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Continued Series

The Music Box

Elon learns the truth about a famous Maraquan ballet and runs into a surprise at the Moltara base...

by eracina
Curse Of The Kookith

As much as Asha had tried to put her encounter with the Kookith behind her, she couldn't stop thinking about how weird the whole situation was...

by zuniak
Selected Volumes from Brightvale Library

This week we explore The Thieves Code - Otherwise Known as the Mysterious Book

by herdygerdy
Quarry Life

Monazite shares her discovery with Agate while things heat up at Obsidian Quarry!

by blueys45
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"Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder" by aliceinwonderland18
“Back again, eh?” Charlie asks. Sekhegal grunts. He’s perfectly fine at understanding standard Neopian, but speaking is a clumsy exercise when his mouth is used to the guttural sounds of Tyrannian. Outside of Tyrannia though, few people speak Tyrannian and grunts usually are enough to get the message across. Selling things at his furniture shop is simple enough without speaking. Honest Neopians will grab an item and wake him up to start the haggling process. Numbers are the same across Neopia and they can trade prices until he’s satisfied. For the dishonest Neopians who try to sneak out with something...well he isn’t actually asleep and Grarrl teeth are great for intimidation. Charlie leans on his pitchfork as he watches Sekhegal head straight for the nearest rubbish pile to begin sorting through the Bits...

Other Stories


Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder
Sekhegal snorts. Showed what these Neopians knew. All this good dung for the taking and everyone thought it was trash!

by aliceinwonderland18


A cacophony of live music, excited chatter, enthusiastic laughs, and clashing dishes filled the Cascade Ballroom, the largest that Altador had to offer... Authors note: Special thanks to yuysister01 and lemongirl0 for your feedback!

by malisha9


A Scarab's Guide to Travelling Neopia
Many Neopians have written about travelling throughout Neopia, and you can find many brochures, guides, and books about all the lands in Neopia. However, what about from a Scarab’s point of view?

by nnpower888


The Neopian Times Series Spotlight — The Music Box
Hello Neopians, and welcome to the first-ever Neopian Times Series Spotlight! With eracina

by the__reporter


Gooblah's Sore Throat
When the best pirate has an off day… Also by sergente__hartmann

by stargirl089


Great Day at Kiko Pop for the Avid Avatar Collector
Dedicated to Dewdropzz!

by diabloartificial

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