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You know the offers that you advertise at the top such as the free handbags? Well would it be possible to have any cool offers (such as the free handbag) availible in the UK? Pwetty pwetty pwetty pwease *puppy dog eyes* Thank you! - krissyncandyy2k
We are working on getting better banners at the moment. Ideally we would have relevant offers available to people all over the world, bit we are relatively new in the banner industry and it takes a while to build things up.

I just wanted to know how often you make a new Neopian times, because I always read it. But for as long as I can remember, you have never said how often you update it! Each time a new one comes out,Could you please say in the Neopian times how often you update it? - Neo_girl2155
For the English language Neopian Times it is updated every Friday. If there is a change to this (such as Friday being a holiday) it will be announced in New Features. Whenever a new issue is released it is also mentioned in New Features. You can get to this page by clicking on 'News' in the yellow side bar.

Uh, do you think that you could possibly upgrade the maximum amount of characters that pet descriptions can hold? 1,000 just isn't enough. - lorddracula50
I would like to increase the character limit, yes. I've asked our programmers and with any luck this will be set up shortly.

Does the "lever of doom" does ANYTHING but to steal 100 Neopoints? - Tal9922
Some people have earnt Neopoints and even avatars from it... It just seems to be quite stingy.

Is there anything else number six can say besides "Ow?" I would really like him to say something else besides ow. I think a lot of people would agree on this. - galinuva43
I am afraid Number Six is quite shy. If you were being hit on the head wouldn't you say Ow! too?

I think it might be interesting if there was a huge stock market crash, like the one in 1929. The stock market would go down and the bank would run out of money and there would be total CHAOS as everyone loses their money... But that's just my opinion... And I think it would be funny (for me anyway)... - willman93
Oooh that is such a nasty idea hehe. I think a lot of people would be very distressed if anything like that happened, but who knows... The Stock Market has been a little too stable recently...

Is Asparagus World real? :P - captainfrappacinno
Only in Adam's dreams.

How come regular Maraquan Aishas look different from Isca? I mean, she has a classic mermaid style tail, and regular Maraquan Aishas have this weird little stub for a tail fin. Could you do anything to fix that? - f18pilot
Isca is just one of many Maraquan Aishas. They can all look slightly different and there is nothing wrong with being a little unusual. Caylis doesn't exactly look like your average Maraquan Aisha either. Quite often the main characters in our plots are slight variations on the normal Neopet that you can adopt, so they stand out and you can recognise them easily. If Kanrik was just a normal blue Gelert, he wouldn't be half as popular.

I noticed that black-colored neopets are called shadow neopets, but black-colored petpets are just called black petpets. So which is it, black or shadow? - sjerules
With Neopets its Shadow (it just sounds more mysterious and cooler) with Petpets it is black, although I guess it would make more sense if they were shadow too.

I love kikos and I was wondering if you could relese some on kiko day. - watermelon_buble_gum
Yes, on any pet day for a limited edition Neopet, we will release some more of that species. We try to split it up throughout the day though so it is fairer to people in different time zones.

Are all of the games in the Deserted Fairground rigged? I've noticed that Baggatale has a pile of books under one of the legs. O.o - starme102
What? Rigged? Surely not! The odds may be a little more favourable to the game owner than the player, but people can and do win.

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