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Dear TNT, when you type a Neomail, then go to look something up and accidentally press the refresh button, causing your message to not go through, etc., why do you always have to retype everything? When my internet was weird for a couple days, and I kept getting the "Page Cannot Be Displayed" page, it was extremely annoying to have to retype all of my messages, especially when the message was rather long. =( Could you make our lives a little bit easier and somehow make it so your message isn't deleted? Thanks! ~nancy_drew_obsessed
Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to control your browser in that way. However, [Crtl+A] + [Ctrl+C] works wonders for this situation! Before sending a lengthy email, select the entire text of the Neomail using [Ctrl+A], then hit [Crtl+C] to copy it. This way, if something happens to your text, you can simply hit [Crtl+V] to paste it back in again! :D This goes for user lookup changes, Petpages, or anything you don't want to lose should something happen during submission.

If your Neopet is invisible, can the Snowager see it? ~raccoon_190
Yep. The Snowager has incredible senses, and no clever disguise (not even invisibility) is gonna get past him. The only thing you can do is be reeeeeeeeal quiet and hope he doesn't wake up.

I think that Xweetoks are some sort of fox/cat thingy. I would like to know -- what is a Xweetok exactly? ~katiec114566459
We think they most closely resemble Xweetoks, personally.


How come we can't see all of our Neofriends anymore when we want to send something to a Neofriend? It changed about a year ago and I've been waiting patiently for Neopets to fix it. I belong to a guild and it's much easier to send them all something when I can just click on their name rather then write it each time. Thanks! ~nana_shirley
Actually, this isn't a glitch. We added a (then) new feature called "VIP Neofriends." You can select certain Neofriends to be VIPs and only those will be shown on the dropdown list. For those who have a very large list of Neofriends but only a number of very close ones, it made life much easier. Listing all 2,000 of someone's Neofriends is quite a strain, so our databases didn't complain about it either. ;)

I DEMAND that you have a secret area in neo! And when you make it, could you make it slightly easy to find? Like on the Neopets homepage? Thanks. :) And I DEMAND that you answer my questions! ~barronius
If it was easy to find, it wouldn't be a secret now would it? ;D Actually there are many "secret" places on Neopets. Of course, if we told you where they were, that would ruin the secret. :D

It should also be noted that we didn't answer you because you demanded. We answered 'cause we wanted to. You're not the boss of us!

Can I abandon my Neopet if it is currently undergoing some training? ~xx_crayon
Well that's a horrible "welcome home" gift for your poor Neopet that's been training all day! Yes, you can do it, but that's just mean! :(

When using the Petpet Lab Ray my Petpet just vanished! Not invisible, just gone altogether. Would it have been possible to get life insurance for my poor Petpet of Doom before it disappeared? ~kyhas
Alas, we don't think the crazy Kookith that runs the Petpet Lab Ray offers insurance. Goodness knows how he even wrote up that waiver by himself....

*sigh* It could be worse...

Hi, TNT! I was playing some games the other day and got a high score on Itchy Invasion. The problem is that I'd already sent my score 3 times, so I didn't get a place on the high score chart. Please tell me why you can't be on the high score chart once you've sent your score 3 times. Thanks! ~dragon_rider908
The score chart can't record a score that hasn't been sent to it. Alas, if you want to get onto the high score table, you will need to do so within your first three tries. If you're really serious about it, just don't send a score until you have one that will get you a trophy.

If you loved me you'd give me my Altador plot prizes. ~hulabazoo82
Okay... just because we love you! Everyone else owes you big time now.

Hi TNT! Say, if your Petpet wins the PPL, and you paint it afterwards, is it possible to win the PPL again? ~lutarikid
Technically, yes. If a regular Kadoatie wins the PPL, you paint it mutant, and then a mutant Kadoatie wins the PPL, you will be rewarded. However, the chances of the PPL Committee choosing the same Petpet twice is very rare, even if it's a different colour.

