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Hey TNT! *skips all rocky nonsense* So anyway, I noticed that you guys closed the prize shop for last year's Altador Cup. Well, I wasn't done spending my prize points, as I was still unsure of what I wanted. I searched previous Editorials, and in one, you said that you would give a notice prior to closing a prize shop. How come you didn't give any notice for this time? Also, will you reopen it for those of us who still had points to spend? Thank you so much! Heh heh, you guys rock. ~ hound_dog365
Don't worry, you didn't lose your chance to spend those points. The shop has just been taken down for now while the Altador Cup rages on. Once it is over, the old prize shop as well as a new one with both be open. :) If we decide to permanently close a shop, we'll be sure to inform everyone. (That being said, it's been a whole year since the first Altador Cup... you really should have spent your points by now.) ;)

How many people eat cheese and go on Neopets at the same time? ~bbofbianca1
Considering the vast number of TNT members who do this, we can only assume a staggering amount of players do as well.

Mmmm... cheese. /drool

Someone posted a link on the Neoboards that, when I clicked it, took me to a page that had a topic that was made by me with spam written in it, but I didn't go to the new topic page at all. I don't want to get frozen for posting spam I didn't make. Can I report the person that posted the link? ~yoshigalpal
Yes, please report the person who originally posted the link. Please do NOT report the players that fell for this "prank." We've fixed the issue, but in case of similar incidents in the future, remember to read a link before clicking on it! Much like chain letters, anyone caught creating these links (whether they were meant to be obscene or funny or whatever) will be frozen! It is not, in any way, appropriate to trick people into doing things they would not normally do, especially when you're forcing them to break the rules in hopes they'll get frozen.

Eh... I apologize for not knowing (maybe it's because I'm American), but what exactly does the term "faboo" mean?! ~ squeaky_duck
An American is the one who likes to use that word as much as possible around the site, so that's not a valid excuse. :P

"Faboo" is just slang for fabulous. :)

Hey TNT! With all of the hoopla surrounding auto-post links on the boards, I'm wondering if making a link that lets people post "Good Luck Everyone" in a topic I create on the Altador Cup boards would get me into trouble. ~voracious_dragon
To reiterate, no matter what your intent, you will be frozen for posting links that cause others to make a board if they click on it. We know in this case that your heart's in the right place, but it's not allowed.

It wouldn't work now, anyway. :P

Something is wrong with Neopets. My friend has been sending items to my account and, while I get the event notice of the item, the item isn't there in my items list! Where are my missing items?! I am missing a codestone and an expensive book! ~krayzie_karlita
We've implemented a new system that allows players to accept or politely decline items sent to their accounts. When you click on the alert link you will be taken to a page that offers you these options. If you take no action, the item will be sent back to the sender after 48 hours. If you missed the link from the event you can access the page by going to your inventory and clicking the "Item Event Log" text link near the top of the page. Be sure to hit "process" or it won't go through!

I was wondering... what is the highest amount of Neopoints that a Random Event can steal? Because a few minutes ago, I lost 5,000 Neopoints to a Random Event. ~mydogginger500
Doh! Kadoatie'd, huh? ;D Actually, there are two Random Events worse than that, which take a percentage of the NP you have out, but they have been out of comission for quite a long time. We should really fix that. *rubs hands together evilly*

Hey TNT... every year at the beginning of July I get all twitchy because my favourite day of the Neopian calendar (Kiko Day) is approaching. Every year, though, the same question comes up... if I want to submit poetry (or my gallery) in time for Kiko Day, when should I submit it? A few days before? A week? A month? I don't want to be too soon or too late... thanks. ~jiggs74
Optimally, we suggest from about a week to a few days out. For upcoming Neopet days, though, we often start hoarding poems and pictures early on (until that Neopet's day) just in case we don't get any submissions. :X So, being early isn't too bad, either. The worst case scenario is the morning of, before we put the news up. Sometimes we get pretty desperate for submissions. :X


TNT, is it cheating to have your little brother and sisters stand beside you and scream while you play Make Some Noise? I think it's really helping me, but I'm not sure if it's cheating or not and I really don't want to cheat. ~maidenofthecastle
ROFL! As long as they aren't hitting the keys as they are screaming, it's all good. Hehe.

