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I think it's a great idea to make different sidebars that we can collect. Why not make a few of them available for everyone without having to unlock them? For example you could make a few in basic colors like green, red and blue. :) - Xgxdx
I am glad you like them. We will make some available to all on certain days, but we will probably not have ones that everyone has all the time.

In my shop every thing has disappeared, i had something very valuble in my shop, as did a lot of people! It has happened to everyone, why is it gone? Can we get it back? - Mattjaywillis
One of our databases had a hiccup on Thursday morning, but everything should be restored now. I guess we were tempting fate by having the Down for Maintenance Pteri gloating as a Better than You challenger. :p

Is there any possibility of either a member of the neopet team being available on the boards to talk to people directly? Or to elect users(preferably reliable)users to speak on your behalf? I have been thinking this for sometime. Maybe this isn't the best place to post this - but I imagine you are going to be bogged down with 1000's of requests for lost items! - Kediri
We won't have people posting on the boards on a regular basis as that isnt really fair for people that don't use the board. Instead if you have a question, comment or suggestion send it to the editorial and if we can we will answer it here. If there is any big change to the site we will also post a comment on the new features page too.

I really like the 'snowflake'-background which you have made in Happy Valley (also in Ice Caves & Terror Mountain) Good job on that! :) And I was wondering, is it possible that you are going to make backgrounds for the other areas in Neopia in the near future? I really hope so :) - blobber_dk
Hehe, yeah we thought it was a nice touch. We may well add more little things like that around the site, but you will just have to keep an eye out for them.

How come my ruki has an intelligence of Super Genius (49), but when I try to see the books that she has read, it tells me that she's only read 7? I remember reading her about 10 books on Kreludor and none of them show up there o.o - _Marauders_map_
Books from the Booktastic Book Shop on Kreludor are listed seperately. They now count in the Booktastic Book Club. If your Neopet read them before we introduced the Booktastic Book Club, they would have counted towards the normal book club, but will no longer appear on your Pet's list.

Lost city of Geraptiku - what exactly is it? Is it part of a plot? - _Sarahkelly_206
Well we haven't totally decided yet. It was a very cool looking card in the Lost Desert TCG set so we wanted to do something with it. It is not part of this plot, but it will be something later on.

What exactly is a Box of Trifle Mix? I mean...what's a trifle? Aside from something insignificant. - Morestuff38
Oh wow, you haven't had trifle? Trifle is amazing! Basically you get some sponge cake, pound cake, or madelines and break them up at the bottom of a bowl (glass is better as you can see the layers). You then soak the cake mixture in a little sherry, cover it in fruit salad and then pour jelly (jello) on top. Then when the jelly is set add a layer of custard. When that is set add a layer of cream (whipped or double is best). Lastly decorate with hundreds of thousands (sprinkles) and dig in! The trifle mix is basically a box with jelly mix, custard powder, hundreds and thousands and the cream topping mix inside it. (By the way this won't get you anything in the Neopets recipe contest!) Its a traditional British recipe and is most delicious!

How do you get to the Symol Hole? I'm tired of going so far back in the news. - Erika77170
The Symol Hole is linked to on the Meridell map. It is a small hole near the Turmaculus.

I really liked the Halloween sidebar that you guys put up for Halloween. I thought it was a one time thing but people are saying that they got it as a random event on Halloween night and now they can use it whenever they want. Is this true? Is there any way for people who weren't online Halloween night to be able to use the sidebar as well? I loved that thing. I'd hate to see I missed out on it forever...:( - Thefragileone
Some people did manage to unlock the Halloween sidebar by getting a special random event on Halloween.

In the Usukiland Advert, is it real Japanese/Chinese that is being shown and talked? Just wondering ... - midnight_tears
It's sort of a cross between Japanese, Chinese, Welsh and just gibberish. Ok, I'm lying. It's just total gibberish :)

When will the winner of the Userlookup Spotlight really be announced? The Random Contest was released after the Lookup Spotlight and winners were already chosen for that contest! - mametchi86

Is neopia moving? Because mystery island looks more to the right and the mountains are bigger and Maraqua is on the edge! - draken345
Don't pay any attention to the current map. The whole thing is going to be redesigned in the coming months. You'll even be able to spin the globe around and see the other side :)

What is this rubbish about a floating island where it is always night-time... -borovan

Is Kanrik evil? - cat555152
That is something you will have to decide for yourself. He is certainly... complicated.

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