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Should I put my current e-mail, or the e-mail that I used to sign up on my parental consent form? ~6jeg6
Your parent/guardian should put the email you signed up with as your email address, and whatever email address they can be contacted at as theirs on the form.

Can you put Neocash items into your gallery? ~i_love_pink366
No, Neocash items can only be placed in your Closet, or in a special area of your active inventory for now.

I was reading Editorial 323 about the Advent Calendar and side accounts and it raised, for me, a question that I am sure other parents have. My children play on Neopets, but I will not allow them to have their own email accounts due to their ages (so they are using mine). I have been allowing them to earn their own Neopoints and visit the Advent Calendar for their own free gifts, but I'm wondering if that would cause your monitors to think we are cheating by getting extra items and Neopoints on side accounts that are not actually side accounts, but rather belong to my two daughters. Should I make an email account for my children just so they can play Neopets or is it okay for them to use my email and still play the game without all three of us being frozen? My children are 5 and 9 so this is a really big concern for me. Thank you for clarifying this for me. You rock, TNT! ~guppie_girl_one
Admittedly, it's a lot easier for us to recognise you as a family when you have different email addresses. If you're concerned about the accounts we suggest opening up email accounts on behalf of your children to use as "their" email for the site. You can also attach filters to the new email addresses so that anything sent to those addresses will instead go to your personal email.

I think that I could write and draw an award winning site for the Site Spotlight... but I am not very good at coding. Are we allowed to collaborate (that is, I do the pics, someone else does the coding, we both write) and would we both get a trophy if our site wins? ~doody_duty
We really, really prefer content such as that to be 100% done by you. There are plenty of coding guides to help walk you through it. That being said, players that have credited Petpages for coding have won, but it greatly reduces your chances. Also, we're not big on the idea of the dual trophy thing. If you can only draw and write, perhaps the Pet Spotlight would be better? Coders would also fare quite well in the UL Spotlight.

As long as you're here, why don't you try
to learn coding skills? It certainly can't hurt!

After completing a quest for Illusen on one day, do you have to do the second on the next day? ~ellaalvarez
No, you can do the next quest whenever you want, so long as it is at least 12 hours from your previous quest with her. Also, she may decline giving you a quest if you've helped Jhudora lately.

Why did you guys change NST to an hour earlier? I missed out on getting my last DD prize because of this. Help! ~alangel
Neopian Standard Time is on Pacific time, which observes daylight savings. The clock went back an hour on March 9th. Daylight savings will end on November 2nd this year and jump forward an hour (just FYI).

Okay so, hypothetically, if I already had a set of Grey Faerie Wings from the NC Mall and I then bought a Winged Mystery Capsule, would there be a possibility that I could end up with another set of Grey Faerie Wings? I guess I just want to know if the capsules can give you duplicates. If you can't answer this here, could you please add it to the NC Mall FAQ? Thank you. ~randommar
Yes, capsules can give you duplicate items. They are random in nature, which rather adds to the fun of opening them up.

Dearest TNT, why does the One-Use Robotification Zappermajig have a no trade clause? Could this change in the future? Please tell me this is some sort of April Fool's joke. I realize some people would be thrilled to change their Neopet to a robot, but there are others like myself who have no interest... unless it was for a avatar. WELL... speak up! Happy Neotrails. ~aesopcheryl
You guys would have loved to hear the office debates we had regarding that little zapper! We've repeatedly told everyone that there is no robot paint brush, so we couldn't suddenly very well make one. The robot colour has always been something very special, available only to those that have a lot of luck and access to the Secret Lab Ray. We also couldn't think of anything else painting-wise that would go along with the Dr. Sloth plot so well as a robot pb, though. D: That's why we came up with the zapper. To keep the exclusive ideals of the robot colour, however, we decided to make it no trade. That way, only those who put huge amounts of effort into the plot would be rewarded with the rare colour. If you're one of those dedicated Neopians, but not interested in the robot colour, then you are more than welcome to spend your prize points on any of the other nice prizes that can be kept or sold. :)

I made more drama than BD Chat.

What is with the dictionary for The Castle of Eliv Thade? I mean, half those puzzles aren't real words. I looked them up. Can you, like, maybe add a dictionary of all the words in your dictionary so we can look up bizarre words like quaff and xantan? Yeah. Thanks for listening. (By the way... what do those words mean, anyhow?) ~annie9867
All our word flash games contain Neopian words as well, which is why you may come across Xantan (a Neoquest boss) while playing. Quaff is an English word that means to drink heartily. We're sorry we can't make our dictionary public, though. It'd be tough reading through it anyway -- it's pretty big. Just ask our poor writers who had to go through it all! D:

I've read in past Editorials that you get a Petpet with action figures, but I bought a Darigan Faellie Action Figure and I didn't get anything else! ~chihuahualoverz
We were referring to the real plastic action figures we marketed several years ago, not site item action figures. :)

Hey TNT. I'm sure you've been getting tons of questions and flames about the glitch that occurred in the Dungeon Dash game for Mac users and some Linux users. Is there going to be some sort of opportunity for us to play again once the glitch is fixed, or is it just going to be an unfortunate casualty to avoid next year? I'd rather have a "Sorry, you're outta luck" response from you guys than none at all. No, really! I can handle it. :) Thanks. ~starryeyedq
This was totally our bad, and we're extremely sorry about the glitch that wouldn't allow players to finish the game. Unfortunately, we can't offer you guys a second try due to a variety of issues it would cause. We feel simply awful about it and will be certain to test all formats before similar events. Sorry we let you guys down. :(

Hiya, TNT! I read one of the previous Editorial questions about the Ubikiberry and typed it in the search engine, but found nothing except an abandoned Neopet, a user account, and an Ubikiberry Elixir, so I was wondering: how come there are no articles in the Neopedia on either the Kougra named Stanley or the Ubikiberry? ~siberian_sunshine__
That's because the story of the Ubikiberry has never been told before. We hope you enjoyed that exclusive exciting tale of love, strife, exploding houses, and poor olfactory senses!

Being exploded by an irate water faerie really hurts!

Remember everyone, starting today you can now enter the Beauty Contest with your side accounts! :D Please remember to only advertise your Neopet on the account that it is on so we don't mistake you for someone trying to get votes for someone else's Neopet. We know it may be a pain to advertise on sides, but we've done our best to meet you guys halfway by allowing it in the first place, so no pouty faces! ;)

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