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Continued Series

Mira Squad Tales-Portals

The thrilling conclusion to Mira Squad Tales-Portals!

by lupe_hunter_7
The Case of the Missing Acara

Ada the Transparent Blumaroo investigates the disappearance of a Green Acara named Belle… Also by acara_575 and silakbo

by sunbathr
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21 Neopian Years: 21 Things You Can Do in Neopets

Neopets is getting a year older this year. While we had some significant changes this year – the beginning of the Beta era and the discovery of Dacardia – some things haven't changed from years prior and are still pretty popular with today's Neopets users. This article will list twenty one things – in celebration of Neopets' twenty one years of existence – you can do in Neopia to enrich your Neopets birthday experience and live it the fullest! 1. The first thing you can do is make friends from all over the world. There are plenty of tools to help with this, like the many different NeoBoards subjects of discussion. Are you a collector? There is a board for you! Do you like to write stories about your Neopets or other Neopia related subjects? There is a board for you as well!

Other Stories


Caught Between Surprises
Kayla and Lisha plan a surprise birthday party for Serian’s birthday!

by parody_ham


The Normal
Saskori the monster tamer Cybunny decides to explore a haunted house rumoured to reveal your worst fears!

by june_scarlet


Having a Hoot: The Vandagyre Way
The Vandagyre were released during the 15th year birthday celebrations, so let's celebrate vandagyre day and neopets' birthday together!

by roxi2rox


A Neopets Birthday!
This article lists out 11 things happening around the site on this fantastic day!

by profebest


Happy 21st Birthday, Neopets!
Make the most of Neopets' birthday!

by mucka33


Those years start coming and they don't stop coming!

by the_hoshi_pixi

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