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Continued Series

The Music Box

If there was one thing that Elon hated it as being forced into social situations and gatherings. Elon was an introvert. He vastly preferred his alone time to whatever the heck was happening right before his eyes...

by eracina
Curse Of The Kookith

Asha spent her night dreaming about all the things that had transpired over the last few months...

by zuniak
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"Sophie's Leave Me Alone Notice" by liouchan
At the edge of the swamp that is home to Sophie the Swamp Witch, there stands a vine-wreathed sign featuring instructions to leave her alone in bold lettering. Behind the sign, forty pages of bark-like paper unfold like an accordion. PRIVATE SWAMP. KEEP OUT. NO TRESPASSING. Trespassers will be zapped on sight. Trespass: intransitive verb. To enter unlawfully upon the swamp of another, more specifically Sophie. To make an unwarranted or uninvited incursion into said swamp, which your incursions are guaranteed to be. So don't do that. Keeping out is exactly like coming in, except that you don't, which should be well within the realm of your capabilities. Disclaimer: the owner of the swamp declines any and all responsibility for what may happen to dunderheads...

Other Stories


Notes from Kreludor
“Gotcha!” Talyca zoomed up behind Jemilat and plucked the glasses off the eventide jubjub’s scrunched up face. “Do you think these make me look smart? Also written by hectic_haley

by therainbowsheep


The Tombola is Out of Cash!
Authors Note: This short story was inspired by the Neopian book titled Out of Cash: A Tombola Story. Hope you enjoy my imaginings!

by neogal_anu


Mira's Tips & Guides to Space Exploration
Read on to learn about about the different academic achievements Mira has accomplished. Also by imbitter

by miist


Mutant Morphology Vol. 2
Almost a full year later, part 2!

by hamster_wolf


3D Kau Pop-up Card (Printable Craft)
A Neopian spin on a(n animal) 3D pop-up card idea from the Internet

by jaylahcat


Is it lotion?
I can't believe it snot lotion!

by the_anonymous_ninja

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