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Can you be frozen for visiting Count Von Roo on multiple accounts when he is awake? You only gain/lose levels/avatar, so I don't see why not. ~rxxboy
Since there is no profit to be made, this would be just like using the Lab Ray or training your Neopets on side accounts. It's perfectly acceptable. :)

Hey people of TNT! I was just wondering (and maybe this has been asked already), but what if you get a Petpet you liked from the Lab Ray and wanted to paint it? If you paint it, would it go back to its original form, or would it be the current one? Thanks for your time! ~shamu313131
Petpets zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray cannot be painted, even if it's zapped back into what it originally was. The only way to make the Petpet paintable again is to remove it (thereby reverting it to its original state) and reattaching it (and not zapping it again, obviously).

No painting allowed here! Move along!

Hello TNT, I want to know if a Neopets personality like "Enjoys reading and learning" allows a Neopet to read more books than a Neopet with a personality of "Likes bullying others." I want to win a Book Award trophy, and am wondering if I need to create a new Neopet that has a personality that enjoys reading and learning. ~Anonymous
Nope, it doesn't have any impact on the Book Awards or any other area of the site. It's just a fun thing to think about and to give your Neopet a bit of personality during the creation process. :)

Hi! My friend's been wanting to switch some of her Neopets to side accounts, but these Neopets have aged Petpets and she's afraid she won't be eligible to win the PPL if the Petpet isn't on her main account. Should she be worried? ~laruvy
As far as the PPL goes, it doesn't matter what account the Neopet and its Petpet are on. Even if you adopt a Neopet with a well-aged Petpet, you are still eligible. She should be more concerned about safely transferring her Neopets, as there are always people watching the pound. Good luck!

Are Fuzzles a type of toy or Petpet? My sister said they are Petpets. TNT rocks and so does Jeran!!! ~lfg119
The Fuzzle items are all toys, though in Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars they are a type of Petpet. The Wuzzle, however (which is often confused with Fuzzles), is a Petpet.

Which is which?!

Hey TNT! I'll go ahead and get right to the point - skip all of the "You guys rock! You do a great job! Thanks so much for your hard work! Etc. Etc.!"- I'm sure you hear that way too much anyway! ; ) Okay, so I was looking through your HTML guide for something I forgot and I came across this: "***Beware*** - If you post your email address on your webpage, absolutely anybody will be able to contact you via email. Only do this if you are sure this is something that you want to do. If you are 13 or under, please make sure that this is OK with your parents first." I thought that it was NOT OK NO MATTER WHAT (like, against the rules) to put your e-mail address on Neopets? Or, maybe you just mean any website other than Neopets? Not that I would ever do either; I was just a little confused with the consistency. Thanks for reading this! =D ~retrogirl_
Oh man, that HTML guide really needs a revamp! To make it clear, NO, posting or displaying your email address/messenger name on the site is not allowed AT ALL. The HTML guide was from waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, and a lot has changed since then. We are working on updating this, so pay no attention until that happens. Sorry for the confusion!

I recently decided to try a game of Geos out to see if I liked it. However, when I went to play it, I couldn't find anywhere explaining how to play it. Could you add a rules page, please? I would like to try for the tournament but I don't know how to play! ~guildaccount_8
The rules are displayed only once your start playing. Here they are:

You have to build four separate shapes, one at a time, to win.
Your opponent's pieces are hidden until the end of the game!
When it says, "Your Move." Click on an empty space.
Type in a short message if you like, and click "I Moved."
Click "Waiting" to check if your opponent has moved or wait for the auto refresh.

Mystery solved!

Hey TNT, I have a question. My Neofriend said that, all of a sudden, her screen shook and then at the top it said that an earthquake struck. Could this really be done in Neopia? ~aslan_rocks
Hehe, yep, there is a Random Event that makes your browser window shake. Don't worry though, it's harmless. :)

Ok. There are people on the boards saying that TNT told them that sponsor links are no longer allowed to make NP. There are other people saying that Petpages linking to the sponsor links aren't allowed but that an offsite page, or having the links bookmarked would be OK. Still other people say that the sponsor links are now a "glitch" if you manage to get the NP from them... and abusing a glitch is freezable. So, what's the deal here? Are sponsor links taboo now? Are they OK as long as you don't have a Petpage linking to them? Can I still visit all the sponsor pages and get my free NP without getting frozen? And, if the links aren't viable and we aren't supposed to visit them, why do they still give out NP? ~kalis_coraven
Erm, any sponsor link that you click on in a sponsor game or activity is valid. You will still get the Neopoints and you won't be frozen for clicking on them (we are providing the links, after all). There was, however, a large number of Petpages that were hoarding old sponsor links that we'd removed and linking to them even though they were no longer valid. As such, we've had to disable the posting of these links. You will need to visit the areas yourself and click on the links if you want the rewards.

Will the Gobbler we got from the Advent Calendar ever be able to be painted anything? ~anonymous
We don't see why not. :) After all, the Snowbunny (which was released in the same way) has many colours.


Hi, TNT! Pretty please, don't refuse me: I am a big fan of the Tooth Faerie (check out my username) and I was thinking that she's not as popular as other faeries. Well, I was thinking of making a Tooth Faerie lookup and I noticed that there's no Neopedia article on her. That's not fair - all faeries have one. Please do something about this. It took me ages to type out this much... :( ~tooth_faerie_pearl
Oh dear, you're quite right. Aside from her special day, she hasn't had much attention at all. We'll see if we can get a Neopedia written for her. :)

I'm on a quest to defeat Heermeedjet and the other guy (can't remember his name) for the avatar. I'm currently trying to defeat Eyrieki and I can't because, when I get him down to 4 or 5 health, I'm forced to admit defeat since the icons of my weapons either don't appear or aren't clickable. The only thing that I can do is press go and get killed. I have had this problem many times and it happens every time. Could you please fix this problem? ~gjpugh
Heermeedjet's brother is named Merouladen, and actually, this isn't a glitch. Eyrieki has a freezing weapon that can stun you for one round (during which you cannot perform any action). You'll know you're frozen because a snowflake appears underneath your Neopet's image in battle. You'll need to change up your strategy a bit if you want to beat him (don't worry, though -- similar freezing items are available to players as well). ;)

Among the Kadoatie names, there is one called Q. We have theories on what/who this refers to, but can this be cleared up for us? (There's red vines in it for Snarkie...) ~laile_denali
Unfortunately, a quantum singularity is preventing us from answering this until sometime in Y439.

I have a friend on Neopets who is a newbie. She wants to get a cute little Angelpuss for her Xweetok, so she "searched Neopets" for an Angelpuss. She then got very confused, though. She noticed the following note about the Angelpuss species. It said, "Angelpi are sweet adorable little kitties for your Neopet to look after." So she wasn't sure if it was Angelpi or Angelpuss. ~Snoopy7863321
Actually, they are both correct! Angelpi is the proper plural form of Angelpuss.



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