The Acara plushie description says it's an underwater Neopet... I thought Acaras lived in the mountains? ~snakefangs_dread
Nope! We're sure some Acaras love the mountains, mind you, but Acaras have always been (and will always be) mainly aquatic.

I have *mastered* the cute head turn. Oh yeah.

Say the Lab Ray gave you a cool Neopet, and you want to enter him in the Beauty Contest. After you won a trophy, will zapping the Neopet into another colour or species make you lose the trophy? ~babsnrusty
Nope! Once a Neopet has earned a trophy, it's theirs forever, despite any physical or ownership change.

Just as a reminder, though... if you zap your Neopet before the contest is over and it changes species or colour, you will likely be disqualified since your Neopet no longer matches the image you entered.

What happens when the people who answer the editorial have a question they need to be answered in the editorial? 0.o ~brit299
If you mean there's a question we don't know the answer to, we just ask around! Pestering the game developers, programmers, artists, etc., is not only fun, it's educational! *thumbsup*

If you mean when we have some information we'd like to get out to the public but no one asked about it, we'll occasionally have a "helpful tips" or "things you should probably know and stuff" section at the very bottom of the Editorial. *nod*

I tried to Neomail someone, but it said "you cannot Neomail this person because you are not Neofriends with them." Is that a new rule or a glitch? ~poogle2113
Neither. :) It is an option that anyone can set in their preferences. The person you are trying to contact has changed their Neomail settings and have opted only to allow their Neofriends to contact them.

Well, talk has been going around that the Neopets Team is designing a couple of new Neopets, and also that you would be taking suggestions for what they should look like. Is this true? If it is, when and where will it happen? sincerely, allyssathegreat
o.O Sorry, but that's just a fabricated rumour. We can't tell you if we're making new Neopets or not. ;) But what we can tell you is that we can't really base them off of your suggestions. That would cause an... uncomfortable legal situation for Lawyerbot. Even though it's been done in the past, we are a much bigger company these days, and as a result we need to be more careful. Sorry! If you have an idea for a Neopet, we'd suggest trying to influence us psychically. That'd probably be your best bet.

Dear TNT, I loved the way you introduced the new world, Shenkuu. To introduce it in comic form with a quiz at the end was just a marveleous idea and I hope you will do this more. :-) I know it's much more work for you guys this way (instead of just announcing it and dropping it on the map), but it is very much appreciated!!!! Thank you very much for the new avatar and sidebar!!! I love them both. Forget all those complainers and keep on doing the great job you do now. :-) ~tokana14
Why, thank you! ^_^ We're glad someone got the point behind the logic puzzle. :P And we're happy that many Neopians are enjoying Shenkuu! We hope to add more to it in the coming months.

Pfft, you know they did it all for me. *cuteness*

Quiet, you!

Do any of you think cheese and socks will taste good together? ~realm_of_darkness615
At least one of us does!


Hey TNT, this question has probably been asked before, but... if you get a golden trophy for a game and you replay the game and get a lower score, will the trophy turn silver or bronze? ~missdazz2314
No, only your highest score counts. :) It will remain gold.

I've been curious ever since I noticed some of the Kadoaties in the Kadoatery and now with the mini-plot prizes out I really want to know: who are the browncoats on the staff? ~arwenpixie
Ahh, lets see... there are several browncoats on the good ship Anxiety.

» Subordinate Prime hands out the orders and we obey, of course.
» Mr. Insane flips three switches and flies our vessel with gusto.
» Shoomlah is our tough first mate. Don't mess with her. Seriously.
» Snarkie keeps the ship running with parts as old as Tyrannia.
» DJ Skellington is our muscle... and makes sure everyone has a cunning hat.
» Dirigibles keeps us healthy when we get punched in the face every week.
» Dragona is... a bit off, but we like her anyway.
» Viola rents out one of our shuttles and always returns it in good condition.
» Dom Dread doesn't do much, but he has a very mysterious past so we keep him around anyway.

El Picklesaur is NOT a browncoat. He refuses to watch anything that isn't in black and white (preferably in a foreign language), so we don't let him on the ship.

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