once an account is frozen or inactive for 365+ days, the "hide" option could automatically go into effect, removing those shops from the marketplace. Seeing all those disabled accounts in the marketplace is pointless, since no one can visit an iced shop. Plus all the "Last Spotted: A very long time ago" shops need to go, too, since those shops are all empty. They serve no point. Thanks for listing, and thank you guys for all that you do for us. :) ~jerseygirlie007
We like your thinking! We're going to ask around and see if this is possible.

If four out of five Neopians agree that it's the best Neopian Times there is, then what does the fifth Neopian say? O.o ~doldhhel
"Long live Dr. Sloth!"

Hey TNT, you rock! I was wondering: can you use one of the existing shield images (like, say, the 9 1/2 year shield) but take out the number so it's just the image? I'm asking because I LOVE the Gnorbu shield, but I'm afraid I will get in trouble for using it, even if I take out the account age. ~krawky95
Sorry, we'd prefer that you wait and earn the shield the old fashioned way. :( Using one of our shields this way can lead to confusion, even if the years part is removed.

Hello, TNT! ^^ I was wondering... do you think you could make an avatar available for people with unconverted Neopets? That would be wondrous. Thanks! ~coraline_1
We think that'd just add insult to injury for those players who still aren't quite thrilled that their Neopets were converted automatically in the first place.

I was wondering: when a question gets answered in the Neopian Times Editorial, why doesn't it count as getting into The Neopian Times and result in the receipt of a trophy? After all, the question is still in The Neopian Times. (Who agrees with me here? *raises hand*) ~pearl539
Because writing a sentence or two is nothing compared to the hard work and dedication it takes to write an article or draw a comic for The Neopian Times. Getting answered is its own reward. Don't push it. ;)

I don't like you, TNT. After I finished Sloth's loyalty test on Sloth Day, I was told: "WHAT?!?! You failed?!?! Send in the clones! It is not hard to be loyal to Sloth, peon. In fact, it's so easy a Grundo can do it." BUT MY GRUNDO IS A MASTER GENIUS! :( Me and my Grundo are offended by you. You owe us dinner at a fancy restaurant. (I'll probably be having the roast duck with mango salsa. My Grundo doesn't seem to have much of an appetite right now, though. :/)
Mmmm... mango salsa. We'd totally take you out to dinner, however we have a feeling Dr. Sloth will find you first, so we can't. Good luck. We hope your end will be painless... although that isn't likely, we can still cross our fingers for ya!

We suggest you start running... now.

Thanks for everything you do, TNT! You are awesome! My question: is it possible to LOWER a Neopet's hit points? I have been zapping my Neopet with the Lab Ray and, while his overall stats have not really improved, his hit points are so high that I would have to put him in training for a month just to catch his level up. Is this fixable from the outside, or should I cut my losses and run? Thanks for your time! ~purrykitty77
Unlike other stats, the Lab Ray never reduces hit points, so over time only using the Lab Ray to train your Neopet can cause problems due to level and hit points being vastly different. We recommend holding off for a while and training levels for a bit if you want a more balanced Neopet.

Is it against the rules to make/use side accounts for shops? Also, is it against the rules to send the profit back to the main account? Thanks! ~angel54254
Yes. Please only use the shop in your main account. If you have a shop in a side account, please stop selling your wares there.

Hi, TNT. There seems to be a few of these lookups around, ones that seem to have flashing backgrounds -- and I don't mean pleasant flickery, I mean disco-style-hyper-speed-flashy flashing. Couldn't these be dangerous and therefore very inappropriate for Neopets? Cheers. :) ~lightpop
Someone else sent us a link to one of these ULs and wowza -- yeah, no. If you're purposely making your UL flash violently in the attempt to cause a lot of discomfort or (even jokingly) induce seizure, expect to get your UL cleared and a warning in your inbox.

EEK! This is not a question -- I just saw the first typo I have ever seen on Neopets made by TNT! I knew you guys were real and not just computers! Thanks for the human-ness! xDD ~javilearu
O.O The first typo you've seen? Oh man, you should read the News and item descriptions more carefully, then! ;D Yes, we're all very much *boop* human beings here at Neopets *beep* Headquarters. Excuse us now, we have to go get some oil... erm, soda from the vending machine. *whirring sounds*

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