Okay -- from what I understand, if your Petpet has a Petpetpet, the only way to get the Petpetpet off is to unequip the Petpet, since when you do that the Petpetpet runs away. How do those pesky little Petpetpets get in shops and trades if they are capable of running away from you? Do they sometimes just pop up in your inventory or something? Thanks! ~billygilmenfan
Yes, actually! Petpetpets come from Random Events, and appear in your inventory unattached to any of your Petpets. At this point (assuming they don't immediately jump onto a Petpet, like a similar incident that happened to another poor person who wrote into the Editorial this week) they can be put into your shop/trades/auction to be sold. Another option is to leave it in your inventory and hope that it hops onto a Petpet.

Who would want that, though!? Petpetpets are dirty little creatures and no Petpet deserves to be infested with them!

I heard that Draik eggs could be won from treasure maps and I'm wondering if it's true. I have a Neofriend that has been buying up maps hoping for one. Also, is the Lost Journey plot really over? :( ~katz66
It is possible to win Draik eggs from turning in the nine different "Piece of a Treasure Map" items, though it is very unlikely. In all probability the cost of collecting and using up the map pieces will be more expensive than simply buying a morphing potion or egg, though who knows? Some people have the craziest luck. For those unaware, when a complete "Treasure Map" (please note that this is the original one, NOT the underwater/space/secret lab map) is turned in, the pieces are consumed and you will be rewarded with up to 15,000 NP or so, several Collectable Cards, and some totally random items that are over rarity 60.

The pieces from this ^ set. No others can award Draik eggs.

As for the Lost Isle plot, it is over. Well, it was quite open-ended, wasn't it? There was also that suspicious question mark after "The End." Curious. But no, it's over and prizes will be coming shortly. (The lad who worked on the code has been stolen away, unfortunately. The minute he's given back to us, he'll finish the prize shop! Hopefully this will happen in the next couple of weeks.)

In the Neopets office, are there any particular "special" days, such as "Dress Up As Your Favourite Faerie/Neopet/Petpet Day"?! I think that'd be quite cool, and if so, pictures would be great =) ~elfy1807
Well, we did do hat day recently, which can be seen on the Random Neocam Pics page. We've done others, but not taken pictures because we we were either too lazy or too embarrassed. We are planning a few more of these random days, though, so we'll be sure to take photos. Are you *really* sure you want to see them?!

I was playing Bagatelle and won EIGHT million NPs. I was so amazingly happy that I went out and bought a Draik so I could paint it Darigan. However, I didn't know how it would look, so I went to the Rainbow Pool to see and it looked great. As a result, I painted her, but she came out totally different than what the picture shows in the Rainbow Pool. I am VERY, VERY upset because this is NOT the look I was going for! So, I thought maybe you could fix the Rainbow Pool pictures; this way others wouldn't make the same mistake I did. D: Thanks! ~bluecheeseworld
This is being worked on, but the artists are currently completely swamped. They're working hard on the Neopet emotions at the moment, as well as more wearables (which will also hopefully decrease demand and lower prices for the things that are already out). There's also tons of other stuff we can't mention. Remember, the artists have to touch almost everything that happens to the site, and that's a huge job. So, all we can say is that we'll get this done as soon as we possibly can. We know it's important and we definitely don't want anyone to waste their Neopoints on paint brushes they're not happy with. We've not forgotten about it in the least!

Will there eventually be a way to "wear" Petpets? It would be cool if you could add a Petpet to the customization if it's attached to your Neopet. ~redixiteam
Why must you always ruin our surprises with your blasted questions!?

We're currently looking into this, as well as the possibility of making equipped Battledome items visible on your Neopet. There are many, many issues we have to work around (these systems weren't originally built for this, you know!) but it's something we think would be really cool to have, so we hope to work out a really good system for both features.

And, just as a disclaimer, we're telling you this because you asked. This doesn't mean it's an official feature announcement. ;) In two months' time you'll probably all bombard the editorial asking why it's not done yet. Please don't! We're merely letting you in on some very early ideas and concepts. They may eventually end up on the site, they may not. We hope that the former turns out to be the case! However, not even WE know how it will turn out.

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