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Continued Series

A Hero's Ballad: The Knightmare

Upon entering into the dark hole in the sky, Jeran was instantly hit with the overwhelming, echoing cries of a child...

by parody_ham
The Power of Twelve

The thrilling conclusion to The Power of Twelve series!

by herdygerdy
For the Love of the Game

It was the first day of the Cup and my nerves were starting to get the best of me.

by 77thbigby
Rosalina and the Way-Weird Beast

Rosalina agrees to take Margo's place as the Werelupe's prisoner...

by downrightdude
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"Oohee's and Claude's Mystery Island Adventure!" by zed16
Claude the rainbow kadoatie peeked his head out from the opening of the backpack. His owner Oohee the faerie poogle was gathering up the last of her things, before they were to set off for the day at Mystery Island! They both were looking forward to this. Their own adventure just the two of them. The reason behind them going on this mini adventure, was because Oohee had a few friends mention just how lovely the Island was and that there were loads to do there. Plus they said she could bring Claude along with her as they allowed petpets - as long as he doesn't run off and stays with Oohee it should be fine. No problem there Oohee thought to herself. It wasn't long before Oohee booked a boat to take them there and now the day had finally arrived!

Other Stories


Pride of the Citadel- An Interview with Kep Bonnefie
One of Yooyuball's most famous backliners, Kep Bonnefie, reveals powerful insights on team strategy and more!

by skatabo


The Grumpy Ruki
Looking around at the ravages of a party gone wrong, the only thing that the Ruki could think was that her day was not supposed to end like this...

by 77thbigby


Neoquest 2 Insane Guide | Pt 3 - Lost Desert
Traverse the Lost Desert with ease using this Neoquest 2 guide!

by kittykatally


Haunted Woods Travel Guide
It’s that time of year again when the normally desolate Haunted Woods, Deserted Fairground and Neovia are bustling with neopets from all over Neopia...

by catapult1718


Neopia at it's Best
It's a simple explanation.

by pumpkin_700


Blossoms~ Heart to Heart Part 9
It was like a voice in my head, but... deafening.

by twillieblossom

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